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What a wonderful, inspiring blog!! I just stubbled upon your blog and wanted to comment on how inspiring your journing is. I would say 4 at best. I like this company. I am always wondering what to make for dinner and now I know where to go to get wonderful, healthy recipes! Bye for now, love, Suzy. I really appreciate the inspiration.


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While I'm walking around, wearing no socks and some killer loafers, I would most definitely be slurping on this can of Xing green tea with lemon because it's wonderful. It's a great mixture of flavors through and through. You can taste the green tea first and then, when you're done swallowing, you get a really good lemon taste.

There's Arizona lemon tea, and that's all well and good, but this is something that you can tell Don Johnson about. You might want to give this a try. Oh, you don't know who this is? It's Mike from Thirsty Dudes. It's a drink review site. You still don't know?

Second, what shoes did you wear in that episode of Miami Vice where your God kid's dad, your friend from 'Nam was into all that bad stuff? I mean, you can't be totally mad at them, especially if it's something like your nephew coming over, telling you he's going to wash and detail your car, but right before he's supposed to start vacuuming up all your crumbs from eating toasted English muffins on your drive to work, you sister calls and tells you that little Mason has to come home.

You assume that he's done so when you go into your car the next day and notice that there are still a mound of crumbs because you can't get up five minutes earlier to eat at the table like a civilized adult, you are a bit surprised. Here's the thing, though. He simply offered it to you. He didn't have to do any of it. He did half and to all of the people on your treacherous ride to work love the look of your clean Toyota Yaris sedan with the radio that looks like it had the display ripped off of a calculator you had in 3rd grade.

Xing has not let me down thus far. Yes, some drinks I like more than others. This I was interested in because it was their first endeavor to the realm of half and half. It's a tricky market because Arizona has been dominating the market and people's minds with their Arnold Palmer, which, in my opinion, isn't fantastic.

This, though, is mostly just lemonade. I can't really taste the tea with the exception of at the very end where it might have been tea because it tasted differently but actually could have just been because the can was in the sun for a while. It made me forget that it was a half and half at all. It's a strange predicament to be in where I have to rate a drink that I liked but didn't taste anything like what the label said. For that reason, I have to put it right in the middle.

If you like half and half, we've got tons on this site to check out, but if you like lemonade, you might just want to pick this up and forget that there is tea in it all together.

For years Arizona has run the tallboy can of tea game. They were fairly unchallenged. Peace Tea was a contender, but their drinks always left something to be desired. Xing Tea has now officially issued a challenge to Arizona. Just like in Mike Tyson's Punch Out you can't just come right out and fight the champ. You have to fight your way up the ranks.

In the first two fights Xing held it's own. In all honesty when you're fighting the Glass Joe and Von Kaiser of iced teas you really don't need to put up much of a fight to get them down.

In the third fight Xing's sweet tea went up against iced tea's version of Piston Honda. It was a long, drawn out fight but it ended with a TKO in favor of Xing when it noticed his eyebrow movements. After that Xing really started to shine. It plowed its way through its opponents, even beating that annoying fat slob King Hippo.

He definitely would be some sort of ghetto tea that's over-saturated with high fructose corn syrup. Finally we are at the here and now. Xing is going to be battling against Great Tiger. I always hated that guy.

He was always a thorn in my side via video game boxing. Xing has trained well and has put forth its best mango effort for this match. This is a smart tea. It's really sweet, but you can tell by taste and consistency that it's cane sugar sweet.

It tastes like a summer sweet tea made with green tea instead of black. The mango flavor is attentive. It's knows when to hit Great Tiger's jewel with it's bite and when to hold back and block his teleportation attack.

It's these great moves that helped Xing win this battle as well. Way back when we restarted this wonderful, award winning website, I found a plethora of Xing Tea at a bodega in a multi-floor mall in Baltimore. My girlfriend went to my parent's house and came back with a bag full of Xing and I was clearly excited. I wanted to start with blueberry and since I do what I want because I'm a man, I did just that.

I've also had dreadlocks for a week and a half, got a Smith's chest tattoo, bought two corgi's, and filled a hole in my basement foundation with "Great Stuff" rather than becoming a professional mason and fixing it the right way. These are all examples of things I've done because I can do what I want. This tea, a newcomer to my list of fallback delicious drinks, is simple magnificent. It's got a great blueberry taste. It's sweet, but it's a great, pure cane sugar taste.

Not a whole lot of green tea flavor, but I don't miss it, honestly. If it was swapped with a black tea, I could probably tell, but since the sugar and the blueberry is so sweet, it's overpowered. If this was on a shelf and I didn't see anything else that I haven't drank, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it. I often feel guilty for buying "old" drinks when I've got shelves of "new" drinks at home that need to be reviewed, but if I find myself riding my bike this summer, come across a store that sells this drink, it will be in my hand as quickly as can be.

You have my word, son. I like this company. With the exception of the sweet tea, which, in my opinion, was just something they did for fun, everything I've had from Xing is very good. Plus, it's an all-natural tea and it's got great flavor options. The green tea always has a nice bitterness that isn't lost in whatever flavor I've tried.

This raspberry is no exception. It has a raspberry nose to it and to the tongue, you get raspberry and then a bitter, green tea aftertaste. I don't know why it's not more available. I found it at a local "half way between corner store and bodega" place. They didn't have a lot of flavors, but beggars can't be choosers, and for that reason, I like this tea. I would easily say that it's better than Arizona Raspberry.

Cut to now, the company contacted us and said that from what he wrote, they thought something was wrong with his can, as in a bad batch or something. They ended up sending us a couple cans to try again, and I have to say they were absolutely right. Get full nutrition facts for other NutriSystem products and all your other favorite brands.

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There are calories in a 1 packet serving of NutriSystem Energizing Shake.