Lean Cuisine’s New Vegan Entrees Are Simple, Yet Satisfying

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Lean Cuisine Just Added Vegan Entrées, and They Look Delicious
HP Printer not connecting to my laptop. Both were fairly satisfying to the palate of an editor who loves butter, eggs, and cheese, and would otherwise turn away from any product labeled "vegan. And sadly, that was the case with this meal. Everything is guacamole and nothing hurts. I was so happy to find them in Wal Mart.

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Lean Cuisine Debuts Its First Vegan Frozen Meals

The herbivorous offerings even include two vegan options — a first for the Nestlé subsidiary. Seven existing frozen meals from the Lean Cuisine line were rebranded with new Origins packaging. Both were fairly satisfying to the palate of an editor who loves butter, eggs, and cheese, and would otherwise turn away from any product labeled "vegan.

The pesto pasta was fine; the lentil penne is light and was slathered in a liberal amount of pesto. The accompanying vegetables — roasted red peppers, yellow carrots, chopped tomatoes, and spinach — supplied sufficient flavor. There's nothing fancy here. Both frozen dinners consist mostly of vegetables, so neither taste nor texture is compromised by forced substitutions. Each would likely satisfy dedicated vegans and those who want a break from from goopy noodles and overly sauced fare.

Everything is guacamole and nothing hurts. Now you can cook just like your fav. If anyone knows where in Central Florida I can get these.. I've made it before for the office over here at Imperial Expressions.

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Thanks a ton guys. For our wedding we have hired one of the best caterers. We have hired a talented planner for the arrangements and he recommended amazing services, caterer as well as one of the prettiest Los Angeles wedding venues. He helped to get additional discounts too on the services. Gardein - my absolute favorite meat substitute - is now available in select Lean Cuisine entrees.

As soon as I saw a random tweet about this new product line, I ran to my local grocery store. One that doesn't sell Gardein, but does sell every kind of Lean Cuisine known to man.

Feeling lazy and needing something to blog about ahem , I decided to have the Red Pepper Fettuccini entree for dinner. I'm picky about my frozen entrees I'm pretty sure I've tried all of the vegetarian and vegan ones on the market - everything from Amy's to Candle Cafe and everything in between , and to be honest, I had lowered expectations for this one.

I find that Lean Cuisine zucchini tends to get mush-tastic in the microwave. And sadly, that was the case with this meal. Great flavor - the Gardein was a nice touch - more like an afterthought than the center of the meal - but the veggies were a little mushy.

But in a pinch, this would be a great quick meal with a decent amount of protein and veggies. I plan on trying the remaining Veggie Cuisine entrees this week Have you tried them yet? Or more importantly, do you love Gardein as much as I do? Posted by Roxanne O'Brien-Troke at 7: Anonymous January 4, at 6: Anonymous January 13, at 2: Anonymous January 17, at 2: Dena Yard February 8, at 9: Dena Yard February 9, at Anonymous February 12, at 3: LaLa February 14, at Anonymous February 14, at Anonymous April 5, at 3: Erica White May 1, at 9: Anonymous May 3, at 1: Anonymous May 9, at 1: Anonymous August 10, at Anonymous August 20, at

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