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Foot soaks and customized aromas are a few of the added experiences Solace guests can expect in the spa. The spa has a private entrance, which leads to the relaxing treatment rooms and a wet-room with a six-spray body shower.

An Aveda Advisor can take you on a sensory journey and explain the history and benefits of Aveda hair, skin, and body products, as well as makeup and candles sold in the retail boutique.

Guests can also create their own aromas to customize bath and body products, including color enhancing shampoos and conditioners at the Personal Blending Bar. Her goal was to build not just a salon and spa, but an experience…an escape where beauty and well-being converged. Solace at Pier Park was born of a desire to better service the Panama City Beach guests and growing needs of the area.

Solace has aligned with Aveda, a globally recognized beauty industry leader. An important point of difference is that Aveda uses ingredients that are grown on sustainable farms and incorporates organically-grown or wild harvested, petroleum-free ingredients. Aveda, who partners with salon and spa professionals around the world, sees beauty as a craft, not as a product result.

Aveda beauty professionals are unique in the industry for their pursuit of a higher art: This selfless quest to bring out the beauty in their client through genuine care differs from beauty industry norms.

Make Solace your escape from the ordinary…where beauty and well-being converge. For more information or a list of our services, please visit www. Sign up for our free newsletter. He had one when he first started his football career, as well as a 4Runner, though his previous vehicle before that was a Ford F Raptor.

Jake was hot on these new 4Runners. I had gotten a regular 4Runner, Jake's like, 'They've got these new ones—there's only a few of them made in that color. I'm past the 'I need a lot of horsepower and pick up' and all that, it's just a really good, good-looking car. It's got enough bells and whistles on it to keep me happy.

Golic gives his 4Runner a 9 on a scale of I don't know if there's a perfect car. I like it a lot, I really, really do," he says. I usually like a sunroof. I usually keep it open. Golic learned to drive in his dad's Oldsmobile Delta 88 in Willowick, Ohio. Although he doesn't remember the model year, it was earlier than , the year he learned how to drive.

Parking lot first, learned the in's and out's and on the street—completely illegal, but that's how he rolled with teaching us. Back when I was doing this, you had to take classes, but he taught me to drive before I could take them. His dad's example of teaching him to drive was passed on to Golic. I certainly have a vivid memory of him teaching me.

I did the same for my kids. I took them out before they were old enough to do the classes. He was definitely strict, any loosey goosy driving, hands 10 and 2—he taught me the right way to go about everything. It was easy to learn how to drive in the neighborhood where Golic grew up. Golic's dad sold the Delta 88 to a senior at his high school. My high school number was 88, and I knew the kid, and he was using it in demolition derbies," he says.

It was my jersey number. The school bus to high school and after sports, the school buses weren't running so we would take public transportation home. So I never had a car until I could afford to buy one and that was my rookie year. I was 21 and in the NFL, so it was a fast sports car. But it was fun. It was definitely a splurge, no doubt about it. I certainly dug it. I traded it in and got a light blue Wrangler. The Jeep was cool. I liked the Jeep.

I knew it wasn't a sports car, so it probably wouldn't get stolen. My brother Bob was a freshman in , and we drove to every home game his four years. My brother Greg went the year after Bob graduated, so we drove there more, and the year after that, I went to Notre Dame, so my parents went to all those home games. There was a lot of driving.