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The Fortune 100 and their Fitness and Wellness Programs
How to enroll in Obamacare. After that she take of my legs from her neck, remove my shoes and socks and then lift me naked and took me to bathroom. The mortgages were always expected to have high default rates. Student health plan offers coverage of spouse or dependents, and neither spouse has an employer-sponsored health plan: HSA contributions are deductible on your taxes.

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Johnson, who failed to win over shoppers andinvestors, was ousted in April. Today, alas, Britannia rules no waves. World order is maintained by American power and will. Take that away and you don?????? This type of action and customer service is unacceptable! Like maybe charging less for the premiums and paying more for services provided!! Give us a break.. I received a tetanus vaccination from my doctor. Recently I received shot …now Humana sends me a denial of payment. Does that make sense?

I rank this denial of preventive service up with denying a mammogram! I have lymphadema in my right leg and was prescribed a pump to help get the fluid out of my leg.

They stand to loose slit more than the amount the pump cost because I am also the business owner that purchased the insurance package. I also will talk to a lawyer. I would gladly include a picture of my leg of that would help. I now am convinced that Humana is way to big to even keep track of itself. As noted in other reviews I am saddened at the level of non respect given to the membership. Those ads playing over the phone, while on hold, can really get your blood boiling and if anyone at Humana cares…play those taped calls from patients right next to those ads and…well, you get the drift.

I was calling Corporate with the hopes of finding someone who cares and again those other reviews stopped that. There are major issues down in Orange County FL where the Durable Medical Supplier for CPAP is not capable of taking care of their requests, many are without any idea of what is going on and when speaking with customer service, the issue continues to grow.

As for those Customer Service Reps and Humana,s training of said Reps, way too many times explaining over and over the issue…no effective record keeping of said calls,,and still left in the dark with no solution!

In fact I am sitting here typing to no avail………. Humana gold plus plan problems I have are that then dental plan is not very good. Only 1 vision provider with satalite offices and over priced.

Next all the primary doctors and dentist listed as doctors for Humana gold plus plan are not in the plan. They are in other Humana plans, this is misleading to the people interested in Humana gold plus plan. I just wish they were more honest. I filed 3 claims with Humana. I was told they went to our old address and we had not been there for over 15 years.

All promising I should receive a check within 7 to 10 business days. I told her I wanted to speak with a supervisor she put Jordan ref on the phone and he stated I should have the checks in 5 business days. Take your receipts and sue in small claims court do not forget to ask the judge for pain and suffering for thousands.

I was unfortunate enough to select Humana as my medicare advantage co insurer. I say this because recently I was scheduled for a heart catherization. Luckily the hospital callrd to let me kno that they were now out of network, that at a minimum my co-pay would be approximately seven times more than if I was ar an in network hospital.

I live in a populous county in Michigan with three major hospitals. Humana suggesteg my cardiologist use one of the hospitals. First my cardiologist does not have priveleges at those hospitals. More importantly neither of the other two hospitals are in network either. I called Humana back went over all of this and was told to go to another city where another in network hospital is and find a new cardiologist to do the work.

I should tell you that I have been with my present cardio doc for six years. It was then that I was told to have my docs office call and talk to the humana people. My doctors office did that and more or less was told too bad send your patient to the other city and to another doctor or let him pay whatever the costs are.

I had open heart surgery five years ago, luckily humana was not my insurance company at that time. I will be dropping this joke for an insurance company come the change period for medicare holders. Please make sure you complain also to Medicare call and ask for a complaint to be filed under medicares assingment of benefit. Under the assignment if you cardiologist excepts Medicare assignment they CANNOT exclude your doctor Medicare sets the rate for dr payments for Medicare not an hmo or any other Medicare contract provider.

Lets get them off of their Medicare contract. Recently I had to have a mammogram for severe pain in my right breast, under my arm pit and down my arm.

After the mammogram they did a ultrasound on both breast and under both armpits. The radiologist came in while I was still on the ultrasound table and asked me if I had any history of Lymphoma in my family.

I said yes, and was told to see a specialist. My primary care doctor received the report asap and ordered blood work asap. The next day we left for vacation in Ventura, CA.

My doctor from GA where I am from called me right away and said for me to find a good surgeon in CA and have a biopsy done on my lymph nodes under my arm pits which are profoundly swollen. Speaking with benefits specialists on the phone; I told them I needed a good surgeon in Ventura, CA to have a biopsy done on my lymph nodes.

They wanted to send me to a ENT doctor, a plastic surgeon, an oncologist, and a hematologist …. They might as well send me to a Veterinarian!!!!!! They might be able to do the job better than the other suggested doctors. Are you kidding me???????? Now, I have had to find a general surgeon on my own to do this biopsy to rule out Lymphoma! And I spoke with 6 different reps from Humana and even called Home Office to no avail. They have uneducated and un-informed employees working for them.

My husband and I will be switching back to Kaiser Permanente when we can. At least they were efficient and did their job well! As seniors we really appreciate the scam that was pulled over our eyes!! I hope the big wigs at Humana can sleep well at night.

That if they took over, that the communist government would take all our companies monies and run them under government control robbing us of our Freedom.

I mean gas has gone down, more people are back to work again, taxes have slowed down — where does Humana get an excuse to increase my monthly payments more than 15 times the rise in the cost of living?

Take your recipts and any documents showing your payments and what you paid in the past. The legal term is medical billing Fraud. For 50 bucks add all that you overpaid and ask in the filling for small claims court for thousands for pain and suffering. Humana says he has coverage, however, the Logistic Care vendor who provides the services says he is not eligible because he is not on Medicaid.

They just tell me to file a complaint. Very unhappy with the whole situation. Good keep all recipts and for a filing fee sue them in small claims court do not forget to ask the judge for thousands for pain and suffering. Could not get meds. Called Right Source to correct and was sent to Humana to correct Humana received an invalid address message and could not correct. US Postal forwarded the meds. Called and recalled to correct address issue but no help. I suspect that the computer was trying to tell customer service that the address was out of area.

Customer service never mentioned we needed another contract. When we got the contract it stated that if we wanted to retain Humana nothing was needed. We got zero help from Customer Service. The short with them is we have to file a written appeal even though they were wrong. After all of this I find out Right Source Humana did not change my address and sent my meds. Also on a closing note I processed online request for two additional meds.

Humana still under contract and was told nothing was in the order queue even though I knew the expedited shipping charge. I never expedited before. Having owned companies in the paste, if I ever treated my clients this way my company would have gone out of business. I hate doing this. They boast about being in the health care business for 50 years but are obviously nothing but bean counting profiteers. Those buffoons are trained to simply put you back at the beginning of the wait line.

On June 23rd, my Humana PCP referred me to an out-of-network cardiologist due to heart irregularities discovered during my physical. That referral was to a cardiologist in the same building and I went there the same morning.

Humana denied the claim because the referral was out of network. I now understand Humana is not liable for this claim but do fault the PCP and cardiologist both of which belong to the same clinic for in-house not in-network referrals. Miller and asked her if she would provide me the in-network pricing for the services I received so that I could pay the cardiologist at that level, not the un-negotiated prices they are attempting to charge. She agreed and I sent her the service codes to look up in-network rates.

Since that time I have not heard from Sarah. She has not responded to any of the voice messages or emails I sent her. He instant messaged Sarah and found out she was in the office. I want to pay the cardiologist for services rendered but not at triple the price it should have been. I am not asking Humana to pay this claim but to simply provide me with the information they committed to providing.

I am writing you in hopes that your office has a higher commitment to customer service than what I have experienced so far. I have had Humana PPO since , having enrolled in the program via the internet. I did what he suggested. I called Humana to see what could be done because I had been with my doctors for years. Please, whoever is considering changing their coverage, read all the customer comments about this company, and stay away from them. Do you want to experience the worst Obama Health Plan.

Try HMOx from Humana you be in for the ride of your life. America can invade a foreign country quicker than they can settle a claim. The Corporate officers afraid to even take a call. Catherine at the switchboard for the corporate officers was one of the worst customer service people I spoke with.

I have been told every story you can imagine and have spent over six hours on the phone, customer service supervisors are argumentative and difficult. Customer service has one story and supervisors have a another. Who telling the truth! Bruce Broussard the President could turn this into a great company, that was efficient and a lot more profitable, if he could learn to listen to his Clients.

MY policy was changed to a POS on for them to start and cancel it all on the same day. I totally and disgusted. Kay, do you have the complete phone number for Bruce D. I am receiving ZERO follow through and multiple road blocks to getting a perscription filled. Now they have a new road block. Thanks for the info. I was attempting to try the contact the CEO rout but guess I should have known, these people are crooks and are not about to respond to you.

I hate that I am paying so much every month and receiving such awful service I keep receiving a letter saying I am past due on my payments. Totally ambiguous as to why or what. I tell them that when I signed up with the assistance of Erica Holleran X I informed her that I am a disabled veteran and have been covered through the VA for a long time. A red flag goes up when you are not able to reach the ceo of Humana or even his assistant.

Phooey on trying to communicate with another Humana incompetent. I am writing a long, snail mail to the CEO tonight. My mother is writing this because I died in July Humana sends marketing materials several time a week to her address even though she has asked many times that they remove my name from the mailing list.

I never was a subscriber and I was only 38 when I deceased, but they even send adverts to me for Medicare which is ridiculous, too. Humana, sold me a policy and after 7 months I received a letter stating the insurance was not available i my area. Yet they took my payment each month.

I transferred to another plan they have which was to go into effect Sept 1st, however, when I checked back to confirm I was told they started and terminated my insurance on the same day.. I am writing the President and CEO, but based on what I am reading it is and will be a waste of time and energy.

Saint Francis is an In Network provider approved by your company. I was informed by the Saint Francis Health Center this was a mistake and to call and inform them of this error. When I called the number given to me, also said this was a mistake. This is the claim where my Emergency Service Doctor was Dr.

The information for Dr. This should be corrected. Please call the telephone number given above to verify that this is a mistake and your medical claim receipt form needs corrected to reflect this as an IN Network provider. The following medical claims need to be corrected. I have contacted Humana Customer Care numerous times to have the problems with these claims corrected and I am told to go to the provider.

I noticed today that the new Claim Receipt form does not have the B for Medicare Part B after the service code for the claim dates of March 9, , July 22, , Dec 19, This is the mistake. Also, this claim does not have the B for Medicare Part B in the service code column which the old Claim Receipt form had.

The reason codes need to be used for each service or supply provided. Also, the medical claim does not have the B for Medicare Part B in the service code column which the old Claim Receipt form had. I have listed below the medical claim that needs to be corrected for the date of Oct 10, , Service Date 10 10 Dr Mamidipally.

I had met my out of pocket as of May 8, as shown by the medical claims I have listed below for the service dates of April 26, , June 27, and Sept 6, There is another medical claim for July 8, I believe, which I cannot locate.

I have listed below the medical claims that need to be corrected for the dates of Oct 8, , Nov 8, and Dec 8, I had met my out of pocket as of May 8, as shown by the medical claims I have listed below for the dates of May 8, , June 8, , July 8, , Aug 8, and Sept 8, I have been trying to resolve my out of pocket expenses now for over 9 months.

I have talked to over 50 people at Humana and still have this problem with my out of pocket expenses. Having met the out of pocket expenses necessary to cover all other medical services. Unknown to me, Humana decided to look at some of the claims and pulled them back taking away a large portion of my out of pocket expenses.

Because Humana had pulled back some of the claims I no longer met the out of pocket limit and I am now being billed and sued for the medical expenses for Sept, Oct Nov and December.. Some agree with me that I had met out of pocket in May. Can anyone HELP me straighten this out? I also have been given an attorney to SUE you for all that you have done with me… I paid my prems.

You organization is very good at passing a problem on to someone else. Not sure why you ask for call back numbers. I have never been called back in reference to this issue. Call your state insurance commissioner and complain… Mary.

I am requesting the name of the President so I can send a letter to the Office of the President of Humana a located at your corporate office. We have a difficult with filing appeal and need your assistance. Goldman Sachs Corporate Office. How would you rate your experience with Humana?

Thank you H Reply. The state of FL has paid them through Medicaid to provide services, but they have not done so, although they have had no trouble accepting the money I have been in public service as a nurse and social worker for over 50 years and do not deserve this treatment. Sincerely, Penny Fisher Reply. To deprive someone of some right or something due. For 50 bucks to file sue them in small claims for her insulin and add thousands for suffering.

Good job I l learned a lot about your program put more out there. Thank for the help to learn what to do have a good day. Please straighten this mess out before I pay my rent. Out of the Medicare busines Reply. Thank you,Sean,for the phone number.

Huge help to me in resolving my issue with Humana. I do not know why I was referred by telephone to Humana, W. Main ST, KY to enroll yesterday. I do not want a Humana policy. Keep recipts and sue them in small claims and add thousands for pain and suffering Reply. THESE clowns are the epitome of incompetence!!!

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