Diabetic Nephropathy

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Curing Painful Diabetic Neuropathy
Comments Metformin is a mean drug. Lean, eat paleo, health metrics appear good except BP. See the full issue. Could the creamer cause my level to go high? No, we need sodium chloride, it is the fluid our entire body runs on.

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Shaking up the Salt Myth: The Dangers of Salt Restriction

Nerves play an important role in managing the bladder and urinary system. If the nerves that affect these systems are damaged, this can lead to the inability to recognize when the bladder is full and poor control of urination. Neuropathy is most commonly caused by diabetes, but it may be caused by other conditions, including:.

Diabetic neuropathy is common and cannot be reversed. However, you can manage it through a variety of ways. When you use insulin therapy to control your diabetes, you take it to lower your blood sugar levels. When you take insulin before bed and wake up with…. Shaking, mood changes, headaches, clammy skin, and more - low blood sugar affects your body, even if you don't have diabetes.

Learn more about the…. Swinging through the drive-thru or hopping into your favorite fast-food restaurant tends to happen more often than some would like to admit. Quinoa is a highly nutritious whole grain full of protein, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Only in the past three decades have researchers begun to…. According to the CDC, more than million American adults are currently living with diabetes or prediabetes. To help raise awareness, show…. Your office desk drawer is probably already an arsenal of lower-carb snack foods. With diabetes, these healthy snacks are crucial to combat hunger and…. If you have diabetes, your concern isn't always that your blood sugar is too high. Your blood sugar can also dip too low, a condition known as….

What makes a carb good and what makes it bad? Turns out carbs alone can't be faulted for any weight issues - it's the combination of how and what you…. Approximately 1 in 6 U. So chances are, you may benefit at some point in your life from talking…. From worsening anxiety to making depression more likely, sugar is seriously harmful to your mental health.

These symptoms are the result of too much insulin building up, along with water going into the small intestine at a rapid rate. Diabetics need to avoid eating certain foods to prevent diabetic dumping syndrome. Foods that are high in fat, sugar, and starches, as well as fried foods, often cause this uncomfortable reaction. Milk and milk products can also cause it. Since there is no real treatment for diabetic dumping syndrome, it is best to watch what you eat and to have small balanced meals throughout the day.

Doctors sometimes recommend eating foods that are high in protein, such as lean meat, eggs, cheese nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain items that digest slowly.

Doctors may prescribe medication to slow digestion so that diabetic dumping syndrome does not occur. The information provided on battlediabetes. This information is solely for informational and educational purposes. The publication of this information does not constitute the practice of medicine, and this information does not replace the advice of your physician or other health care provider.

Neither the owners or employees of battlediabetes. Always speak with your primary health care provider before engaging in any form of self treatment. Also, our nutritionist Amy Campbell advises getting more omega-3 oils and green leafy vegetables for eye health.

You are generalizing a high A1C reading with irreversible insulin resistance damage to pancreatic beta cells. Gastric bypass procedure includes low carb diet, which is why its reversible in that case. No need to do surgery if one has self control, discipline, and never goes back to old habits.

If pancreatic beta cells are damaged, then one needs medication for the rest of their lives. The reason gastric bypass surgery can sometimes cure type 2 diabetes , is not because of diet by the intestine controlling sugar levels instead of the stomach. After a gastric bypass the small intestine will start producing GLUT-1 , which controls glucose levels.

This will cure the disease out right and the only known cure for type 2 diabetes. I am only discussing type 2 diabetes. I am not referring to the symptom of high A1C levels.

Many different things could cause high readings of A1C. So, for the disease diabetes , there is no known cure but through possibly through gastric bypass. Everything else is just the control of the disease. My mother sugar was before one month,suddenly yesterday when she checked her fasting sugar was even doctor cant believed ,her sugar intake is very less. Thermal Deal — it is YOU who are talking rubbish. Or preferably look at both to stop you spouting this scaremongering.

YES — if you kick start your Liver and Pancreas back to working normally and your BS levels back into normal levels you will still need to watch what you are doing — a return to previous lifestyle choices will see the Diabetes return. Unfortunately, The study by Professor Taylor did not indicate reversal but the study, which was to small to make any absolute definitive answer, did state that through diet and exercise the disease can go into remission not cure, but a condition where the disease is controlled for at least 6 months if and only if the patient continued to keep the weight off and keep their exercise and diet restrictions.

Unfortunately, as always as soon as you stop the disease returns at full force. Also , as your body ages the disease will become worse , with no amount of diet or exercise being able to help. But, there is no medical proof, other than through some cases of gastric bypass surgery. I am sorry that this is not the answer you want.

But, it is the truth. Some day hopefully a cure for diabetes will be found. But, for now only through diet, weight loss and exercise the progression and symptoms of this terrible disease can be controlled, sometimes. I suggest you refresh your medical knowledge then. There is lots of evidence out there about reversing Diabetes. I suggest you go find it!

There is none out there. Sorry to say, but you are incorrect. It would be great if diabetes could be reversed but it cannot be. I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

My morning levels are always 5 to 5. My 1hr after food is about 5 to 7. I have no symptoms. It was based on a Glucose tolerance test where my fasting sugars were 5.

Or is it just Aistralia? The generic recommend intake in the third trimester is ! Amanda, your numbers do not seem to be diabetes.

Maybe the prediabetes they call impaired glucose tolerance or IGT. You could ask them to show you the guidelines they are working from. Metformin or 2 teaspoons of vinegar at bedtime would probably lower your morning level enough to keep them happy. I totally agree with you on this, but your missing the point. Some have the country is pre-diabetic these days.. Type 2 That can be reversed and is curable if you catch it before it becomes full blow and even then it can be reversed everyones metabolism differs.

If you go back to eating the stuff that is making you unhealthily and are not doing anything to reduce it then yes trying to reverse it when you are too far gone it is incurable…..

Pre diabetes is diabetes type 2 , there is no cure for it. It is just early onset. It easier to manage but not curable Name one scientific study that says otherwise. I do not believe there is a single scientific study that has done the rigorous diet and exercise that I am going through. There should be studies that have patients go into a strict vegan, sugar free, starch free diet and see if their condition can be reversed.

I just started so I would only be a single subject. Once I complete my 8 month regimen and lose all my belly fat I would be interested in submitting myself to sugar stress tests and see if I still show signs of diabetes or pre-diabetes. You should and after 8 months , you should take a glucose test so you can see in concrete evidence after almost years of thorough scientific studies and billions of dollars.

There is no cure for diabetes and it does not go away. Your sugar will still spike to diabetic levels. Only cure known is gastric bypass surgery. Hopefully someday there can be a cure.

Also, I know we talked earlier about high A1C levels. How do you diagnose diabetes without using A1C levels? Lets not use a broad stroke and generalize the term diabetes! There are 2 types.. Type 1 is not curable and Type 2 can be depending on how long you have had the disease and what your doing about it, most people wait way too long and go from pre-diabetic to many years with diabetes some times without even realizing it.

Their are boat loads of medical journals and doctors that would disagree with you. This is just one article there are thousands… Dr. Their are 79 million American with Pre-diebetes if you go full blown type 2 diabetic and stay their then I would agree with you. I went from the 5s on my HbA1c up to 9 once, and I had instant symptoms, went on strict diet and exercise every day and my blood sugar barely gets above after a mean and in the 70s fasting.

Sure it can get worse overtime, especially if you do nothing about it. Sorry to say but both are incurable and pre-diabetes is diabetes type 2. The diseases is progressive to what degree can be helped by good management.

Stop saying that its a myth to real science and the people who have dedicated their lives to the study and treatment to this disease. All that you are doing is managing your disease. If you eat normal again yu will have the same symptoms. The disease will always progress since as you age the symptoms of the disease naturally progress. You cannot reverse diabetes. I have already talked about that study you pointed me to. Never had he said there was a cure in the actual study.

Otherwise all you are doing in managing your disease. If you stop managing your disease. AKA stop exercising eating a high carb diet etc. You will glucose levels will spike high. People without the disease would not. I appreciate your passion and your fear that even when people think they are treating their Type 2 Diabetes seriously, they mihht not be doing it to the standard they should or you believe they should. The consequences are dire and it is an ailment that should not be trifled with.

I think what many people object to is that you cannot accept the diabetic condition can be reversed. That is obvious if the strict definition is the cluster of symptoms and biomarkwrs which includes hyperglycemia. You are entirely correct by saying that even though ostensibly normal blood sugars can be achieved by just diet and exercise, the restoration of truly normal glucose metabolism has not occurred.

I believe you are right in raising this flag in order to prevent any sense of complacency: The real problem is that many people become satisfied with fasting numbers and no longer check throughout the day, especially after eating.

Even when they do, they are told that they can go up to without much problem. Sure, your body can handle it, but it is a stress on the system, which erodes a finely tuned organic system.

I guess the real issue is that fasting insulin levels rarely accompany fasting glucose numbers. Even A1c scores are can lull people into a false sense of security. This is the kind of mindset I believe you want to instill in people who have been diagnosed as diabetic.

You must remember, however, that no one gets out alive, but many underestimate the amount of suffering they may endure on their way out. Your concern is laudable, but remain positive.

It boggles the mind how much professional misinformation is out there. Your strident nature is obviously rallying against that. Just temper the message. My blood test yesterday shows that my glucose level is 7. Last August 10, , my HgbA1C test result was 5. Are these levels signs of diabetic case already? Hi Noel, A fasting blood sugar of 7.

An A1C of 5. While sitting at my desk after lunch I became extremely dizzy like a FAST carousel spinning full speed! I later found out that particular detox is extreme and I should have only committed to 3 days since it was my 1st time detoxing.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or know of the dangers of detoxing? Could the detox have revealed an underlying issue or exacerbated a pre-diabetic state? I just tested my sugar level and the reading is which is high and has never been that high before..

Hi ,My mom one year back gone into hysterectomy surgery At that time her sugar levels are normal. Yesterday iwhen i have checked in home before fasting her sugar level is mg and after fasting her sugar level is mg.

Could you please suggest me how to control her sugar.. Suhasini, see my comment to Sarita above. Do more, especially after meals. The after eating is way too high. Eat less carbs at a time. See a doctor if you can. Medications, vinegar with meals, or plants like bitter melon might help.

I have been diagnosed with prediabetes but no one has told me what numbers are high and what numbers are OK I been put on medicine for it my number was when I got up and my a1c was 6. Postprandial hypoglycemia or reactive hypoglycemia means low blood sugar after a meal, usually a few hours after a meal.

If her 83 is right after eating, that is something different. She could have something called adrenergic postpranidal syndrome or idiopathic postprandial syndrome, where people have symptoms of hypoglycemia after meals, even with normal sugars. Have you asked your doctor? Is there a relation between her symptoms and drinking coffee?

She could have adrenal or thyroid issues causing those symptoms. Ideally you can find an integrative doctor near you for a full evaluation and a health coach to get her back to good health. Hi Donnie, after eating is too high unless it was huge sweet meal. Ninety-eight fasting is a bit high also, although not high enough to be called prediabetes.

There are lots of things you could do, but a good starting place might be go for a walk for 20 minutes right after eating. A teaspoon of vinegar at bedtime about 20 minutes before brushing your teeth might lower the fasting number. Ask your doctor next time you see her what else you can do. To be clearer, Apple Cider Vinegar With the mother is what you need and the recommended dosage is approximately tablespoons for Adults and it also tastes like crap. Tom removing sugar and sugary foods can help you to get below fasting glucose.

Also helpful is increasing protein — nuts are a great source of protein with other benefits. You can heal your body with food and exercise. The cure is to not get it in the first place. People want to eat garbage then demand a cure so they can keep eating garbage and being lazy.

There is always a price to pay for our choices,. Hi, I am 41 years old, my fasting glucose was 90mg in the morning, however after two hour of having meal it was mg, Am I predibetic? Actually I feel headech, Blurred Vision and anxiety after having every meal. Ishrat, sorry it took so long to see this message. Your numbers and symptoms both indicate a kind of prediabetes called impaired glucose tolerance IGT. You should probably eat much less carbohydrate at any one time, go for walks after eating, consider a spoon of vinegar before meals or a cup of bitter melon tea with meals.

Hi, i am 35 years old. Fifteens day back all of sudden i checked my sugar level with glue meter fasting was and pp was , so i went for lab test and the report was fasting 94 and pp is so according to the report i started Ayurvedic medicines and 4 km morning walk and Yuga and also controlled my food habits as well. And after fifteen days i went for lab test and report was pp What is my Situation at present and i have also done Hba1c is 6.

What is my Situation at present. Your Hba1c and your numbers prior to lifestyle change would suggest you are diabetic.

You can get into normal ranges though, keep working at it. My current Hba1c is 5. You have to stay on top of it but it can be done. You are eating a meal high in simple carbohydrates and low in fiber. Watch bread, grains especially white rice and sugars.

They can pop anywhere. A diabetic should, generally, try to limit carbohydrate at a single meal to about 60 grams. Also, if possible, go for a brisk walk after a meal. You cn drop your blood sugar fast by using up the glucose in your body. So plz kindly guide me to control it as far as possible. Manoj, your numbers indicate that you probably have diabetes. Hi my self mihir Kumar mohanty age I have checked my sugar before meal after meal is by use of accu check.

Plz give me some kind of tips to lowering that. Hi I am 39 years old , I checked my blood sugar fasting now some times and earlier was Sushant, plant medicines to lower sugars include bitter melon, cinnamon, insulin plant, okra, chia seeds, vinegar, mulberry leaf, and others.

Look into them and you can find one that works for you. Are you seeing a medical doctor? Is it typical to feel very sleepy, like as if you took a sleeping pill, after meals and carbs? I feel drugged and my eyes burn. My post prandial blood sugar seems to hover at to for over two hours. I just started self monitoring with test kit. But is my extreme sleepiness normal symptom for this level of blood sugar? The sleepiness resolves when my BS is or below—which is not very often.

And I can confirm the sleepiness and burning eyes effects when over Also complex thinking faculties are lost too. Because I work as a computer programmer, I try to keep it below at all times. Your blood sugar levels are getting dangerously high for your body. You need to go see a doctor. There is lots of doctors who offer discounts for self pay. There is one around me for only 40 dollars for diabetes exam.

Once you learn to control your blood sugar through diet, exercise, and oral medication you can slowly add slow amounts of carbs and sugars in your diet. You will need to measure what you can eat and what you cannot not via diabetic test strips and see how your body reacts to certain food.

Everyone is different and different people can handle different foods. Probably you had your dinner. That should be normal. I have diabetes always 7. I have tried medicine but gott a bad reaction and stopped medication. I always drink juice the first thing in the morning. At the same time looking for something that does not hve sweetning. For about three months ago, I found a carrot juice which contains only carrot and water. I started my morning with this pure carrot juice. Now three months later to my surprized, my reading became 5.

This is the first time after a couple decades. I am convinced that it is carrot juice that helped me as I have not changed my way of living. But do not stop your medication if you are on one. If it helped me, it might help. I wish you good luck. Glad this is working for you, Mulugeta. Thanks for sharing your story. It will not work for everyone, though. Cynq, were those fasting blood sugar readings?

If so, that is not normal. I hope they came back down. My vision got blurry when I changed my diet and my blood glucose came down. Once it stabilized, my vision went back to normal. However, people with diabetic retinopathy who lower their blood glucose too quickly can damage their eyes. I strongly urge you to see an opthalmologist, to be sure. I have not diabetes given in my blood test before 6 months. I used to taking more sugar in my diet like sugar added with milk, and others sweets.

Rajesh, yes you can take herbal medicines such as bitter melon or cinnamon. Or you could find a substitute for the sugar. One thing that I want to say about my diet, I am taking more sugar in my diet since one year. I like sweets, extra sugar added in milk since last year. Go out and exercise people! A very sedentary lifestyle leads to high glucose readings as well! Diet will only do so much one has to move! Bittermelon, Methi seefd soaked in water taken the following morning all help but nothing does like a full sweat regime.

Swimming, Tennis, Power Walking! The numbers will go down. What should I do now? A fasting sugar of is called prediabetes, which means you could be healthier if you cut down on starches and sugars, eat more vegetables, protein, and fiber, and move your body more.

You could also try plant medicines like okra or bitter melon. Check your sugar again in a few months. Your results sound pretty high for someone on waking. The range was where I was after fasting overnight before I was taking insulin.

You should also check a couple hours after you eat to see where you are at. Before I saw my specialist, I ate very high carbohydrate vegetables and other foods that I thought were healthy. Other foods that people think as healthy can actually be very detrimental. Juices, certain fruits, dairy products, grains such as bread, cereals, granola, oats, wheat, etc. My number was Beth, you have symptoms of diabetes, and a fasting sugar of qualifies as diabetes.

I would go to a doctor ASAP and get some treatment. I would also cut way, way down on carbohydrate foods like pasta. Stick with protein and greens as much as you can, but see a doctor soon if at all possible. Hey everyone, I am a female, I have had excessive sweating for a few years now. I have never thought of high blood sugar. I looked up reason for the sweating.

Low blood sugar was one of the reasons that matched me. So I used my aunts machine test it was Took it before dinner Took it a hour after dinner Is this to low. Niki, those numbers sound OK.

Low side of normal, but still within normal range. Hi i am trying to maintain my sugar level, i am looking after my diet and i havenot started excercising yet, its showing 7. My doctor told me that, i should start medication. Is that possible for me to not using medicine but using some plant medicines and doing regular excercises to maintain sugar level to normal, thanks. You need to do something.

You could start medications from your doctor. You could also explore plant medicines such as bitter melon, cinnamon, okra, chia seeds, vinegar, or many others you can find on our site or other places on the web. You might want to sharply reduce your intake of starches and sugars and start exercising.

You can reverse Type 2 diabetes, but you have to take it seriously. My a1c went from 13 and my blood sugar was in Feb Needles to say I was hospitalized. A friend told me to get some fresh green beans.

Wash them well, cut the ends off and eat 5 at a time. When I went back for another blood test in August my A1C was 6. I stopped eating candy and I stopped drinking soft drinks. My fasting blood sugar in the mornings is usually between — , after eating its around My doctor on the other hand believes that you can reverse diabetes with proper diet.

He introduced me ti http: I am on a low carb high fat diet. It explains what foods are high in sugar and starch and recommends proper food to eat. You are basically on a ketosis diet. I have lost 18 lbs my glucose is at 5 and I feel great! Try it , works for me and you are never hungry. My fasting blood sugar has been at in the morning. I am exhausted and sleep all the time. I have a metallic taste in my mouth this started about 4 days ago and my mouth is so dry all the the time.

Diabetes runs in my family and my dad just got diagnosed with it. Should i make a appt to go see my pcp? Now is the time to take control of this. Move more, eat less starches and sugars, consider starting plant medicines such as bitter melon. You can ask your doctor for more specific advice. Plz reply me am stressed by this. Hi Tazmeen, Your fasting sugars are normal, so I doubt you have diabetes.

It sounds like your body is over-reacting to all that sugar. You would need to check with a doctor, but probably if you stop eating so much sugar, your problem might be solved. Plz help me out. Your FBS are ok and in normal range for a person without diabetes.

If you see Sugar increases the BG very fast, because it has a high GI. On the other hand, i believe that the 3. You feel tired, trembleness and sleepy because you are having a hypoglycemia. This is caused by a very low BG.

When you eat something, you raise your BG, so you feel ok again. Hypoglycemia can be deadly. Do not just accept this situation. Thank you sir am checking my FBS today was 4. Leddy, a sugar of Get help with this. You must speak with your endo and really be up to speed on this type of diet before doing it.

Some combine it with intermittent fasting. GJB, a fasting sugar of is considered diabetes. I was two years ago, fasting, prediebetic. Hoping it comes down. You need to see a doctor and get an A1C test which measures average blood sugar over a few weeks. No matter what, you need to start living as if you have diabetes. If you drink soda pop, please stop. If you are overweight, you need to lose enough that you get your BMI below Actually, the lower the better when it comes to your sugar number.

Ask the doctor to send you to diabetes training. Become friends with some people who have had diabetes for about 12 years. They will be able to help you understand what you need to do and why you need to take this very seriously. The way you take care of yourself can make a huge difference. My mom, my dad, and my brother had diabetes. My brother died from heart disease after having diabetes for only 7 years.

Will this be manageable with a diet change or will I need insulin? Will my baby also be diabetic or anemic? I hope your doctor has set you up with an education program about checking your sugars, exercising, and diet. You may or may not need insulin. Hey, was just wondering where you got the normal blood sugar ranges from? Every time I do a google search, it comes up with recommended blood sugar ranges for people with diabetes, and I struggle to find what they are in people without the condition.

That would be 3. One hour after meals, glucose should not be above in a person without diabetes or prediabetes. Go and check yourself — that could be prediabetes. I was diagnosed with that so had to change my diet and cut off on carbs bread and rice and eat much less than used to.

Once done it in a few days time my sugar level was between all the time. You seem a little on the young side for perimenopause. Have your thyroid levels and vit D level checked due to your sweating issues. Jessica, it depends what you ate, but two hours after eating would be classed as prediabetes if it keeps happening. You might want to get an A1C test or see a doctor.

Move more and limit starches and sugars. I wrote about this a few weeks ago in this blog entry. David what happens if someone goes from carbs per day down to , the next day? How do they adjust their injections? My son is diabetic and very over weight and struggling. Trixi, if he drops his carbs that much, he will need to lower his insulin to prevent lows. It would be best to work with an diabetes educator or doctor, but there are websites like lowcarbdiabetes.

I had 5 seizures last weekend — started about 12pm, had toast and coffee at 8am, but no lunch. My blood sugar levels were 2. You need to change something about your medications and work with a doctor to keep this from happening again.

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