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What is wrong with me? Yes the money back guarantee is only for the first 30 Days. If you are lactose intolerant or have a sensitivity to milk, you should avoid this product. Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today. Optifast is one the few medically-supervised weight loss programs shown to work. And that really sucks, because it is that good.

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Another way EGCG promote fat loss in the body is because it moderates the amount of insulin that your body produces. This is beneficial because it raises your energy levels, while simultaneously reducing fat storage in the body. Digestive Enzymes — Digestive enzymes are a type of enzyme that breaks down polymeric macromolecules into their smaller building blocks, which in turn facilities their absorption by the body.

Basically, they assist your body in breaking down the food you eat and unlock nutrients for your body to absorb. Whether you consume protein, fat, or carbohydrates, there are digestive enzymes to help break each of these macronutrients down. The older you get, the less digestive enzymes your body tends to produce.

There are 3 main digestive enzymes in Bio X4. These include amylase, lipase, and bromelain. Amylase helps to break down sugars in the body, lipase helps to break down fat, and bromelain breaks down protein while calming down any irritation in the intestine.

Probiotics — The fourth compound that works with the above 3 to promote weight loss are probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria , they assist in balancing your gut flora. Your digestive system is full of bacteria, some being good, and others bad. Good bacteria is beneficial because it aids in digestion and nutrient absorption.

Bad bacteria, on the other hand, causes digestive problems and can lead to cravings for sugars, carbs, and other unearthly foods. The standard American diet is full of foods that feed bad bacteria rather than good bacteria. Bio-X4 contains 12 billion CFUs colony forming units of friendly probiotic bacteria, coming from 5 unique strains.

These probiotics rebalance your digestive system, promising the good bacteria to flourish. We checked several of them with deception, and finally came around a real effective Joint Relief supplement.

You can read its review HERE. Nucific claims many benefits. Here are some benefits that you can experience from taking this supplement:. On their website, Nucific states that Bio-X4 has no known side effects since the ingredients are all pure and natural. However, Bio-X4 does give a warning to people taking anti-depressants.

These people should consult with their doctor before taking Bio-X4 because it contains caralluma fimbriata extract , which has the potential to cause mood swings if you are taking common antidepressants.

For some people, taking probiotic supplements can cause gas, bloating, and even nausea. People with more sensitive digestive tracts usually experience side effects from probiotics, meanwhile, other people will be fine. It is very easy to use and comes with straightforward instructions. For best results, take one capsule before each meal breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You should be taking a Bio-X4 capsule 3 times a day.

The reason you take it before starting your meal is because supplementing before each meal helps digest and process the food. Nucific also claims that this way your body will be able to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from the food. If you miss taking a capsule for one meal, or even for an entire day, just continue as normal the next day.

Nucific recommends giving a minimum of 30 days to fully get to work since your body has to build up a proper level of enzymes, nutrients, and beneficial bacteria in order to see full results according to Nucific. For some people, it can take up to 60 days to see results. Nucific states that you have to take the capsules in addition to exercising regularly and not overeating on carbs and sweets to see results. Therefore, it takes around months on average to see results from Bio-X4 if following the intersections properly.

Most of Bio X4 reviews found online should be an alarming sign. Overall customer satisfaction is not up to par. So, nature also chose casein to aid in the growth of newborns. However, casein is digested and used slowly, making it a decent post workout protein, but an excellent before bed protein.

It has all the amino acids your body needs, and also tastes okay. Egg Whites — Egg yolks are good for the body in moderation, but egg whites are far better. Egg whites have all the amino acids you need and can be fairly inexpensive if you buy whole eggs and separate them yourself. Another, benefit is you can cook them, adding your own flavor and other ingredients. Boiled egg whites are also very portable. Soy — Soy protein is the ideal choice for vegetarians. Soy is the only plant that has all of the amino acids your body needs.

Soy also has many health benefits include protection against heart disease and many cancers. Skinless Chicken Breast — For those of you who just want meat, skinless chicken breast should be ideal for you. Skinless chicken breasts are extremely lean especially if you remove all visible fat. They are muscles themselves, so they obviously have the amino acids you need to build muscle. Skinless chicken breasts also taste great when they are well prepared. I like my chicken breast, well seasoned, grilled, with hot sauce on the side.

To lose weight and keep it off, you must eat an adequate amount of protein. When choosing protein sources, start with whey, casein, soy, egg whites, and skinless chicken breast. Kalvin Chinyere is a weight-loss expert and ex-fat man. About the Author Dr. Kalvin Chinyere is a physician, weight-loss expert and ex-fat man. I try to stay away from Whey because it IS so easily absorbed by the body, which can include hungry cancer cells.

I have never heard of whey increasing the risk of cancer. We consume it on a daily basis. The increased prevalence of cancer in our society has more to do with people living longer than it has to do with whey protein. I will, heading over to Google Books right now! Just did some reading, read some interesting things. But I put it into perspective as I do with most things. Did I miss something else Chip? The book just provides an interesting perspective that I thought you would appreciate. Whey is most certainly not part of human breast milk.

Whey is a waste product made from milk during the making of cheese. It is not related to human breast milk. Whey often contains hidden MSG or monosodium glutamate, an excitotoxin, responsible for numerous health problems. Rob, I love your blog but I have to disagree with you here. Whey and casein are the two major proteins in all mammalian milk including cows and humans. Check out this link: These drugs produce more amount of milk produce more benefits in business by getting more more milk.

But the Oxytocin and Thyroid still present in milk and after drinking this milk cause to the tumoric response and cause misleading effects in body. Hmmm, WordPress seems to have eaten my previous comment. I try to avoid Whey because it IS so easily absorbed by the body. In the book they cite that whey protein promoted cancel cell growth in mice that had been given liver cancer — that the whey mice died faster than other mice who had been given other kinds of proteins. What do you think?

Hey Chip, Israel here. That is very interesting and I will do some research on that. Kal, any info on what Chip is talking about? Where can we find this type of protein? This is a great post showing the different kinds of protein someone can consume. Kal hooked it up. Casein can be purchased where ever nutrition products are sold. You can ask for casein protein, or just click this protein link.

The powders are very effective. Designer Whey makes great whey protein that is inexpensive. Great post; a healthy balance of protein is definitely one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle, fat loss, and muscle building. What do you suggest for the perfect protein shake?

Do you have a personal recipe for yourself? I have 2 blends. One is for a snack and one is for a after workout shake. The snack shake consists of milk, whey and glutamine. I stir it up with a spoon and it fills me up. For the post workout shake, I take water or green tea, add a couple scoops of whey protein, some glutamine and some creatine. Tastes funky, but I like funky. Everything I have ever read in the past states that the estrogen like compounds in soy do not cause feminization or increase the risk of breast cancer in men.

However, I would be really pissed if they were wrong, which is another reason I stay away from soy. Both the articles and the site were very interesting. If what they are saying is true, we should all eat and drink less soy. Technically, it says that only soy consumed by pregnant women can harm the baby and make a male less masculine.

Well, thanks for paying attention. Kal, when you said that soy has all the necessary amino acids, did you mean absolutely every acid or just those that can be found in plants? Soy is the only plant I know with all of the essential amino acids or the amino acids are body can not produce on its own.

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