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I have had that for about a month now but just took the shingles vaccine 2 days ago. There are a number of potential disruptions to global food supply that could cause widespread malnutrition. As the focus of care shifts from cancer-modifying therapy to hospice or end-of-life care, nutrition goals may become less aggressive, with a shift in emphasis toward comfort. The pain, swelling edema and burning has continued. If vomiting occurs, fluids can be paused for 5—10 minutes and then restarting more slowly. Yet since getting the vaccine I am plagued with weird skin sensations.

Basic Principles of Nutrition in Patients With Cancer

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December 5, 6: December 12, 6: January 9, 6: January 10, 6: January 16, 6: January 17, 6: February 13, 6: Eutrophication poses a problem not only to ecosystems , but to humans as well. Reducing eutrophication should be a key concern when considering future policy, and a sustainable solution for everyone, including farmers and ranchers, seems feasible. While eutrophication does pose problems, humans should be aware that natural runoff which causes algal blooms in the wild is common in ecosystems and should thus not reverse nutrient concentrations beyond normal levels.

Cleanup measures have been mostly, but not completely, successful. Finnish phosphorus removal measures started in the mids and have targeted rivers and lakes polluted by industrial and municipal discharges. One proposed solution to eutrophication in estuaries is to restore shellfish populations, such as oysters and mussels. Oyster reefs remove nitrogen from the water column and filter out suspended solids, subsequently reducing the likelihood or extent of harmful algal blooms or anoxic conditions.

Nonpoint pollution is the most difficult source of nutrients to manage. The literature suggests, though, that when these sources are controlled, eutrophication decreases. The following steps are recommended to minimize the amount of pollution that can enter aquatic ecosystems from ambiguous sources. Studies show that intercepting non-point pollution between the source and the water is a successful means of prevention.

Creating buffer zones near farms and roads is another possible way to prevent nutrients from traveling too far. Still, studies have shown [47] that the effects of atmospheric nitrogen pollution can reach far past the buffer zone. This suggests that the most effective means of prevention is from the primary source.

Laws regulating the discharge and treatment of sewage have led to dramatic nutrient reductions to surrounding ecosystems, [20] but it is generally agreed that a policy regulating agricultural use of fertilizer and animal waste must be imposed. In Japan the amount of nitrogen produced by livestock is adequate to serve the fertilizer needs for the agriculture industry. Policy concerning the prevention and reduction of eutrophication can be broken down into four sectors: Technologies, public participation, economic instruments, and cooperation.

As mentioned before, nonpoint sources of pollution are the primary contributors to eutrophication, and their effects can be easily minimized through common agricultural practices. Reducing the amount of pollutants that reach a watershed can be achieved through the protection of its forest cover, reducing the amount of erosion leeching into a watershed.

Also, through the efficient, controlled use of land using sustainable agricultural practices to minimize land degradation, the amount of soil runoff and nitrogen-based fertilizers reaching a watershed can be reduced. Because a major contributor to the nonpoint source nutrient loading of water bodies is untreated domestic sewage, it is necessary to provide treatment facilities to highly urbanized areas, particularly those in underdeveloped nations, in which treatment of domestic waste water is a scarcity.

The role of the public is a major factor for the effective prevention of eutrophication. In order for a policy to have any effect, the public must be aware of their contribution to the problem, and ways in which they can reduce their effects. Programs instituted to promote participation in the recycling and elimination of wastes, as well as education on the issue of rational water use are necessary to protect water quality within urbanized areas and adjacent water bodies.

Economic instruments, "which include, among others, property rights, water markets, fiscal and financial instruments, charge systems and liability systems, are gradually becoming a substantive component of the management tool set used for pollution control and water allocation decisions. By internalizing the costs associated with the negative effects on the environment, governments are able to encourage a cleaner water management. Because a body of water can have an effect on a range of people reaching far beyond that of the watershed, cooperation between different organizations is necessary to prevent the intrusion of contaminants that can lead to eutrophication.

Agencies ranging from state governments to those of water resource management and non-governmental organizations, going as low as the local population, are responsible for preventing eutrophication of water bodies.

In the United States, the most well known inter-state effort to prevent eutrophication is the Chesapeake Bay. Soil Nitrogen Testing N-Testing is a technique that helps farmers optimize the amount of fertilizer applied to crops.

By testing fields with this method, farmers saw a decrease in fertilizer application costs, a decrease in nitrogen lost to surrounding sources, or both.

There has been a study that found that organically fertilized fields "significantly reduce harmful nitrate leaching" over conventionally fertilized fields. Dredging helps in reduction of soil contamination that was caused by sewage sludge like fecal sludge , wilted plants, or chemical spill. Bokashi is a modern method of eutrophication prevention to decrease smell and toxic materials.

After a few weeks, they would bury the waste. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Causes, Consequences, and Controls in Aquatic Ecosystems". Retrieved 10 March Nasir and Mohammad, F. Department of Botany, Aligarh Muslim University. Skulberg Chapter 1. Toxic Cyanobacteria in Water: A guide to their public health consequences, monitoring and management. Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science , Vol. Impacts of excess nutrient inputs on freshwater, marine, and terrestrial ecosystems". Environmental pollution Barking, Essex: Eutrophication, Causes, Consequences, Correctives.

National Academy of Sciences, Washington D. A view from space". South African Journal of Science. A review of realities and challenges". Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa. Sitting on the Horns of a Dilemma: Water as a Strategic Resource in South Africa. In Liberty, No 6, Issue South African Institute of Race Relations. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society.

Humans as components of ecosystems. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. United States Department of Agriculture. Most people are living in a conditioned reality and they have dropped that survival instinct and replaced it with the television. Now, I notice that the local community newspaper has an article where the shingles vaccine is being promoted, and I heard a terrible story about that, so I looked it up.

Here is a critical article Update: Link missing, not even on WayBackMachine: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has the reports of vaccine reactions here , and you can also report events at this site.

To access the following file, go to https: On the next page, you need to enter the code that is displayed in order to see the data page. The patient had not been feeling well since receiving the vaccine. The patient called the physician on DEC and was suggested to go to the emergency department. At the time of the report, the patient had not recovered.

Follow-up information has been received from an 84 year old female consumer with high blood pressure and allergic reaction to valium and a history of shingles who on DEC was vaccinated with a dose of ZOSTAVAX Merck. Concomitant therapy included blood pressure medication unspecified and antidepressant unspecified. She stated her rectum and urinary tract felt like they were on fire. She was in a lot of agony and pain and she feels like gagging and is vomiting all the time.

She went to the Emergency Room to check for possible stroke. Unspecified laboratory diagnostic studies were performed to check if the patient had a stroke. The result showed that the patient did not have a stroke. The patient was hospitalized dates not specified. She reported she has been in pain ever since. The patient could not sleep or eat. On DEC the patient had a torn cartilage. Her physician would not operate because of her age. She was unable to talk any further because of vomiting.

Additional information has b. If you appreciate this post, please donate a small amount to encourage more research and commentary. I am a diabetic. Wondering if any one else has had this after the Shingle vacine? Could it be due to that? If you open this link , you can see the full report and search for different words. There are many reports in that file mentioning Zostavax.

Click on this link, press the right mouse button, try saving it to your pc, and open the file with MS Excel or even MS Notepad. The link is https: Yes, adverse reaction to shingles vaccine. No one will acknowledge that this could possible be an adverse reaction to the vaccine! I would not assume the itching crawling sensation is from the Shingles vaccine. I have had that for about a month now but just took the shingles vaccine 2 days ago.

There are several things that could cause this sensation of something crawling on the skin and an itch without a rash that seems to move around the body.

Too much histamine in the body can do that also. If you have any kind of indoor outdoor allergies and are consuming foods that are high in histamine and several foods are this can cause that. I just found this out and have begun limiting as many of these foods as possible from my diet. So far the only reaction I have had to the shot is a normal one of some redness around the injection sight with some soreness where the shot was given. That shot should always be given in the back of the upper arm just under the skin at a slant.

Not on top of the arm into the muscle. At different times I will get extreme itching on my scalp, like bugs crawling and biting, burning.. My health has declined since the Zostavax..

I knew better than to get any shots.. However a persistence nurse was telling me I should protect myself and her grandmother had the shot.. A moment of weakness.. Hope you feel better.. I had Shingles vaccine March within days my head and back of neck started itching and now to different places on my torso. Could it be from vaccine I have an appt January to see an Alllergist. I had a shingles vaccine in May of and I now have a constant burning across my upper back. The only thing that will give me any relief is gabapentin or neurontin.

If I walk out in the sun it causes it to start burning immediately. They say I have nerve damage. Obviously there are side effects we are not being told about…. I had shingles vaccine. Broke out in sores on leg and arms in about a week. Then this tingling feeling started. Felt like pins sticking throughout my body. Has been 5 months and some of the sores left scars I am having horrible feeling that wool is scratching me.

I do not know if vaccine caused this but timing was interesting! Will you open up your eyes and ears and stop believing the perpetrators who are damaging our children for profit first. How anyone can continue to believe vaccines are pristine and safe is beyond belief.

Your opinion is not science or proof. The vaccine court acknowledges vaccine damage. Check this site http: I am going for a 5 weeks vacation in Asia, Philippines and Thailand and in some point to go to resorts in this places. My travel doctor recommended a series of vaccines, among these includes E-Coli vaccines, Pneumovax for pneumonia, Typhoid vaccines, Dukoral tablets for Malaria and finally Zostavax vaccines for shingles.

All other vaccines were good, I got no reaction with it, I resume work just as fine. Two months after i decided to go ahead with the zostavax vaccine as was recommended by the travel doctor. Received the shot and went home.

I have delayed allergic reaction of roughly 3 days before all my symptoms surface, most prominent was the body itch, all over entire body and my head, It woke me up at night for severe itch and notice bumps on my scalp and reddened hives of various sizes all over my body,face, arms and legs. I feel bloated and my face turn puffy, The itch discomfort drove me nuts and so i booked an emergency check up with my travel doctor, He then stated it is very rare to have this reaction and recommended a Costicosteriod shot to counter attack the allergy reaction.

I choose the option of just taking a mild anti- histamine which is the gravol, slow but helps to control the allergy and less toxic just to be in a safer side. The hives stay on for almost a week and left a dark spot. I hope they disappear or cleared before my actual vacation time. I just worried about the permanent skin scarring from the hives. Most prominent discomfort that i noticed since is the shooting headache that wokes you up in the morning.

It occurs more now than usual and still going at the present time. My advised to other people before taking Zostavax vaccines is that, Think about it again and again and get a second opinion from other friends before making a decision. My experience scared me, It could have been worst.

I had shingle shot…. It will take three months to one year to get over it. It has been two months already and I still have severe pain and swelling.

My percocets do not touch the pain. I suggest not to have this shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I had had shingles and never wanted them again but this is almost worse.

I noticed a severe pain each time I tried to put my jacket on. I thought it was just from cleaning the shower. Realized I use my right hand to wipe the showers down. Thought back as to when the pain began.

In November after getting the shingles shot!!!! I would not recommend getting this shot. Are there any attorneys preparing for a class legal action, yet?? My Mom almost died from the shingles vaccine. It has been a hell of a year. Although nobody really can say if it was the shingles that turned a healthy woman who had a blood disorder into a chaotic disaster.

Platelets fell and she had a severe stroke. They just went ahead and gave it to her. It was the nurse practitioner not the Dr. She kept thinking she needed it because you are bombarded with itvon television. We almost lost our Mom. She made a recovery miraculously but still suffering. It is a live vaccine and people with low immune systems should not take this drug. She had a low immune system due to a blood disorder. I was told by my doctor that I needed the singles vaccine, so I got one at my local pharmacy.

Sure enough, about 2 wks. At first, I thought they were mosquito bites. After examining them more closely, I realized they must be from the singles vaccine. Called the pharmicist and he said he never heard of my symptoms.

Now, I am very nervous and not sure what to do. I am responding to your msg about having a rash on your arms after getting the shingles shot. I went back to the pharmacy and told him that I thought I was having a reaction to the vaccine and was told since it was not at the injection site, and no one else has reported this type of reaction , it was just probably allergy and that I should take Benadryl.

These reactions need to be somehow documented. I got the shingles vacine over a week ago. I have been sick every since. I had a lost of appatite for 6 days. I have this itch that is sometime unbearble on the back of my arm.

I have tried everything and the itch keeps coming back. The pharmacist claims that he has never herad of anyone haveing a reaction from the vacine, I regrete that I got it. I feel better now but this itch keeps me awake at night, I just wish that I coud get rid of the itch. The doctor in the emergency clinic, thought it was caused by a dirty needle, or not swabbing the area innoculated first,, but this was done………..

I was given some medicine to take for a week, I start it tonight,, sure hope this will clear up soon, its painful and itchy,, I was NOT warned of these set backs,, only that there might be some swelling,,,,,,. I had the shingles shot last week due to my daughter getting shingles and a young girl who I was in contact with through work. After about three days I felt nauseous, and within hours broke out with itchy, red bumps on my neck, face, arms, upper chest, and upper back.

The next day I was exhausted, and slept most of the day. It has been 6 days, and although they are getting better, they are still there, and the site where the shot was given is a round black bruise with a white bump in the middle. I will call the pharmacist tomorrow to check on similar reactions she may have noted. My mother 91 years old with diabetes and high blood pressure had the shingles vaccine in february She read the info she received with the vaccine and it said a rash could be a side effect.

She did not tell anyone and the rash got worse. The rash was on her trunk and no one noticed until she went to the cardiologist for a routine visit. At that time my sister was shocked to see she had blisters all over her body. After several drs genl practicioner and dermatologists could not diagnose it, she was sent to a specialist who diagnosed bullous pemphigoid. This is a blistering disease. My mother was hospitalized and is on mega cortisone plus anti rejection drugs. This has debilitated her greatly.

She can no longer live at home due to the effects of the meds she is on. She is now in a nursing home. My 69 year husband has been suffering from a rash for 18 mos.

It started as a few on the arms and legs. No bed bugs and rash continued up and down all arms and legs and across his shoulders and a few on his face, abdomen and sides. We asked for a 2nd opinion from another dermatologist who did a biopsy at several sites. The diagnosis came back Bullous Pemphigoid BP — as in your case!! Is has now been 18 months. He has been prescribed many different topical cortesteriod creams and while oral cortisone based meds have been tested at Harvard and elsewhere, the side effects are pretty risky.

While it may be a coincidence, I have decided that I would rather deal with the Shingles which most people get over in a month or so, than deal with BP or what my husband has been going through for 18 months and counting. There are a lot of people concerned about this and finding this info here.

Your experiences are very serious and troubling, but sharing them is probably helping others. It was warm to the touch and somewhat itchy. I took benedryl capsule for two nights at bed time which the pharmacist had recommended to reduce those very common reactions.

Within a week all symptoms from the vaccine had disappeared. Maybe living with someone dealing with very similar and also mild reactions made it easier to deal with. Getting this vaccine seemed like a no-brainer to me. We have several relatives and friends who have had shingles.

Their experiences were all nightmares, lasting for a few weeks to several months. We chose the vaccine as a potentially good alternative. Why would anyone complain about no reactions? What about the rest of us? You fault us for looking for some place to voice our concerns? I am 76 yrs old…the area at the injection site is swollen.. I had no idea that this could happen….

Here is more info from by Dr. Mercola on the shingles vaccine: Here is another article with some info on shingles and possible alternative treatments: This page has warnings in it: The Wikipedia page has more links at the bottom to this info: Someone mentioned this disorder in case the info is related or helpful for some: My mother is 94 she has had shingles out breaks for as long as I can remember but they have decreased in severity through the years.

It seemed like the thing to do so she got the vaccination on Oct. No one wants to tackle this problem, I explained this to my mom to that she needed to be as calm as possible because it would only make it worse and gave her a antihistamine, to take 2- 3 times a day, this is a night mare for her at her age who has a pacemaker, and takes probable less meds than most her age.

I hope some one comes up with a solution to counteract or lessen the effect of this vaccine, I am not sure if I will get it now! Last August my Husband had the Zostavax shot and had a server reaction to it. Within a week he started having a hard time swallowing eventually unable to swallow anything not even his salvia. He had to have a feed tube in his stomach. We were sent home without any answers. For four months I feed him through this tube. I meet with a Holistic Healer who believes all this came from the shot.

She treated us for months giving us hope and comfort and thank god as of December his swallowing has returned. He is still very itchy all over his body and has some never damage to his eye..

My question is there anyone out there who has experienced something simular. Against the advice of my alternative health professional, I decided to get the shingles shot.

A week later, I broke out with the shingles rash and it has spread all over my body. It started in the scalp, with almost intolerable itching, then spread down my legs and after that to shoulder blades and then lower back. It has been a nightmare. It is hard to get any sleep. I have tried every regular doctor AMA remedy, plus any topical solution I could find on the net. DO NOT, under any circumstances, get the shingles shot!!!!! It takes up residence in your spine, and stays there for life.

You can red about it on their website. You can find this online. It is a little box with two electrodes and you place one on each side of the lower spine. I slept with mine, for hours! The horrible body rash is beginning to disappear. It will NOT hurt you to try it. Hope this helps for some people! I have used just about any known thing for this terrible positioning Shingles shot.. I will gladly send for this box..

Went for my 50yr exam, Dr recommended getting the Shingles vaccine. I have always stayed current with my vaccines, so I agreed with the Dr. I am a very healthy person I run 15 miles a week and also bike. When I was given the vaccine within a hr of it I had arm pain and felt ill.

Hours later had a fever, headache, stomach upset. The next day developed cellulitis at injection site that spread to entire triceps area. Was put on antibiotics. Dr could not deny this was a reaction. During the next two months had muscle pain where I could barely get up and walk, then it spread to just my spine.

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