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Lymphatic system
Hi, I am just recently disagnosed with lipedema and I live in Las Vegas, my GP doesnt know about this condition at all. Take the Quiz on Belly Fat. This is carried out because the harms and risks of treatment outweigh the benefits. November 4, at 8: Both forms can be fatal. I eat very healthy, exercise every day, wear compression hose Medi Medium Short , do MLD x week, see a MLD therapist for 90 minutes every two weeks, and use a Flexitouch all other pumps hurt far too much. D ICD -

It isn’t technically a problem

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Lymphangiographic imaging shows that the lymph collectors within the proliferated fatty tissue have a coiled or corkscrew-like appearance rather than passing fairly straight towards the lymph nodes as is the case in healthy tissue. This can result in a reduced transport capacity of the lymphatic system in the affected area.

In the initial stages the swelling may recede with elevation and rest, but over time and without adequate treatment compression, elevation, exercise , the constant strain on the lymphatic system may cause damage to the lymphatic vessels, leading to further reduction of its transport capacity, and swelling may be constantly present.

As a result of prolonged overstrain of the lymphatic system, lymphedema may develop secondary to lipedema lipo-lymphedema , thereby increasing the complexity of treatment. If lipo-lymphedema remains without treatment, it will progress through the same stages as primary or secondary lymphedema.

Therapy for lipedema can be largely divided into conservative treatments to reduce edema, and surgical treatments such as liposuction. Main goals in the conservative treatment of lipedema are to decrease pain and hypersensitivity, increase mobility and to prevent, or if already present, to address the edematous component associated with lipedema. If lipedema, or lipo-lymphedema is associated with obesity, nutritional guidance must be provided to reduce weight and avoid further weight gain.

Conservative approaches include complete decongestive therapy CDT ; CDT does not address proliferated fatty tissue, but contributes to the reduction of edema and the prevention of the manifestation of lipo-lymphedema. The various components of CDT also contribute to reducing pain and hypersensitivity to pressure. In most cases it is necessary to apply a lower level of compression bandages and compression garments due to pain and hypersensitivity in the affected areas. If the use of compression garments is discontinued, edema will return.

Surgical treatment may be considered for patients with lipedema who do not respond to conservative treatment. Liposuction is currently the standard surgical treatment method; however, this procedure may cause bleeding and secondary damage to lymph vessels resulting in persistent swelling.

New and more advanced techniques may reduce these risks; however, individuals considering this approach should ensure that the performing physician is experienced and follows internationally established guidelines. Postoperatively, there is generally an increased tendency for swelling, thus CDT should be initiated or continued within a few days of the procedure.

In the presence of additional lymphedema lipo-lymphedema the treatment protocol for complete decongestive therapy corresponds with that for primary lymphedema. CDT shows good long-term results in lipo-lymphedema; however affected individuals need to understand that, although the lymphedemateous component responds well and generally relatively fast to CDT, the lipedema itself, i.

According to several authors, reduction of the excessive fatty tissue in lipedema is possible if compression garments are worn constantly. To view educational videos on lipedema, click here. Do you need more information on other topics on lymphedema? Once selected, a new page will load with a number of articles related to the topic you chose. Click on any headline of the articles and the entire article will load up for you to read.

Join Lymphedema Guru , a Facebook page solely dedicated to inform about all things related to lymphedema — news, support groups, treatment centers, and much more. Am J Med Genet A. Thank you for this informative article, I really appreciate it. I have lipedema, I am 5 feet 6 inches and and weight reduction has not reduce my lipedema.

I also have to have the vnus closure procedure done for venous insufficiency. I plan on having liposuction on my lower legs and ankles. What procedure do you recommend having done first? I regret that I am unable to make a recommendation. This is clearly something your physician has to decide. Do you know of anyone specializing in Lipedema or even who knows about it in Canada? I personally do not have any contact in Canada.

His contact is rharris vodderschool. We have support groups on Facebook one group if from the States, one in UK and one in Australia with much information and we are in close contact with Dr.

I know of no one in Canada, really knowledgeable about this condition, I was told by the Lymphoedema Association of Québec that they may be a Vascular Surgeon in Montreal that may diagnose lipedema. Contact that Vodder specialist is a good idea. I was diagnosed by one who was trained in Germany too! I am a 50 yr old woman who only recently discovered that I was suffering from lipedema which then turned into lipolymphedema after being exacerbated by 2 ovarian cyst surgeries and major knee surgery in my 20s.

The issues with my legs really started to reveal themselves after this and right after puberty. After a 70lb weight loss 3 years ago-I asked my internist, one of the best here in NYC, why my legs were still so large. My question to you is-right after being told about the lipedema, I was diagnosed Johns Hopkins w Ehlers Danlos Syndrome-also misdiagnosed for years. I would be interested to know from you-if you know of any connection between Lipedema and EDS.. I tried to attach photos-but was unable to w this post.

I will try to send them by email. Simone, Yesterday I got my Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Type diagnosis and a year ago I was diagnosed with lipolymphedema after a lifetime of docs asking ME what was wrong with my legs.

I find that the EDS makes bandage care very difficult — my hands give out with all the smoothing and rolling. I see that the doc here never answered your post. You are the second person with EDS and lipolymphedema I have learned about.

If you see this message, reply to it and we can figure out how to talk. I am 54 yo, lbs, in Michigan. I too was diagnosed with lipedema and now was approved through medical to start lipedema with a physiacal therapist and she diagnosed me with hypermobility disorder and needed to talk to all of the specialists to see if either one contributes to the other.

Hi Veronica, I too have been suffering for years with this disease. Can you please advise me on the process of having this covered thru medical? I would greatly appreciate your help. I have to agree with Nancy Barbour I started noticing changes in my legs after my second son.

I was lbs before I had him. My problem is no one is Laredo Texas knows how to treat this problem, we do have to certified PA but forget the Drs. Any way I have also mentioned the Ehlers-danlos to my Dr. I have been waiting for my Disability 5 years. Once I do get it I plan to go to San Antonio to find a specialist there. This problem started in my late 20 I am now There is an amazing amount of info and support there! There are over 21, members in the group. How liberating it was to read your article!

My Lipedema first showed its ugly head at puberty and went on to increase after each pregnancy. Unfortunately I was the victim of a high speed motor vehicle accident 17 years ago in which I sustained gross soft tissue loss of both lower limbs including bone fractures. From the day I was mobilized 12 weeks post accident the lymphodema appeared although I suspect that the lymphodema would have raised its ugly head anyway not too far down the track. My youngest daughter aged 29 has shown signs of lipedema following both of her pregnancies and she is having difficulty in convincing her GP that Lipedema is what the problem is.

Is there any other information that she an take to her GP other than your article here that may help her GP understand the condition better? At the bottom of the article are links to a number of useful sources on the topic of lipedema.

A number of further articles are available online using Google search. I treat women in my practice for lipedema. After a cure, they report better quality for life, legs and arms are more flexible and thinner and no pain anymore.

A client who could impossible walk for 1 kilometre, is now very active and her husband asks her if she wants to slow down when they walk together! She has her life back again. The therapy I give is called MapQuassage. It is a new treatment which has its roots in Vietnam. This medical massage form knows no aggressive compressions, but by pulling the muscels with small pulls it causes an impact on the body which is to compare with intensive sports.

It is a new technique and not comparable with other forms of massage. The theory is that the metabolism gets a boost and fat and waste substances are broken down and get drained. Rigid blood vessels get more supple and do again what they should do, a perfect circulation and food and oxygen for every cell in the body. Especially in the beginning, the therapy can be painful. It is a pity there are only a few people who learned this technique, that is because it takes about 2 years to learn it.

If you want to know more about it, google on the words MapQuassage and Harlingen and feel free to contact me by e-mail. You posted info on a blog about MapQuassage some time ago now.

I live in Australia. I am sure there is noone here who dose this type of massage. I have tried looking for it on the net but am not getting very far. My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with Lipodema a couple of years ago. Do you still think this type of massage works? Any info you can give me on this would be so, so appreciated. Is it something that I could try to learn? Would love to hear from you. I will look this up. Thank you Janneke, I am going to a holistic dr.

See what he can do as far as a blood cleanse. Lipoedema Patient referred to me by her vascular consultant — she will be attending for CDT. How many daily treatments would you recommend please? She is early to middle stages, aged Painful legs and pinch test positive.

Is drainage recommended toward inguinals only? Thanking you in advance. Daily treatments would be recommended. Here is the link to an article on the subject: Joe Feldman is located in Chicago — here is a link to a list of doctors specializing in lymphedema, to include Dr.

Hi, I am just recently disagnosed with lipedema and I live in Las Vegas, my GP doesnt know about this condition at all. Can someone point me in the right direction here please. I am at a loss on which way to turn. Dear Rhonda — here is a link to more information on lipedema on this forum: Dear Rhonda, I am an internist in Las Vegas who has just started treating my patients with lipedema with a novel and effective series of treatments.

I would be happy to see and evaluate you for getting you better. If you are interested, you can email me at AlphaMG cox. Thank you for this article! Lipedema is so frustrating! What is your point on exercise? I do heavy weight lifting and cardio, but avoid all activities that involves jumping, running and stomping my feet in the ground. When is it time to get liposuction — before or after childbirth?

I fully agree with your exercise regimen, this is exaclt what a specialist would suggest. Childbirth is not a factor to determine the timing for liposuction. Here is an interesting article: I too am small but have lipidema. I eat very healthy, exercise every day, wear compression hose Medi Medium Short , do MLD x week, see a MLD therapist for 90 minutes every two weeks, and use a Flexitouch all other pumps hurt far too much. Compression hose hurt, but I swell w.

Would love to talk w. Looking forward to your reply. All best wishes to you!! An international team with experts is working to get the word out about lipedema. Events such as webinars are posted with instructions on how to register as well as videos from experts. The website is information only, but may prove useful.

Thank you for an interesting a well researched article. Bearing in mind that it is estimated that around the same figure are quoted as having lymphedema, that would mean that almost a quarter of women have swollen bodies from these conditions, which is highly inacurate. General Practitioners usually know virtually nothing about the condition because they see it so rarely. I understand the comment people often make about under diagnosis but this seems very unlikely for a few reasons.

The numerous specialist clinics I have attended for lymphoedema over a twenty year period, each covering a wide area of the UK, have only ever had one other patient with lipedema that they have been treating at the same time. Diane — in my experience, the numbers offered by the Foeldi group is quite accurate and even lower than the numbers reported by other sources http: Lipedema is very common and it did not surprise me that you have not seen many indivuduals in your training facility.

Individuals affected by lipedema tend to stay away from facilities like these. I hope this is ok but wanted to mention there is a support group for Australians. I myself have Lipoedema. This is a link to our website http: I wondered if you might be able to help me — is there any link between steroids prednisolone and lipedema becoming worse?

I have had lipedema for over 15 years now, affecting both legs, but after being treated for PMR with steroids it seemed to get worse and also developed on my lower abdomen, I stopped the steroids because of the weight gain associated with them but had to go back on them for a few months when I had a flare up of the PMR — then the lipedema got worse again and also spread to a small patch in my groin!

I just wondered if there is any link to lipedema getting worse when you use prescribed steroids? I am due to go back to the rheumatology consultant because the PMR is now quite bad and I am very stiff and wanted to know about problems with steroids and if it is worth discussing treating the PMR with other medications instead?

I know that you cant answer on specific cases but any general information would be most welcome: Dear Samm — I was unable to locate anything regarding steroids and lipedema in the literature. Personally, I think it is unrelated.

My 10 yr old daughter is showing signs of lipedema. We have been to dieticians. The majority of her weight hasis in her legs. Her skin has stretched so much that there is cracks between her pigmentation. She is always complaining of aches to her legs. Do you know of any specialists in Iowa or US. Zuther, I was diagnosed with Lipedema three years ago. I have small nodules below my knees.

I am a small girl. My legs have never really matched my body. I Have been working out for 15 years, eat healthy. I was curious if everyone with Lipedema goes to the late stages.

Can you prevent that from happening? What can I do to control it? My husband and I are wanting to have a baby. Will it get worse? Should I get the massages?

To date there is no effective treatment available for lipedema. The symptoms of lipedema may progress, or they may be constant without progression. Should you experience the onset of additional swelling in your lower extremities you should start wearing support stockings from preventing the swelling to increase.

There are a number of lipedema support groups online as well. Today was the first time I ever hear about lipedema. I always simply assumed that I had a pear shaped body and cankles, but the pictures of stage 1 of lipedema that i found on numerous websites are spot on nothing as severe as the pictures here though.

Here is a link to an article that may be of interest to you: Is fibromyalgia associated with lipedema. Thank you for such an informative article. That is frustrating too, the diagnosis can be made by visual exam and yet patients still go undiagnosed and suffer with the condition and blamed for poor habits being the cause of their obesity. In a previous blog you mentioned Dr.

Huhlevich, associated with Scarborough General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada as treating patients with lymphedema. He has not taken new patients for a number of years as he feels he has no appropriate places to refer them to. I now go to Dr. Roche-Nagel at Toronto General Hospital. He is a vascular surgeon as is Dr.

Huhlevich but does have some knowledge of Lymphedema. He has a nurse working for him named Cindy who is very knowledgeable. Can also find other resources in Ontario from the Ontario Lymphedema Society. I am also linked in with two separate closed Facebookk groups where I have received a lot of information internationally.

Anna Towers is very knowlegeable and has spoken at many of the International Conferences. Can someone please explain the difference between: Lympf is the body system that disposes the excess liquid. It is one of two major circulatory systems the other being cardiovascular , and is just as important to take care of.

The lymphatic system runs throughout the entire body, helping remove waste from every cell and regulating the immune system. It is a complex network of nodes, ducts and vessels, and also includes the spleen, thymus, adenoids and tonsils.

The lymphatic system is comparable to drains. So naturally, when this happens, we call the plumber and they come fix the drains and get them working again. However, when our own drainage system aka. A congested lymphatic system can lead to serious illnesses and chronic disease. The lymphatic system works by absorbing excess fluids, fats, and toxins from our tissues and into the blood where it can eventually be filtered out by the liver and kidneys. Unfortunately, the lymphatic system usually has a hard time filtering out these substances due to a major increase in nutritional deficiencies, inactivity too much sitting , and consuming too many toxins whether that be from our food, air, or water.

If you are suffering from injuries, excess weight or cellulite, or pain disorders like arthritis, bursitis, headaches or others, a sluggish lymphatic system may be playing a role. Here are 11 ways you can get your lymph flowing smoothly. Our bodies have three times more lymph fluid than blood, yet no organ to pump it. Your lymph system relies on the pumping action of deep breathing to help it transport toxins into the blood before they are detoxified by your liver.

So breathe in that sweet smell of healing oxygen. ACV with a lukewarm glass of water and a 1tsp. Of honey wuth cinnamon 2x a day before meal it is good my mix? Yes, you can follow this process. But make sure to exercise and eat a nutrition rich diet for better results. Yes, it has to be organic apple cider vinegar that contains mother element it and raw honey. For effective weight loss, it is equally important eat a nutritional diet on time. Never skip your breakfast.

Eat 6 small meals throughout the day if you can or at least 3 times a day for sure. Eat your meals on time. Complete your dinner 3 hours before going to sleep.

Consumption of undiluted apple cider vinegar can cause gastric pain. So dilute it with water before consumption. Remember that consuming more amounts of prune juice with apple cider vinegar can cause diarrhoea. Apple cider vinegar can lower potassium levels and bone density for people with diabetes.

So it is better to avoid consuming apple cider vinegar. But if you want to take it, monitor your sugar levels regularly. I have mixed apple cider vinegar with my tissue oil and apply it topically on my hips, thighs and bums. I have only seven days now. Yes, it is safe and you can use this mixture to reduce the cellulite.

Apart from that you have to exercise for effective weight loss. And does it have to be organic? I have raw ACV with mother, but its not organic. Yes, it is recommended to share the bottle as it will distribute the mother present in it. You can use it but organic acv will provide better results. Thank you very much admin will definitely exercise and have started drinking a glass in the morning and a glass at night. How do I do this diet thing? Hello, What is the recommended amount of ACV to consume in a day?

How much acv per dose? Nope, take each dose 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Is the dose of ACV increases the chances of uric acid???? Can I use this???? Drinking diluted apple cider vinegar breaks up uric acid crystals and prevent their formation in the joints.

Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of organic honey into a glass of warm water. Drink this solution for effective results. Can I use regular Apple Cider Vinegar without it doing any damage to me seeing that I just bought this bottle? Avoid drinking lots of it for a longer period of time. Always dilute the acv and use a straw for drinking. In this way, you will not cause any damage with apple cider vinegar.

Do you have to take apple cider vinegar before meals or can you take it on a different regimen. Also I do have beginning osteoporsis—what are the dangers. Taking apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach in the morning or before the meals is effective in providing the results. Consuming large amounts of apple cider vinegar for a longer period of time is said to reduce calcium levels.

So it is better to consume it in very less quantities or avoid it. What brand is best to get if i just want to take the tablets dont really like the taste of the acv. There are various brands with different compositions available in the market. To find out the right one as per your medical history, it is better to consult a doctor.

Is American garden acv pasteurised and can I use it for weight loss? I am a breastfeeding mother. Check the label of the bottle to see whether it is mentioned as pasteurized or unpasteurized.

There are no specific proofs whether a breastfeeding women can drink acv or not. So, it is better to consult your doctor regarding this. Organic apple cider vinegar provides more effective results than non-organic apple cider vinegar. From head to feet left side i have a pain. ACV can interact with some medications so consult your doctor before trying it out. Apart from trying out home remedies, you have to eat nutritional food and exercise regularly to reduce the weight.

To treat migraine you can try the methods mentioned in this article — http: I am taking medicine for PCOS compliant. Also I am taking calcium and iron tablet. Also planning for my pregnancy. Shall I take ACV?

Question how many pounds will I lose in 1 month if I drink apple cider vinegar in the mornings and after going to bed.

For effective weight loss, you have to eat a nutritional diet and exercise regularly apart from trying out acv methods. Nothing after this for at least one hour.

I have not reduced any weight! What can be the reason and what should I do? My weight continues to be 75 Kg. Home remedies can only boost up your weight loss regimen. It is very important to exercise regularly, reduce calorie content and include fresh fruits and vegetables rich food in your diet. Plus wanted to know if i mix acv in hotwater is it beneficial or not.

Daily limit of ACV consumption is 3 — 5 tablespoons. Over consumption of apple cider vinegar decrease the potassium and calcium levels. Instead of hot water, drink ACV with lukewarm water for effective results.

Yes, you can use any apple vinegar but it should be raw, unpasteurized and contains mother in it. Ask your doctor for proper dosage. However, fresh extract provides more effective results. Would any of that cause it?

Sometimes, drinking more amounts of apple cider vinegar can also cause diarrhea. So, decrease the amount of ACV to 1 teaspoon and just 2 times in a day. Try this for 2 days and if you are still observing the same then stop using ACV further. Can I add ACV to a 20 ounce smoothy? Or do you have to drink it with a glass of water for some reason? Can you use the ACV with lemon and honey once a day and get the benefits? Like in the mornings before food?

If so, want would be the amounts to use? Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey into a glass of water. Stir well and drink it. You can gradually increase the amount of apple cider vinegar up to 3 tablespoons. I started taking Apple Cider Vinergar mg. I would like to know how many a day to take and when to take them. Also are the ACV as effective as using the recipes.

As we are unaware of your medical history, we cannot tell the exact dosage. We recommend to consult a doctor for proper dosage. You can take tea or milk after 30 minutes of consuming ACV. I have lost 7 lbs in 1 month. I do follow WW program, but not always true to the program. So I know that the weight loss is due to the ACV.

This really does work, just give it time. Follow what ever weight loss program you choose and get in some exercise andy you will win. But for effective weight loss, you have to eat nutritional food and exercise regularly. I walk everyday when I take my kids to school. Is that a part of exercising, if not what type of exercise do you consider doing? What type of foods should you eat besides fresh fruit and vegetables? What type of food should you stay away from?

If you can name a few good and bad food that would help. Also, how many cap fulls of apple cider vinegar can you consume in one day? Do you know how many months or how long it will take to lose 70 pounds with apple cider vinegar? As per your description, we are unsure of how many miles you are walking to drop your kids so we are unable to judge it.

But if you are brisk walking for at least 15 — 30 minutes in a day then it can be considered as a part of exercising for weight loss. Apart from brisk walking, do some squatting, weight lifts and cycling to burn the fat. You should stay away from oily, fatty and processed foods. The ACV dosage should not exceed more than 6 tablespoons per day. Apple cider vinegar can interact with some pills, so it is better to consult a doctor before taking it.

I take 2 tlb spoons a day with a teaspoon of honey, 3 times a day, no water, am I receiving the same benefits, or do I need the water? It is better to dilute apple cider vinegar in water as it can sometimes hurt the esophagus and stomach lining. So, we recommend adding ACV and honey in water for consumption. ACV helps in weight loss however, drinking lot of coconut oil can increase your weight. So, we recommend eating nutrition rich diet which is less in calories, include any ACV method into your regimen and exercise regularly.

A frnd of mine told me to add Apple cider vinegar to my slimming tea cos since Ave been using d slimming tea ders no changes at all…. D Apple cider vinegar I bought was d filtered one named Tropical sun premium filtered Apple cider vinegar…. You may use it but filtered ACV may not provide as much effective results as unfiltered one. However, we recommend exercising and eating nutritional food if you want effective results. I bought filtered Apple cider vinegar cos I was unable to get d unfiltered one pls can I use it wit my slimming tea.

Thank you for this article I have a little issue. Mother is the main element in the ACV that contains nutritional elements and other beneficial properties. You can find more remedies in this article — http: Can you drink this at any time of the day, like with meals? And how many times during the day should it be consumed? You have to drink 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

These are the best timings to drink ACV. Scan I drink clover honey with my acv and get the same results of losing weight and if so how much. Yes, you can use clover honey and get the same results.

Add 1 tablespoon of clover honey and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into glass of warm water and drink it. ACV can interact with some medication so we recommend consulting a doctor to find out regarding the same before trying it out.

I have been drinking ACV in black tea with sugar for many months , but i have not seen drastic effect. If you want drastic results in weight reduction then you have to exercise and consume nutritional food apart from taking apple cider vinegar.

ACV just helps to boost your weight loss regimen. You can try white vinegar. It contains acetic acid which may help in weight reduction. However, there is limited research to support it. Apart from vinegar consumption, exercise daily and consume nutritious food to reduce the weight. But can i still try this?. Does it have any side effects. Yes, you can try it. If you are suffering from any disease then you have to consult a doctor before trying it.

If you are trying it for the first time then start with a lower dosage and gradually increase to recommended dosage. It can cause damage to tooth enamel so it is better to drink it using a straw. Please try it for another few weeks to see the improvement. Along with ACV consumption, we recommend to exercise and eat nutritious food.

This is the most thorough article regarding apple cider vinegar I have ever read! I read a lot! Hii, adding lime to my acv or taking the acv alone with lukewarm purified water, which works better and faster? We recommend making it fresh every time as it provides maximum beneficial results. If you observe unclear liquid then it contains mother in it. Will it be okay to drink these at the same time?

Super easy and doesn't cost a dime