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Smart Meter Fires and Explosions
It is an over-current condition on the wiring. Do you think I would still see results if I did or ? And Sask-Power in Saskatchewan, Canada is in the process of replacing more than , Sensus smart meters, according to news accounts. But that makes me wonder. March 6, at 9: Maybe only consider Raw dairy or fermented dairy.

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8 Ways to Get Enough Carbs on GAPS

I gained back some of the weight I had initially lost. I also started having dark grooves under my eyes for the first time in my life. I have always looked young for my age 29 … and that young face was getting older every month for the last few months on gaps. I used to have mood issues and depression. I also used to have bad die-off from kefir etc.

Then in the summer time I came down with Strep. So, it appears a mild bacterial overgrowth was fixed. Also, my 3 children survived a month of die-off which has seemed to do them well!

But it took its tool my MY endocrine system. I have never had any problems eating grains that I know of , and I actually have a much younger and brighter looking face, more energy, more peace, and better stools when I do eat them. I think I am a true carb-type. Oh, and one more good thing about GAPS … it definitely stopped my blood-sugar-up-and-downs. Sweet tooth — gone. I used to have horrible cravings, but no more. Good luck to everyone!!

Thanks for sharing this. I love to hear how GAPS works for all our individual bodies. Time for some potatoes…. Thanks for this post! My family has been on GAPS for 6 months and are still going strong. It always has me really confused.

It has me freaking out about eating any nuts, honey, or fruit at all. But really, I feel a lot better eating some fruit, honey, and nuts. But I say if you can get carbs from honey, fruit, and low omega 6 nuts, then please go for it. Especially if you are having any negative low carb symptoms. If not, then just do what feels the best for your body!

Thank you so much for this conversation!! I eat mostly lentils now because this is about the third time I have had some really neg symptoms but did not know what to do. I usually start with not being able to digest my fats then other foods start to follow. I sprout all I can for my husband and started adding sprouted brown rice and adding to my lentils and veggies and pureeing the whole thing.

I am thinking I may need to look at other ways to heal my gut. Then you can move back to non-GAPS foods without having to work back into them since you were not eating them for months or years, you know?

Keep up the good foods, low stress, enjoying every bite, sleeping well, warm hands and feet and good waking temperatures, and eating plenty of food. I still have lots of probiotics and probiotic foods AND carbs. Unless you have symptoms, it is not necessary to do GAPS. I have had digestive issues most — literally — most of my life. After spending nearly a couple of weeks with diarrhea, nausea and just all around yuckiness, I remembered about GAPS. I am realizing I respond better with more carbs than the diet reccomends.

I think I will check into some of the suggestions in the comments and see what strikes me. I am wondering, are milk and milk products high in carb?

If we consume cups a day each of raw, fermented dairy, could we consider our carb consumption pretty high? We also do fruit, honey, nuts and seeds almost every day in some form or other. We have been sort of GAPS for 2 years, really focusing on the healing foods. But we also have some potatoes, rice and corn now and then. And if our carb count is low, I want to be aware.

I love the principles of GAPS and have seen such improvement in our lives. I used to be a pastry chef, and refined sugars were all I ate! He also loves coconut water, which I only give when he has a cold, for electrolytes, or for a special treat. It seems this diet becomes more confusing every day…. It does get confusing. And I think the more you learn the more confusing it gets! If you have those symptoms I would definitely increase your carbs, with whatever sounds best to you.

Also, read Diet Recovery and see what jumps out at you. Just one question, how do you know when to introduce beans and lentils? The constant hunger has never really gone away and I think I need more than meat and veg! Just try a little bit and see if you have any digestive upset.

Even if you have a slight digestive problem, still keep trying to push through and get your body used to them. It should make them very easy to assimilate and get into your GAPS diet. I sprout everything I can sprout, soak the rest in some medium. When I cook my lentils have not re-tried beans I use Kombu seaweed in the cooking liquid to help continue breaking down the phytates. There have been times I have put in the Kombu late, when my lentils are half or nearly cooked and have found how much a difference it makes.

Hope that helps some. I love so many fruits, veggies and grains that I never have a problem getting enough, I on the other hand need to be careful not to have to much. This is a great post and great information. Hope you are having a great week and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Thanks for this great article, I think its an important point that is not discussed enough about GAPS. McBride does not feel that carbs or ketosis is an issue of concern, but I may be not reading it right.

Seriously considering dropping the starches and doing GAPS, but not sure if its worth it…. Thank you so much for this post! After that, I found some knee pain and fatigue returned but I kept at it. But just this weekend I had a carbs party a bad carbs party, unfortunately and felt significantly better — no knee pain and less fatigue!

For the first month or two, I felt great. No energy, still suffering from digestive complaints despite following it to the letter, and feeling very depressed and emotional something that I had cured myself of pre-GAPS by adding more fat to my diet. I eat plenty of GAPS-friendly carbs all the things you mentioned above in large quantities and eat between and calories a day, but I still feel as though something is lacking.

I have old hands and feet most of the time and also very low blood pressure. Sorry to bombard you with all this information, but I was wondering if you would be able to offer me some advice!

It sounds to me like classic signs of low metabolism, which you should read up on by getting a hold of the Diet Recovery e-book if possible. Thanks so much for the info. Started charting my temps today and they are pretty low especially for my age. I actually feel pretty good! Looking forward to becoming a Hot Chick!

My 19 month old is doing GAPS right now. He gets veggies at every meal too. He also drinks water kefir and coconut milk during the day sweetened with raw honey. Watch for signs of low metabolism, like cold hands and feet. But the best way, really, is to take his temperature first thing in the morning and throughout the day.

It should be above 98 degrees waking. Listening to our bodies is a very important part of healing! I have been trying to start my 7 year old on the GAPS diet to try to figure out her problem with milk, possibly gluten and how it may be connected to her facial tics.

She is very healthy otherwise and I do not want the GAPS diet to be too hard on her body such as too low on carbs or too many nuts throwing her off.

Do you think it would work just as well to just have her eat from the list of allowed foods with all the broth and probiotics , without doing the more strict parts of the diet? I was thinking to have her eat the allowed foods, broth, probiootics for a month or 2 and add potatoes again and maybe try some grain a month after that.

What do you think about adapting the diet for a child? Thanks for the post! Right now I have 2 bananas and a cup of homemade yogurt and honey every day, and I eat cooked veggies with lunch and dinner. I have been struggling with ketosis…hard on my kidneys, following the allowed foods on GAPS but trying to stay lower sugar for Candida. This article is very helpful…have had to remove many nuts due to sensitivities…gallbladder issues, so will add a little fruit and beans and see if that helps.

Also, I was feeling like my gut health must be poor because my last 3 children all have food allergies, while the first 5 do not. I am trying to incorporate more cabs, but the foods she likes are pretty narrow.

I recently like 4 days ago switched over to RARFing after finding my basal temp is I am already about 60 pounds overweight and dread the thought of gaining more, but I soo want to feel better.

I am confused though. What did you eat? So, what did you eat to get your temp up? Sorry for the novel! I do eat pancakes to get really warm, but I do better with potatoes mashed, fried, roasted, etc , and things like homemade mac and cheese. Grains do a better job getting me warm than sugar, for sure. As for what I did: I really just ate whatever I wanted for about a month, and then I started being more conscious of eating low-moisture foods in the morning oatmeal cooked with milk, ice cream, grains, potatoes, etc.

Then I would go veggie for dinner: That was what I did for several months and my temps came right up the first few weeks. I also find it really helpful to talk to Matt on the phone too. He does a sliding scale where you can pay what you can here: My sleep started to improve when I started eating carbs more, and I started listening to how tired my body was.

If I was under more stress, I would get tired as early as 7: But when I ignored it and stayed up later, my hands and feet would go back to being cold. If I listened, I had more energy, was warmer, and my digestion seemed better. I also notice that my digestion tends to correlate directly with whether or not I have been active that day. And that also seems to correlate with the sleep. If I sleep intuitively, then I tend to have energy for the gym, and then I feel better digestively, and then I have a happy upward cycle.

We do mainly fish broth from red snapper heads or chicken broth. Not crazy about beef bone broth. Lunch is usually a soup or leftovers with sauerkraut, and then we usually have a gourmet awesome supper, albeit late.

Was the aluminum, if present, showing heat damage or melting? Even before smart meters were being installed widely in California, people who know something about EMF and RF were expressing concerns that this kind of thing would likely happen electrical fires due to overcurrent condition from RF signal.

What is already postulated, and of concern, is that the rising use of equipment that put RF harmonics onto the electrical wiring of buildings may overload that wiring. Smart meters fires are now occuring in Houston as well through Centerpoint. A third party installer North Houston Pole Line did the installation work. According to Centerpoint, a hang tag is supposed to placed in situations where older electrical wiring is present.

Apparently, older wiring can cause fires during the installation process. I was told by Centerpoint that the meter box needed to be up to date and they denied my claim. I also know of someone whose appliances burned out following a surge caused by a smart meter install. I wound up using an attorney who was able to recover my costs. He is now specializing in these cases since they are popping up all over the country causing property damage and physical harm.

Couple days later same probem called Comed again they said get an electrian to look at it …. Make a long story short it finally caught on fire the meter and my electric box lucky i was home to turn it off………they told me since it was in my house it was my problem i had to fix it…. I wana know if i can sue them. Just read your post about your house fire. I hope you seek a lawyer to assist you in getting your damages paid for. Talk to all your friends and neighbors.

Try to keep ComEd from spreading these smart meters throughout Chicagoland. There is so much risk, even more than fire. They put a smart meter on bedroom wall of a cabin I have been renting for 18 years. It is partway into the wall, a board and batting wall. The first night I was awakened with a wave of energy going through my body.

I could imagine my body, the internal rib cavity as it passed through and upwards through my head. I have moved into the living room to sleep, it happened again.

I have shrouded the smart meter with tinfoil to interfere with the microwaves. We had a Smartmeter installed in our home. On April 8th, at 5: He hurried over to the inside electric box and saw it explode. The Smartmeter exploded as well. The rest of the family was able to get out safely, but our house is a total loss.

An FPL representative arrived at our house before the fire department did! I have heard several stories of people saying that their house caught fire after the Smartmeter was installed. Check out what my home looks like now. Go to this link: It exploded two weeks later as I walked out my front door.

It covered the porch with heavy black smoke and threw me down to the cement. I called PGE seven times and told them that the meter exploded. They decided to come out and look at the black meter and burned wall on my house five months later because I complained about the extremely high bill. Do not pass this chair. PGE is now blaming me for the explosion! Yes, I have been threatened by Portland General Electric. My son just lost everything He owned when his mobile home caught on fire.

He had been living there for two months without electricity due to being laid off from his job and his unemployment running out.

I signed for his power to be reconnected. Within less than an hour everything was gone, and his pit bull was suffering from severe burns and smoke inhalation. The power company assumes no responsibility for the fire Blue Ridge Electric. My point being that while the cause of the fire was undetermined because of structual damage, it did not catch fire also had an explosion until the power was reconnected.

A ll this happened on August 10, Look at it this way. Your taxes paid for the meter that harmed you all. Special legislation does not exempt utility corps from illegal use of a frequency weapon to inflict trespass and harm. Time to stand up for yourselves. And besides, given that smart meters are illegal, just go get the analog meter installed by any electrician who is willing and who already KNOWS these are illegal devices warned against by the WHO.

Then immediately lock that analog meter up tight so thoroughly that no metal saw can get at or shear through the carriage bolts that go inside you home, that no bolt cutters can cut chains, padlocks.

Just make it securitized so that no pry bar can remove the good old fashioned mechanical device that is good for 30 years instead of 8. Smart Meter fire reported in Diamondhead Mississippi, November 4th, The Diamndhead fire department and Coast Electric reported to the scene. No injuries or house damage reported. I am currently having trouble with the socket where electricity is supplied to the meter heating up and causing power surges. FPL and their subcontractor Wilco is denying it has anything to do with them installing a new smartmeter and the underground supply wire subsequently frying.

Is there anything I can do? If your utility will not do anything, there are places to purchase an analog meter as I suspect you did not have this problem before? It happened to me.. I think this may be a loop hole for the insurance companies to use to refuse a claim.. We had a short in our smoke alarm and lost power to our master bedroom smoke alarm. My wife and I have also have had headaches at the same time, I rarely get headaches. This all started happening after our smart meter reader was installed.

According to the Smart Meters I have seen they appear to be a Sensus brand smart meter. I do not know if these are the original smart meters or the current ones being installed by NV Energy…but I have learned that the Sensus brand smart meter does lacks UL Certification. This has me concerned. If this is the case…how were uncertified meters ever approved by the Nevada PUC in the first place. A man from Red Bluff called today to talk about how he believes the smart meter, installed 6 weeks prior caused his house to burn down in May Every breaker in the electric panel was tripped, and the meter may have exploded.

Just recieved a new smartmeter. Not great lights have started to flicker the next day. We really are being stooged. The people must revolt against all this injustice. Absolutely caused by arcing from the new smart meter. Powerful high-tec meters on ancient wiring. The management company, PCM, is not warning the residents of the dangers. How many people are going to have to be injured or die before they finally take their heads out of the sand? About 3 weeks ago my Mom who is 76 was at home, when power went out sporadically throughout the house, no breakers were blown.

The lights in the living room tv had power. That caused her fridge to stop working. The electic company came out took a look and said that the smart meter had a wire that had came loose or wasnt properly attached which caused this. He supposedly fixed the problem. The electric company same man mind you came out for that as well. The fire marshal told her it started at the smart meter. There have been 4 fires in a week in a small town of about that were far worse than hers. Which seems kinda high if you ask me.

Thankfully it was around 7: She lost everything that was in the room which was a lot to due smoke and water damage. Was without power for 6 days and lost all perishable food. Please due something about these smart meters before it is to late! Our new smart meter exploded yesterday causing half our circuits to stop working.

The men from the electric company asked if I had any work done recently and I told them the electric company had upgraded the meter. He said we were extremely lucky our house did not go up in flames. There is NO opt-out program where I live and DTE told one woman who wanted to opt out that they would just shut her electricity off.

Time to put the gloves on…. Smart meter fire on Darwin Ave. As with the Mission fire BC Hydro is blaming the smart meter base again. Problem is that this is a brand new subdivision so how can they postulate that a brand new meter base is cracked, or is an old crumbling meter base? Could a newly installed BC Hydro smart meter be partially to blame for an early morning fire in Coquitlam? The smart meter is the end of our grid and the meter base is the piece of customer equipment.

The cause of the blaze that broke out early Sunday morning at the house on Darwin Avenue is under investigation. BC Hydro says smart meters are safe and that inspections are carried out before the devices are set up. The Crown corporation also says it has repaired about 1, meter bases around the province.

In June, a fire also began at a home in Mission where a smart meter had recently been installed. Use the back of your hand to check the meter base for heat. There should be no heat! I had a really difficult day, the other day. The sun was shining. We both spooked each other. They are new meters that are internet connected, and speak both to your appliances, and to the head office. Anyhow, he took the meter off, and the clips that I own with the house, were melting and were a fire hazard.

He put a jumper on it, so that I had at least power, but no and left. He took my meter with him, so that I had to get it fixed. I called my preferred electrician, and then realized I have First American Home insurance.

So, I called them. It is degrees out, and I have no electricity!? So, my insurance called until they found someone that could do it, today. I had 5 large PGE trucks in front of my house! In March , the house was not occupied. I bought the home in July of Somehow, though, this fourth one is my fault?! I also found out that these smart meters are starting fires in homes, by doing the very same thing, this one did.

But, I found some interesting links about them. Do you even know how long this will take for me to pay off? I have on record from Portland General that they replaced it once due to it being melted, once giving out a not socket alarm, and once again a hot socket alarm. Why were my meter clips OK until they installed one of these new meters?

Do they do that, sometimes? Did they look up this problem like I did, and find the problems with these meters? Is it going to happen again? It is not the smart meter.

It is the wiring and the meter-base that causes the fire. I have been removing and installing electric meters for 30 years for a major utility and it is very common, up to 80 percent, to observe fatigue in older and rarely even new meter base wiring. When this fatigue is disturbed micro fractures occur in wire insulation and meter lugs and lug mounting brackets.

Micro fractures do not sit and do nothing, electricity is a volatile product and seeks a path of least resistance to ground, these fractures expand according to severity and may last hours or years until ground is established then you have your flash. Been there done that. What utility company do you work for? The lug was obviously corroded, and the new meter should not have been installed in the old base.

I was lucky, in that nothing was burned. The electrician that replaced the meter base for me pointed out that my circuit breaker box, a Federal Pacific Electric, showed signs of having been overheated.

So I followed his recommendation, and had it replaced. I live in Edgewater Florida. Fpl sent me a check for my lost dog, that check does not get me back my Guard Dog. HoneyWell did not care. After being in house for 10 to 15 min started suffering from head aches but head aches go away after leaving home. I filed a claim with Honewell after 2 weeks still havent heard anything after theyr inspector came to check them both.

But they waited till meter was changed before they came out to check the equipment. Then one day i was awakened one afternoon with a noise outside my bedroom window-i ran outside and found a man installing a smart meter-he had not rung doorbell even and was trespassing and refused to stop and refused to identify himself and when i demanded he put my old meter back and picked up the box with my old meter in it, he grabbed the box, threatened me and knocked me to the ground.

When i told him he better leave now or i would call the police he laughed at me and said go ahead-that he would make sure i was the one that would be thrown in jail. Since he was so certain that he could assault a 64 year old woman with impunity, and knowing the reputation of Houston police, I believed him.

He casually continued his tasks and then went back to his truck while I went inside to call txu-who just passed the buck to centerpoint who just passed it back to txu-just before driviing off, the monster that assaulted me did give me his bosses phone number. I called it immediately and that man was a true psychopath. After being mister nice and saying his employee should not have assaulted me duh! THEN Centerpoint sent TWO thugs to my house to threaten and intimate me—when I complained the meter was making popping noises and when I came near any electric plug i felt heat and static electricity and the plug would short out, they said nothing was wrong with my meter and then said if I complained, they would say I was threatening THEM and have me thrown in jail.

I told them to get out, and shame on them. When I told that guy to leave-that he was trespassing and had no permission from me to install that second meter, he left. Then someone called me from Centerpoint with more lies about how there are no problems with smart meters and then questioned my sanity again for objecting. They said the man had not installed the new smart gas meter…then sent ANOTHER man out who broke into my yard and installed a smart meter-easily observable by the different red tabs but Centerpoint insists i imagined the whole thing.

The utility companies in this world are the ones that are quite mad-and murderous. I got up to check the TV, and suddenly the power in that part of the house went off. My grand-daughter and I went outside to check the breaker box and as I attempted to open the box, sparks started shooting from thee top of the box. After reading all of these complaints, I am now terrified to go to sleep at night. Because I know there is a short somewhere in the smart box.

I never had any problems until this so-called smart-box was installed. Now I am out an expensive TV. I had to go and buy another cheaper model. My 80 year old mom was dying, dizzy all the time, falling, tired, no color, headaches, sleepless, confused, chest pains and more …..

Thankfully for people that are sharing information on these Death meters. I started searching and found others having the same issues and blaming the so-called smart meter, which is by the way, the greatest oxymoron of all times. But that is not news. Again thank you all for your input and everyone that is fighting this terrible device, as without this resource and the effort of those before me, my mom would have died by now; that is why I call IT the Death meter.

As I read these frustrating posts sadly all of them miss the true target. There were NO problems until Mr. Too bad the face lift idiot did not fall out of the tree in South LA. Live next to a windmill farm and see how noisy it is and enjoy the EMF it produces. Not to mention, the elite do not have them, only YOU do!

I would say wake up, but you are living the nightmare. I am for a clean planet out of common sense, however as they insert another ring in your nose with a leash how free are you. Do some research on San Francisco residents wanting Green, now that Nanny Meters been put in people are mad, putting foil to stop the RF tin hat syndrome but too late.. Chew that bitter pill up in small chunks gang and swallow, those that voted for this ilk will NOW reap those rewards.

Remember "As they fiddled while it burned.. Unfortunately, your stupid decision is taking us with you and there are not enough life boats. I need help I have seen high elecrical field get pulled off power line at my house have been looking for the source for 6 monthes untill I read about smart meters all of my appliances have burnt up 4 times my ears ring high pitch when in house the water sofener doing electrolisis on sodium cloride water ph of 11 alklinity and hardness off the chart copper casing of phone line melt when ungrounde I saw a lithuium phone battery crack open 50 volts on all ground wires my hve lit led bulbs off them I.

Get shocked so bad in my house it drops me to my knees I have had the power company and 2 electricians look at it now there just pointing fingers at each other with nothing geting fixed.

Anecdotal information indicates that these incidents resulted from a meter base problem, an installation problem or a failed meter. Seeing this I immediately went outside to investigate finding a fire was started coming from the smart meter on the back of the garage.

With explosions continuing, and fire getting bigger, eventually engulfing the garage, I quickly realized I was in over my head. Electrical damage is severe. Line fuse on the pole never took out the service, so it kept burning. The power company Centerpoint Energy was johnny on the spot. While the firefighters were putting out the fire, CNP replaced the line fuse and took the smart meter with no contact with anyone.

If there was a news report on this fire, can you post it here? Under that plan, opt-out means you still get a smart meter, but supposedly it does not transmit, and extra fees and monthly charges are applied that no one else has to pay.

I do not consent and would be therefore harmed, thus the CN. Meaning that they can put a smart meter in, but they would have to pay me. And BTW, I am prepared to move out if they install one or do a shut-off. Last week they installed smart meters on all condos in my complex, but skipped mine.

I suspect I have not heard the last of this. I am energy sensitive and so are you, whether you know it or not. I suffered for 15 years with severe health problems before I found the reason was the non-ionizing radiation coming from the energy grid and certain electrical devices. My computer is connected by wire, not WiFi. The day I put in the filters, all my health problems went away. Yes, on that very day. My local utility monopoly let out that they will not turn the smart meters on until all homes are thus metered.

I suggest that you are not cattle and should say so. Quit respecting these people, but be friendly and nice to them, even though they are criminals. Lying to the public like that. Educate their paid agents as to the real story. I made a rousing speech to my local Stop Smart Meters group.

After my speech a woman certainly too young for menopause, and she said so, said to me that immediately after installation of her smart meter she went into menopause. They know about this and have known for decades, probably since the late s at least, which is when the electric grid was first installed, and when cancer, heart disease, and diabetes rate began to rise. It got much worse after the snake-like fluorescent light bulbs were invented as a result of oil embargo in the s.

And all such toxic non-ionizing frequencies travel over the the utility lines. And surprise, surprise, is quite easy and cheap to fix. But the smart meters are WiFi, and will use a lot of energy to spy on us, ruin our health, steal our money, and possibly other nefarious deeds. I did not suspect the nefarious deeds part of this until I saw the following video.

Was Michael Hastings Murdered? Before installed the smart meter, I had my light flash wireless receivers when a phone rings or doorbell or fire alarm or baby cry sign.

I followed my dog to the laundry room and saw the outlet was on the fire. I ran to the fuse box and shut off. I grabbed an extinguisher to put out the fire. The outlet is for washer and dryer. The outlet is located next to the wall to outside of house wall of the smart meter. I was so happy the house is safe. I replaced a new outlet. Next day, a bathroom light went out. I replaced a light and found the burned cap. I replaced a new cap. I hired two electricians to test and replaced all outlets.

My other friend brought his equipment to test. I put my things away in the storage. I use extra cord connected to the doorbell, phone and fire alarm…only one room.

I was in the other room and my several friends and my mother came over and knocked or doorbell…hard to get me. Only way they text me and tell me they were here. I wonder it could be smart meter…is the smart meter caused wires inside the wall to my light flash receivers stopped working?

I have sad news. The power company has their easement and installed four cables cantaloupe size six feet deep, the pad and the utility box on my property.

I want easement be removed or deleted. The utility box made me crazy…it called eyesore. I have distracted driving when I drive and see the utility boxes anywhere since they installed the box. I work on to get back to normal life. I guess it takes time. No matter what they want. My smart meter burned 14 months after installing by power company. A Smart Meter was installed on my house maybe five years ago.

I noticed that the meter was not well aligned with the cutout in the box but never bothered to have them look at it. Well, during last winter we had a strange occurance. Several GFI breakers in the kitchen tripped and some of my circuit breakers tripped. I reset them all and everything seemed okay. I never found a reason. Fast forward to March I received an electric bill with no power used. The start and end reading matched! I called the power company. On the following Monday they came out.

They pulled the meter, which was charred on the back, and disconnected the drop to my home. They said a loose connection in the meter base caused the problem. I replaced the meter box and the next day they plugged in a new meter. We went through a night without electric and a refrigerator full of spoiled food. I examined the old meter box and truely one of the contacts that the meter plugs into was loose.

This took 40 years to occur. My conclusion, based on experience and common sense, is that when the contractor slammed the new meter into the socket he did not align it properly which either loosened the contact or put extreme stress on it.

During the heavy electric useage last winter the high currents caused increased voltage drop across the compromised connection thus generating heat. The heat conducted into the meter causing plastic to melt in addition something in the meter failed. About a foot of the aluminum conductor attached to that terminal was severly charred as well. Someone needs to follow the contractors that install these meters and spot check the quality of their work.

Not being company employees they have no motivation to do quality work. Photograph by Mike Ryn. Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike. Excellent Sources of Complex Carbohydrates. Correct Daily Carbohydrates Intake. The Carbohydrate Addicts Appealing Diet. May 2, at May 2, at 1: May 2, at 2: April 28, at 5: Dear Preeti and Michelle, Good dialogue August 13, at 1: I am a lb female What is a good average daily amount of carbs for me?

High-Quality Carbohydrates (Think Antioxidants)