What Are Some Reasons for Kathy Levine's Departure From QVC?


Where Was Kathy Levine's Wedding?
There is a couple of others that sort of gets on my last nerve but Shawn is the worst they have hired. Oh, thank you so much! March 12th, at 7: I always watched him on QVC he was so funny especially when he was doing kids toys. Perhaps she just hasn't met "the right one"?

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Kathy Levine joins HSN

I had all the wrong boyfriends during my tenure — not many, but all poorly chosen. There was even a billboard campaign proposed that was eventually vetoed that featured Kathy Levine and the QVC logo. Tens of thousands of viewers adored Levine—most of whom had never even met her.

Almost overnight the dynamic duo of Levine and Rivers secured hundreds of millions in sales for the network for years to come. Rivers still appears regularly on QVC and her classic line of pins, earrings and accessories remains one of the best selling in the history of the home-shopping industry. Every day is a big day at a home shopping network, every day is Christmas, so there is very little room to come up for air and relax.

I wanted to be able to take off on a great weekend on a whim and not have any guilt, not be following through on a responsibility. I looked at my life and knew I had no one special to grow old with; I had no one to hold my head when I was sick. I had great financial and professional success with zero balance. It was all work and all QVC all the time. So, I decided I wanted to get focused about being involved with someone in a very serious way. She took flying and sailing lessons—and joined local clubs.

Long before the likes of online dating companies, Levine, then 46, relied heavily on local magazine and newspaper ads. Kathy Levine was determined to locate Mr. But it took time and self-awareness. We my girlfriends and I called him the pup—and he was a young, great guy! And, believe me we had a fantastic time, dated for about six months. I played tennis every week; we went to rock concerts and did all sorts of fun, young things.

But then I had to re-evaluate my situation because that was not exactly what I had set out to do. We ended up becoming great friends and still stay in touch.

So, instead of continuing to field the responses to the ads she had placed, Kathy answered an ad in her local newspaper. Married for 30 years, Steve Taub was in the midst of an amicable divorce and was on his own—new to the dating scene after three decades of raising a family and working his way up to become a CEO.

So Levine called Taub at 2: And, at that point I was not only looking for a life-partner, I was in serious contemplation about leaving QVC. Not a decision or idea I was taking lightly, remember this was my life. And, Steve was fantastic because I needed somebody to make it okay for me to move on. You have succeeded, you are at the top of your game and this is it. The wheels of fate were set into motion after the first date with Taub.

There was no love loss between Diller and QVC, whom had parted ways under not so amicable circumstances. Levine asked Diller if there was anything that she might fit into that he was working on.

In fact, there was — Diller was seeking a host for a new talk show based out of New York City. The pay was considerably more than her QVC salary and it could not have been a better carrot to dangle in front of Levine.

She would be fully compensated for a three-year contract whether or not the show ever made it on air. She walked away from her dream job at QVC not because of a more lucrative life on the horizon with the talk show, but simply because she wanted the time to devote to her personal life. Levine says she hung in there to get to the right man and life partner.

As a salesperson, you and I know, you have to knock on a lot of doors and you get a lot of those doors slammed in your face. A lot of strange and interesting things can happen if you keep knocking on those doors; one day one person will open the door that is the right door.

As for Kathy Levine corporate sales success story, there was a lot of talk from her colleagues, friends and family when she announced her decision to retire from QVC, but Levine stood by what was, ultimately, her choice. Trust me there was some anger directed towards me, viewers sent me hate mail believe it or not.

She is not that pretty. She is not that talented. He took the opportunity to woo away the sales juggernaut that made the network one of the most successful companies in the world just at the time she was contemplating a life change. To Levine, it sounded too good to be true—the prospect of being catapulted to national talk show stardom with Diller by her side as her number one cheerleader.

She cut a pilot for the talk show but that was the first and only production Levine would be involved in. Kathy can be contacted for functions via her website: The talk show was a flop and never got off the ground; Levine felt the premise was too comical and contrived to work with her sincere approach.

Still, that fateful chat with Diller had given the home shopping diva new wings to take off on another life journey.

How do you do it? They will be mad for a moment and life will go on. Levine is certainly living la vida loca now. Taub and she take an exotic vacation at least once a year, and their 13 international bike excursions have landed them literally all over the globe. A sea of hundreds of pictures of their grand travels highlights the wall of their home leading up to the second floor.

She also leverages her natural talent as a woman every other woman can relate to with a new focus as a motivational lecturer and a sales trainer. She works and travels periodically around the world with infomercial producers and international companies as a talent consultant. Levine acknowledges her luck at having a former employer welcome her back with open arms. And, I left QVC on good terms and they did not have to take me back and they did.

As I am wrapping up a great evening with Kathy, in bounds Taub fresh off a workout at the gym. He is now an adjunct professor at Drexel University teaching entrepreneurship and also consults with small businesses. She has a heart of gold. A choice she speaks candidly about and offers no excuses for. It was a life decision. A decision I made for a new better life, to get back a life and to pave a new path of my own.

Every woman faces choice points in her life. She either wants to get in or out of a relationship, she either wants to get back into the job market or she wants to leave a job, or retire. She wants to do something risky and she is afraid. So here I am today, happily married, traveling the world and with the love of my life.

What a great ride it has been—I now have a life much richer than I could have ever imagined. She never berated me for my problem. She loved me fat, thin, through the ugly stages and the pretty ones.

She was in my corner every day of my life and thought the sun rose and set on all of her children. If I was bad in school, misbehaved, sassed a teacher, got caught throwing spitballs or started a food fight, I caught hell.

She never expected the school to do her job of manners and discipline, and she allowed that I was guilty instead of making the teachers wrong. On the first day of Winter, my Mom closed her eyes peacefully for the last time. We were all with her and we thanked her for being her.

She will be sorely missed and my heart aches, but she had a fabulous life, a huge far reaching impact, and I will continue to strive to make her proud. There is no filling her sparkly gifted shoes, but I am so happy to have walked along side her for my 60 years. Her pricey couture pricey line has a celebrity following, and last night her clients actress Eva Longoria and reality TV star Khloe Kardashian called in to wish her well.

Loren, a gorgeous cat-eyed brunette, had some striking gemstone and sterling pieces, which host Colleen Lopez showed off nicely. First, there was a 24 carat smokey quartz ring, which was enormous. And then there was a Mason is doing a Diamonique Show that started at 5 p. She has already revealed that she is writing a book, and has said she would like to get back into TV news. Mason, whose Southern drawl is showing, fielded a call on-air from former QVC host Kathy Levine, who praised her to high heaven.

Lifestyle doyenne Martha Stewart, who hails from our former town of Nutley, N. Stewart, who did jail time for a little criminal charge involving stock trading, several years ago had a line on QVC. Her company did a deal earlier this year to produce daytime programming for the Hallmark Channel. She is from Jersey, and you know that endears her to us. She is from the working class town of Nutley, where we lived for about a dozen years while we were working for The Herald-News.

He will offer his cooking and kitchen appliance expertise. Levine had been working at QVC for 13 years when she realized she needed a better balance between her career and social life. Most of her days were spent taping shows. Since she was in her late 40s, she decided she needed to find someone to grow old with. She began her search for a life partner and eventually met the man who would be her husband, Steve Taub, through a personal ad.

Soon after meeting Taub, Levine reconnected with a former QVC executive, Barry Diller, She asked whether he had any projects that would be right for her, and he said he was seeking a host for a new talk show. Taub encouraged her to resign from QVC with no regrets.

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