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Imexcol Trading is a wholesale supplier and carries the following merchandise: When using the prepaid label you pay nothing up front. We will notify you when it is available. Hand Woven Cotton Stripe Curtains. Solid Faux Silk Swatches. All come in boxes. We are Suppliers of a greate variaty of Wholesale Adult Products.


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Imexcol Trading is proud to be number 1 Wholesale and liquidation Market Supplier , since our first priority is our customers!!! Imexcol Trading has weekley pallets, truckloads and lots of inventory comming up.

The liquidation, closeouts, surplus, store returns, salvage and overstock pallets come directly from the Department Stores Facilities. Click here for our Wholesale Specials!!! Buy Food by the Pallet or by the Truck. Our huge selection includes diferent categories such as: Overstoc k and Wholesale mixed Jeans.

Baby Wholesale and Overstock pallets Buy beautiful baby products and overtock baby merchandise for prices below wholesale at only pennies.

Pallets will include products such as Strollers, dish sets, toys, blankets, car seats, baby furniture, baby clothing, and more. Overstock Wholesale Sunglasses Mixed Wholesale and overstock sunglasses for mens and womens in different colors and styles. We have a large variety of designs for the best prices in the market. New mixed Wholesale cosmetics Large assortment of new wholesale cosmetics including brand names such as maybelline and covergirl.

Buy them by the lot or by the case. Its a mixture of different cosmetics like foundation, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, liner and more. We have the lowest prices in General merchandise and Hardgoods from the department stores. Buy Truckloads of 48 and 24 pallets. Truckloads contain, Tools, toys, furniture, housware, sporting goods and more.

Imexcol Trading carries a huge variety of wholesale, overstock and surplus inventory like: We are Suppliers of the best quality Wholesale merchandise by the pallet and by the Truckload. Click here for Wholesale specials by the pallet!!! Click here for Wholesale specials by the Truckload!!! Add a keyboard and you gain most of the functionality of a standard laptop.

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