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Glycine Methionine Balance Revisited: A Matter of Timing
See articles about GMO and other topics: Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing radiation. New Weapons Against Cancer http: Of the four herbs, Mary is most concerned about the availability of real Sheep Sorrel. I posted responses to your response. For many of our ancestors, food was probably scarce and primarily consumed during daylight hours, leaving long hours of overnight fasting.

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The Wang paper has an exhaustive list of references. It will keep you busy for quite a while! Has anybody come across this paper in its entirety? The paper in question: Wang W, et al. Now, I feel great the next day. Yet when I looked at amino acid breakdown on nutritiondata. However, milk and eggs were closer to 1: Is there some other factor in play? Is it more important to balance out milk and eggs than meat? Is the database incorrect, and if so, do you have better info?

What am I missing here? Regardless, I will continue with both the glycine and gelatin. Where does a vegetarian get adequate glycine in their diet, what foods specifically?

If we need 8 grams a day for maintenance and health and up to 15 grams a day if we have leaky gut and insulin resistance I am having a hard time imagining that that is achievable day in and day out on a low animal protein diet, but I admit I am not up on all the balances of nutrients in a vegetarian regimen.

Would love to know more Matt, as to why low animal protein might be good for you re: Doc… You do realize that you have no idea what you are talking about? Methylation of genes is what causes the degenerative changes seen in aging, cancer, brain diseases… Brazil nuts are high in PUFAs and fiber, irritating the intestines creating serotonin. Your daughter is probably feeling better because of the increased serotonin, temporarily creating excitation.

A little amphetamine would do the same. Your recommendations of glycine supplementation is also stupid, since synthetic amino acids are toxic. Gelatin bone broth would be better way to go. Could you please give us some references to back your general statement that synthetic amino acids are toxic? Did a simple search and found this pdf. It is, however, talking about soil supplementing.

Skimmed through it,if I remember correctly synthetic? If anyone can help, I just started taking 3G free form Taurine and 1G free form Glycine a day 4 days ago. The Taurine seems to be helping but I swear I think the Glycine makes me feel stressed at even just a low dose. How is this happening and will my body get used to it so I can up the dose over time? I am 35 with two kids and have my entire life had anxiety issues and blood sugar drops between meals making me shakey and iritable; I have read Matts book on hypoglycemia.

I am now finally starting to think I am an adrenaline type and wonder if it started because I had a father who constantly harassed the family so I always felt fear growing up, so I think my body thought that was a permanent state.

But I am now back to having to manage the shakes again. Not long ago, my husband bought pea protein instead of rice protein, I used that in the same way a morning protein shake and on the third day became really unwell. I had headache, dizziness and nausea and was bedridden for 3 days! One thing that I think would be safe for you to try for anxiety is transdermal magnesium flakes, like those from ancient minerals.

Just about everyone is lacking in magnesium and it can be hard to absorb it if you have a compromised digestive system. Garrett Smith — he posts a lot of good information on his facebook page. I take glycine and it helps me sleep and keeps inflamation down.

Magnesium has also helped me sleep better too. You could also try getting glycine from select meet cuts like oxtail. Getting glycine from food is difficult in our society now so I am grateful for Dr.

Do any of you guyz know why raypeatforum. I love that place. Not meaningless stuff like this blog. Here you only learn to stuff your face with food then take lame glycine supplements. He seems to be becoming more peat oriented anyway.

It will be the same with progesterone and pregnenolone. It was such a beautiful experience, it was like a piece of art. Now, the blog is rarely updated.

You have other writers write in your blog. All you do is push your ebooks. Is it just to make money? Now, I feel the corporate interest in your website. You used to comment daily on your blog, replying to and helping people. Now you are rarely around. Did you get another job? Are you living off the money the website and blog are making you? Now all the posts pretty much add up to: Tired of fucking theorizing and mentally masturbating about the fine details of diet, lifestyle, and nutrition.

It all seems like a zero sum game. Eating intuitively, yada yada…. I feel downright terrible. After all, being sick from eating and living normally is what compelled me to take interest in the subject in the first place. It should come as no surprise that reverting back to how I ate and lived in childhood made me a sick bastard like I was as a kid. So perhaps there will once again be a resurrection. Could you give us an idea about the general foods you eat?

What do you have these days when you eat intuitively? Even your response to my message was just downright sad. Your health has been declining, and you realize your realization was useless. Peat has been eating they way he has for decades.

Why complicate things with diet and perfect timing of foods and over-analyze??? Your on the fence type of behavior may in fact be a sign of bad health??? For the first half decade of this site, I was basically a extreme diet yo-yo enabler tossing out wild ideas and doing extreme things such as milk fasts and zero carb stints. And I may be dead wrong. I was staying up until 4am every night working in front of a computer and spending 14 hours a day sitting when my health started to deteriorate.

I make all my food at home once again and eat what I like and what makes me feel good. The fact that he has eaten the way he has for so long without deviation is a very bad sign, not a good one. A sign of rigidity in his beliefs, if anything. I mean, the dude is all about keeping methionine, tryptophan, and PUFA low but recommends eating ice cream, coconut oil, shellfish, liver, and a whole effing quart of milk every day! It makes no sense.

But his information about diet is where a lot is lost in translation. Recommending the taking of hormones like they are vitamins is even scarier. Fact is, Durianrider and Freelee are probably on more of a Peat diet than Peat is, lol. Considering the stated objectives of the diet. Peats practical recommendations might not be perfect and work for everybody.

But he offers some good things for sick people, who actually have an illness. Your readers are like yourself, yo-yo dieters. Why do you consider it a bad sign that Peat hasnt changed his way of eating?? He has tried other diets decades ago he ruined his teeth with a diet of wheat germ but he found something that works.

Why change something if it isnt broken??? Your yo-yo dieting seems much less stable to me. Its like a man who has been married to the same woman for 40 years. Or a man like yourself who gets a new girlfriend every month. Who is more healthy??? Who is more mentally stable??? This blog would be much more interesting if you would try to back up your own theories with some practical insights. Eat brazil nuts every day!!

Tell your readers how it works out!!! Dont talk about something which you dont know anything about?? My days of playing guinea pig are over. My yo-yo dieting was very unstable, back when I used to try things out and report how it worked out. It did a great deal of damage. I got carried away with low carb at the worst time: My poor little baby only had bowel movements once every 3 or more days.

He was so uncomfortable. Looking back on the situation I feel horrible that I was so blind and he was the one to suffer for it.

That was 2 years ago. Now we eat mostly whole foods and feel great. Are you censoring comments now??? I posted responses to your response. You decided to censor them. Not let them be seen by your audience.

I really think you should remove this youtube video: You are doing your readers a disservice. How do you know its increased pregnenolone, DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, that are responsible for a longer and healthier life span???

You really are just vomiting up what some of those anti-doctors are saying. Did you know that high DHEA is associated with dementia in several studies???? High testosterone is associated with some increased risks of diseases too. There is really no conclusive evidence which shows that having high DHEA or thyroid levels leads to long life or health. Younger people also have higher levels of estrogen.

Eat for heat is one thing. Eat for increased thyroid DHEA youth hormones is garbage talk. You are done experimenting. Sick people are not done. They have cancer and things you didnt have. Should they just have a regular eating pattern??? Will that solve their extreme diseases???? At one point I pulled down all of my blog posts. There is plenty out there, by me, that is partial or total horseshit. I used to be the biggest dogmatic idiot of them all. Takes one to know one.

But longevity in and of itself is a foolish pursuit. Quality is better than quantity. So now you want me to create a dietary formula for curing cancer?

No wonder you are so susceptible to guru-ism. And yes, all sick people should have a regular eating pattern. A regular sleeping pattern, among many other fundamentals of health that are rarely followed in the modern world.

My health is in good shape. I must simply must vehemently disagree that in all cases it is a health advantage to keep Omega 6 low … there are definite situations where Omega 6 needs to be in a ratio of 4: Primary among these is anyone who is not eating the SAD.

While Omega 6 may be as high as Humans require a 4: Check your diet and your blood levels. Because Omega 3 has a greater affinity for this enzyme it has the effect of reducing the conversion of Omega 6 to Gammalinolenic Acid GLA , which causes a deficiency in Archidonic Acid. We need a certain amount of this intermediary, not too much not too little, as in everything in the body Homeostatsis is the word.

All things must be in the correct balance for the body to function optimally. Do not mistake excess for balance, nor deficiency. Know what the real pathways are, not just what one group tells you is THE way. There is no one size fits all … it is determined by multiple factors including your current physiological state, expression of your epigenetics and your current nutritional balance. For more information please join my Facebook Group. This rigid, dogmatic reply is fucking annoying.

No truly science-minded individual communicates in absolutes like this. If you feel like there is a widespread AA deficiency, then present us with the evidence that MAY suggest it to be a possibility. Otherwise this just comes off like arrogant know-it-all bullshit. Sounds a little overly specific to me. If so, how can you be so sure? I was not eating any PUFA of any kind, nor trans fats.

I lived through the time when we were told all fat was bad. Boy, did I learn a hard lesson…. D6D is nutrient dependent just like anything else in the body. I was depleted of nearly all B vitamins. This showed on Nutreval testing. And boy was I sick. Funnily enough, I craved butter…. The writers you have who are writing for your blog are a total joke. Dr Joel Brind recommends eating brazil nuts.

Scott Abel recommends testosterone replacement therapy on his own blog if your T levels are low. I recently tried glycine on three consecutive days. Taking one gram right before bed. I progressively woke up feeling more tired and exhausted than I ever have in my life. During the day I experienced fatigue and intense brain fog. I stopped and the symptoms persisted for over a week. After they finally subsided, I figured I would attempt again, this time taking one gram on an empty stomach in the late morning.

Within a half hour it made me very groggy and disconnected mentally. Why could such a low dose have such a profound negative effect on me while others seem to be able to tolerate mega-doses or at least the therapeutic amount? I noticed an earlier post on this thread in which a person commented that they were unable to take anything over one gram without feeling high and sedated.

I am very disappointed as I was very excited to make glycine a regular part of my protocol for the anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. I am 40 and fit. I would like to know how to overcome this as I wish to continue with glycine but it leaves me groggy, foggy and completely disconnected from reality. I am seriously interested in glycine supplementation versus a diet high in gelatin.

Please elaborate on why one should not take glycine supplements, preferably in solid scientific terms. Purity, imbalance, missing co-factors, etc. I think the better question is, when real foods are available that contain the nutrient you are looking for, AND they taste good, why would you choose to supplement? People on the internet will spend a lot of time convincing you of the value of supplements especially if it will make them money , but I think the risk probably outweighs any potential benefits.

This kind of transparency is so rare and precious. I have no problems with your change of frame of mind. I am 6 months into eating for heat and am still folling the youreatopia website after doing Atkins and Paleo for 5 years and thoroughly screwing myself up.

I began following the Ray Peat crowd a couple months ago and stopped because they felt like another diet cult making me crazy again. I have gained 25 lbs but who gives a shit.

I feel so much better and it will all even out when the body is done healing. I am on the Fuckitdiet. Carl Pfeiffer who founded the Brain Bio Center at Princeton proposed various biotypes for mental illness among which was Histadelia, pertaining to people with abnormally high blood histamine levels.

For histadelia he prescribed methionine mg twice daily, calcium mg twice daily, manganese 5 to 50 mg daily and Zinc 10 to 30 mg daily. This protocol was not a cure-all for histadelia as he mentions those who required additional experimentations with exercise can itself raise histamine levels or vegetarianism.

With the goal to normalize histamine levels in histadelics by using methionine, this seems like a possible double edged sword. Russell Blaylock, author of Excitoxins: Whereas glutamate is the main neurotransmitter in the brain, excessive amounts cause inflammation particularly of the microglia. A main focus of Blaylock in treating Autism and Schizophrenia is to reduce inflammation by various and multiple dietary and supplimentary means. There have been adjunct studies using glycine for schizophrenia, which lead me to find Dr.

Brind, what does glycine have to do with regulation of histamine? Does glycine affect microglia inflammation? Well Matt, I too appreciate your honesty. I am trying to figure out from your experiences what is best for me. I do feel better most days and really like paying attention to different stresses and trying to sooth them one way or another.

You can read these negative reviews in the gelatin version of the product, which GL says has the same benefits as the pricier green labeled product, just cannot be mixed as easily. Just wanted to warn people. People with high total cholesterol levels live longer than those with low total cholesterol levels! Joel, and thank you for your informative contribution to a very important subject.

Regarding your working hypothesis that supplementation with glycine and methionine may be helpful to undermethylators, my daughter is highly OVERmethylated. But she definitely benefits from glycine broth, gelatin, collagen supplementation.

The challenge may be to figure out correct dosing and sourcing supplements vs. I also strongly second the recommendation that you familiarize yourself with the work of Dr. Dr Brind, you indicate that glycine is the rate limiting factor for disposal of methionine.

Can you describe in more detail what that disposal pathway is? This disposal is not methylation, but is some way of getting rid of excess methionine before it ever gets used in methylation? As far as under methylators during a fast, you make the point that during the fast they will be short of methionine. I am an under methylator — shown by both my SNPs and the diagnostic I gave in an earlier reply.

About 13 hours into a fast my homocysteine was at a normal value, indicating that I must have had some amount of methylation going on at the time? I found your blog while trying to figure out if I should keep supplementing with Sam-e. I have a gene variance report from both Livewello and genetic-genie, yet finding physicians who are knowledgeable in the area of genetic deficiencies is problematic at best.

My doctor is forward thinking but is not comfortable interpreting my results. I am severely hypoglycemic and dyslexic compounded with having Bipolar II disorder. Or possibly a physician in the San Diego area that you suggest. Six small meals a day.

A mostly vegetarian diet — protein from beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Thorne B-Complex 12 30mg Pregnenolone. Adderall 10mg morning and noon. Blood labs consistently indicate: Any suggestions such as Brazil nuts, TMG, etc would be invaluable. I know you are not an MD and not allowed to prescribe. Your diet of beans, grains, nuts etc are probably the source of many of your problems.

Having said that, in practice I find that a whey protein grams post training helps. The research from Tipton I believe did not show any protein synthesis response difference between whey taken immediately post training of waiting up to 2 hours. It can take the glycerol backbone and do it, but not with the FFAs. I do agree that the results are similar though as multiple processes are going on simultaneously.

How much insulin will put the breaks on fat metabolism post training I am not sure about since many other hormones are elevated then too. I am open to any research you have on it though! If people are looking at more protein synthesis research do a pub med search from authors such as Stuart Phillips, Tipton, Lemon, van Loon, Norton, Layman, Paddon-Jones, Rasmussen to name a few.

Excellent as always Mike! Lots to discuss from your above comments. Stay tuned for more from Ori. You need whey because it contains all the amino acids, plus the immune boosters Ori recommended. I halfed my dinner and put it in my morning feeding after my morning hour walk.

Please let me know what you think. Can I cut down on dinner proteins, such as whey protein drink? Add some potatoes for dinner? Get rid of the BCAAs. Have scoops of protein minutes after your morning walk. If you want carbs, eat quinoa, corn or oatmeal in the evening meal.

I love your HIAH workouts. Ive been doing them for a while now and Ive had great results. This is very interesting information. If you need to lose fat and build muscle, have only protein in the two feedings.

Thank you very much, Paul. But either of those choices are pretty lousy. Whey protein and berries or raisins is significantly better. Chad, What about amino acid powder or pills before, during, and after the workouts? Will that effect any fat burning potential? Or just wait the 30 min after workout and have warrior whey? Should this be taken on the second post workout feeding instead of the first? Going to start implementing this tomorrow. Or are they ok in the evening meal?

Chad, I know I read something about pre workout nutrition in one of your recent previous articles. I am having trouble finding it. If you choose to follow this plan for post workout, what is the recommended pre workout or should there be any pre workout nutrition? However, a handful of berries before a workout is a good strategy since it provides nutrients without too many carbs. Chad, thank you for again for another great piece of information. We log our workout hours and race results with passion, and we monitor our bodies like a science experiment.

When it comes to food, this relationship can get tricky. When she counsels her athletes, she looks for bad habits like eating behind a computer screen, skipping meals and negative emotions surrounding food, and steers them toward a more forgiving attitude.

Back to the basics advice from the top sports nutritionists on the block. Monitor macronutrients Fueling your body well goes beyond eating your fruits and veggies. Hit the hydration sweet spot Proper digestion, nutrient absorption, healthy skin, optimal brain power—you name it.

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