7 Ways To Upcycle Styrofoam Coolers

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Sounds like either a local program or a manufacturer take-back program. Image courtesy of mynjgarden. The fact remains that there are some readers who either received one of these boxes as a gift or who actually made the eco-faux pas of purchasing one themselves. One option is reuse. Be open minded and follow the facts where they lead. You can create a faux stone look , cover it in fabric , or paint it.

Recycling information for all

All materials have some impact on the environment, unless they are made out of nothing. The question then becomes, is the impact offset by the utility or service of the material? Littering is one option, just throw it out the window. That's not advisable, but it is one action a person can take and sadly some do.

There are much better solutions though and far better Good Ideas. We produce a lot of insulated shipping containers like the one in this picture, in addition to many other molded foam products and packaging. If you were designing a new material from scratch and wanted it to be "green" environmentally friendly would making it out of almost all air be a good place to start? To read more about that, click here. Ok, so that is all good news and a great place to begin, but, what to do with this container after it's done it's job?

Recycling is one option and you can get assistance with that below, but there are other solutions too. Keep reading to learn more and if you don't find what you need please feel free to contact us via this email link. Material Supply Chain definition - in the past: Material Supply Chain definition - Click here for our internal drop off locations. Follow this link for many more A - This has been attempted in several municipalities.

The return rates were so low that the programs were not economically viable and consumed more natural resources than they saved. Q — Do you know why the rates were so low?

A — If you think about it, foam packaging normally only comes into your home occasionally; when you buy something new like a television, computer or appliance, sometimes also with speciality frozen foods. Many paper, glass and metal products are entering your household every single day, largely packaging day-to-day food and beverages items.

So there is a lot less foam packaging to begin with and not everyone recycles. For both small and large businesses receiving foam packaging on a more regular basis we can and have set up specific recycling programs.

If your needs fall into this category, please let us know reusepshelp foamfabricatorsinc. Q — So, is much polystyrene recycled? Just follow this link for an update and more detail One option is reuse. Many civic and community based organizations would love to have a free cooler. Think about food banks, Good Will, animal shelters and fire depts.

These are just to name a few we have had very good luck with, re-purposing molded EPS coolers. This is an easy, local and low cost option. As you keep reading, there are more Do you want help setting up a polystyrene recycling program? For more general information on global recycling resources And here for food service plates, forks, etc Q — Why do I have to pay for shipping?

Having said that, recycling, while positive in many ways, does cost time and money. However, have you ever noticed those little white particles in potting soil? I'm not an environmentalist nut, but I try to recycle to the best of my ability. When I got the big cooler with the 3 month supply I just put it in the lobby of my apartment with a sign that said "free cooler" but now I'm getting tiny ones monthly. I want to recycle, but can you recycle Styrofoam? Can I just toss them in recycling bins?

Is there a program that will pick them up? Is your profile location accurate? The polystyrene industry has a recycling locator if you need a drop off location although most of their locations appear to only accept packing peanuts. Can you leave the cooler you get in February out to be picked up when the March cooler is delivered? In other words, would the sender recycle them? I have the same issue.

I've had some luck with Freecycle. People will take them off your hands and use them to ship food as gifts and things like that. They actually like it if you include the icepacks, too. I wish I was closer, I would love a few!

For camping with the Scouts, day trips to the beach, homebrewing beer, and more. I'd see if anyone would want them first.

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