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Watchdog: Ingram Spark vs CreateSpace for Self-publishing Print Books
Nutritionists praise the portion-control points system: Now, what is ISBN? Unfortunately I haven't been able to afford the quad yet, even this 1 sheet is the US art which isn't as much fun, still I was surprised to hear that the industry standard is so delicately thin, almost transparent. Movie version of underappreciated TV sitcom whose two actors went on to some real classic 70's TV shows. The price is a cut above the competition, too. However, depending on the page count of your books, it can still work out.

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Kevin Naff, a managing editor for Washington, D. The Blu-ray disc is encoded with 7. Bonus features on the two-disc release include two audio commentaries , a feature-length production documentary, featurettes on the earlier versions of Hairspray , dance instruction featurettes, deleted scenes including Tracy's deleted song "I Can Wait", a slightly extended ending, and an alternate version of the "Big, Blonde and Beautiful" reprise, and behind-the-scenes looks at the production of each of the film's dance numbers.

The Blu-ray release, a two-disc release, includes all of the features from the two-disc DVD, and includes a picture-in-picture behind-the-scenes feature, which runs concurrently with the film. Following is a list of awards that Hairspray or its cast have won or for which they have been nominated. The story would have looked at Tracy's entering the late s era of music and the British Invasion , [79] and used the Hippie movement and Vietnam War as backdrops.

The sequel was set for a mid-July release by Warner Bros. White Lipstick was no longer in development. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hairspray Theatrical release poster. Craig Zadan Neil Meron. United States [2] United Kingdom [2]. Kelly Fletcher as Lou Ann J. Film in the United States portal s portal Comedy portal. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved November 5, Retrieved July 5, Retrieved May 28, Retrieved August 25, Retrieved August 26, Archived from the original on November 20, Retrieved November 18, Retrieved November 19, Retrieved April 12, The New York Times.

Retrieved August 2, Retrieved July 29, Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 6". Retrieved August 20, Archived from the original on September 21, Archived from the original on September 28, Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 4". The truth behind Hairspray ". Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 8". Event occurs at 1: Retrieved July 23, By the way, for those who don't know the agents are Marc Shaiman, uh, that's [Adam Shankman] in the sunglasses, there's Ricki Lake, and Scott Wittman, the other lyricist, smoking Leslie Dixon styles Hairspray for the Big Screen.

Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 3". Shaiman's unrivaled songwriting talent is outed by Hairspray colleagues". The Film Music Society. Soundtrack to the Motion Picture [Liner notes]. Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 19". Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 2". Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 13". Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 7". Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 9". Retrieved July 25, Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 11".

Archived from the original on July 17, Retrieved June 25, Event occurs at 0: Except that opening shot of Baltimore is the only shot of Baltimore in the entire movie. That and the newspaper going down on the stoop were actually shot in Baltimore. The Baltimore film commission made a big play to try and have us come there. We asked the question 'Do you have big sound stages? When you do a movie musical you need big sound stages to build big sets, so because Baltimore did not have any big sets we shot in Toronto.

Adam Shankman's Hairspray Diary 12". Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board. Retrieved November 22, Archived from the original on February 1, Retrieved August 6, So the opening shot, basically coming down through the clouds and finding Baltimore is our homage to Robert Wise, to the director of West Side Story and The Sound of Music because both of those movies begin with shots through the clouds coming down.

And the other homage that we have in this song is, uh, our homage to Funny Girl. But otherwise folks ordering off Amazon. Also, as to the cost of file sizes with Amazon. Look into Vook for distributing books like that. They offer a wholesale model for Amazon, and it will not only bypass the downloading fees, it will pay a few percentage points more than Amazon pays, plus allow you to use free days, and be non-exclusive. I have also noticed that the CS binding does fall apart very easily for my picture books.

Any information you have on the illustrated books from Ingram would be greatly appreciated. The interior and cover must be converted to CMYK, and the allowed cover variation for both size and placement of images is 2mm, which has caused enormous problems for me as I naively centered my image and title etc.

Re-uploads cost quite a bit, and proof copies more than twice the price of the finished product. My advice, therefore, is to test run your book via Lulu since they do not charge for re-uploads their files are in RGB and do not charge extra for proof copies.

LS processes are tedious and bureaucratic, and here, help is very limited, whereas Lulu is a breeze to deal with, give lots of discounts throughout the year, and good technical support. The quality of the product is about the same, and very good, but will vary from country to country since printers are relative to location. Giacomo, your blog is so informative! Do I need to modify the original book in some way to qualify?

Great post Giacomo, thanks for a excellent article; you have made the pros and cons of CS v Ingram very clear. One is around pages and the second around Like other commenters, I have noticed that full-price orders from Amazon UK or one of the European branches are printed in Europe, but for proof or author copies at the royalty-free price, CS insist on printing in the US. This is irritating since it adds to shipping costs, and in the case of ten copies of one of my books I bought at net price recently, there were custom charges for delivery to Italy where I live plus admin charges from UPS for collecting the duty — and IVA VAT on the admin charges!

I have not, by contrast, had to pay duty elsewhere in the world — UK, HK or Thailand — and I was probably just unlucky in Italy where such charges are often levied on a whim. The books are 8. They look good but the binding is such that they will fall apart quite quickly — kids books are meant to be read and reread many times so they need to be durable and the CS versions simply are not. By contrast, print runs from a printing company in Hong Kong, printed in China, have been top quality, but of course there are all the usual problems of storage of a thousand or more books, shipping and underwriting the cost of the print run.

There is one other point about illustrated kids books which is that the file sizes are large — a page book is about 4. Are you saying to use BOTH for printing only one book, so you can have freedom to do what seems best with it as time goes by?

Or are you saying it varies from title to title, and you need to be familiar with both, to use one or the other from time to time? The way to do that is to print with CS but do not opt into their expanded distribution. And use Ingram for all else. I was only familiar with CS when I self-published a novel this past summer. Is is kosher to have the book printed two ways under two ISBN? Also, is there any point in doing an e-book with Ingram when I have it posted with Smashwords, which does the same distribution?

So, when you state to print with CS and not use expanded distribution and use Ingram for all other distribution, where does Ingram get the books?

It seems you are saying print only at CS. From what you wrote I thought I would have to print at both CS and Ingram to do the combo distribution. This is so helpful, I want to get it right. We have lots of feedback from people who state that the customs duties on books printed in the US and shipped to Canada make printing in the US a questionable practice for Canadian indie authors.

If I remember, it was going to cost me I am really struggling as a Canadian author. Is Ingram the company I should be working with? If you intend to sell print books, these two companies are the logical choices.

I have now read it. In our locality Oxford UK such indie bookstores as there are, are reluctant to get involved with indie authors. Our problem is most likely location: Oxford is stuffed full of authors, many very well known — Philip Pullman for one example, and everyone down the street may be writing a book.

Having said that, one bookstore operates on an ordering basis — they will order anything, they say. Is there a good reason for indies using either of Createspace or Ingram Spark? Gradually I have seen more and more people referring to these. But both are big organisations: Okay I admit I sell on Amazon as well as our website. Will admit have not read the post yet, but would really like to know whether it is better to use one of these, and why people do?

Keith, that is crazy. I think it has something to do with France coming down hard on Amazon for anti-competitive practices and they were forced to make some adjustments to comply. Thanks for sharing this. Shipping depends on where you ship from and to, as I mentioned in the post. Shipping internationally, Ingram should be less expensive almost everywhere. If you use both companies, you get the best of both worlds.

Just found your post. I did use LS a few years ago. Set up my own imprint to do it and of course bought my own ISBN. I thought it would be more likely to get into stores. I wanted to making it easier for people in the UK, Australia and Europe to buy my book. Based on my experience — most books were sold in the US over Amazon, and LS expenses added up, I decided to try Createspace with my latest. The quality is frankly just as good as with LS.

As for international, it looks like Amazon is somehow managing to distribute it — at least in the UK without outrageous shipping costs. Spark sounds like a lower cost version of LS for indies.

These days with indie publishing so competitive there are lots of expenses. They recommend LS for small publishers who have titles, and they suggest Spark for most independent authors with fewer titles. Both have the same quality and offer the same distribution. Such great advice on these posts. Are you saying get proof copies from each? Am I getting it finally? Wow, great post, Jim.

I shared it with another author too. I thought LS was their ebook division. Maybe I missed something. Now I understand why! Thank you for this. Thanks much for sharing it with us. I love the way you organized the information. So easy to read and understand. However the cover spec is slightly different — so your illustrator needs to prep separate files for that using the LS templates. I assume the same may be the case with Ingram Spark.

The only exception to this is if you are actively marketing to them and offering to do events. But even in this case, here in the UK, Waterstones has of late been keen to buy direct from me rather than order via the wholesalers, Gardners, who buy from Ingram and take their cut along the way. This said, I gather that Ingram is now offering Waterstones a direct ordering — so that may change back. The main thing, as you say, is to discount according to whether you really think you will be actively marketing to bookshops.

I find most of the stores in the US are extremely reluctant to deal with indies. Shelf-space is important to retailers, and I think a lot still consider PODs inferior products. Do you need two different ISBN for different covers of the same 7 x 10 book? Do you need different ISBN if one is 6.

Does it change if one cover is matte and one is gloss? What would you consider a paperback versus soft cover dimensions? Of course, for long books, CS max.

Say if you have a book that is pages at a font on your computer at 12; you have to put it into at 7 x 10 at CS with a font at 11 but can use a lower dimensions at IS with the same font.

I have never heard of Ingram. Createspace wanted to charge me more than my retail price. George, I had the same problem with CreateSpace. But CreateSpace is all or none for color. A second disappointment was that the quality of the color printing from CreateSpace was not up to that of the local printer, in both type of paper and ink application to the paper. Giacomo, your article is exceedingly helpful! In the recesses of my memory the Ingram name is familiar, but I knew none of what you have told us about them.

Thank you very much! Do you have a post or advice on the color printing dilemma posed by its higher cost? Can you recommend a good source for learning about the papers and printing methods that should be used for a high-quality result when printing in color?

Deanna, you can get a quote from Printninja. It is an American company that handles all the details with its Chinese printers. Shipping is spendy though. Regarding ISBNs, my understanding is that one is needed for each publishing of a book. Unless, of course, someone such as CreateSpace or Ingram distribute the identical e-book to both sellers. Please enlighten me if I am wrong about this, and I certainly could be wrong.

You talk about having both an Ingram-published book and also a CreateSpace-published book. A bit late to reply, but in case it helps: I think most of that is mistaken. This allows an institution like a library or bookstore, to access the edition they want, in the format they want, which is the point of the ISBN. Where it is subsequently distributed Apple, Nook wherever is irrelevant.

What do you mean you use your own ISBN. The same one in all instances? Are you saying you can use one ISBN for all of your titles? I have a number of books up, but only a handful of them shift any copies from month to month. They also will sell your book on their website. When you obtain any ISBN via another party, that party will do the database listing and be listed.

For titles never before published. Thank you so much for this thorough article. I will need to read it again and will definitely bookmark this page for easy return and reference! I am happy with the KDP aspect and do not wish to change that. I buy the books myself, do readings and then sell from my own inventory. But they will let me do readings and bring the books myself.

Not a huge loss, but important to know. You can find out more here about the combination of Ingramspark and Createspace as self-publishing […]. For a comparison of Createspace and IngramSpark, check out this article from the Alliance of Independent […]. I really like it, […]. The only issue I found was stating CS does not have a surcharge for shipping. You can see the blog here […]. Quite a few of you have […].

While the base material in the two versions is the same, there is enough difference to make both […]. Also see this post on using CS and Spark together, which seems like the best way to go. According to Giacomo Giammetteo in his post here: I am working using this as well as Createspace. Read more here for a […].

To understand the numbers behind the options for self publishing — read this excellent post an… […]. A condensed version of this can be found on the Alliance of Independent Authors […].

There is an excellent and thorough comparison of the two services, and an explanation that mirrors my rationale for deciding to use both here. IngramSpark and found an awesome blog post about the pros and cons of each. So rather than duplicate […]. I know there are lots of other self-publishing platforms out there, but those are the three big ones. I plan to use CreateSpace only for selling books via Amazon. Giacomo Giammatteo compares Ingram Spark vs. Email will not be published required.

This is the right website for everyone who wants to understand this topic. Tina Ivany August 7, at 3: Miriam Erick August 28, at 7: I have an e-book with Amazon.. Angela January 22, at 2: Marc Finkelstein December 5, at 5: Natalie October 1, at 1: What percentage do I set the books at then?

Thanks for any help available! Giacomo Giammatteo October 22, at 6: There seems to be too many to answer here. Jules September 26, at 1: Debbie Young September 26, at 9: Codefore September 24, at 1: Debbie Young September 24, at 2: Giacomo Giammatteo September 29, at 6: Anna Ben September 22, at 2: I would love for Amazon getting some competition and stop being the only player in town, this said, in some ways CS works well like ordering copies the biggest issue I have as a non-US resident is that payments are made from a US bank account to my european account and u lose 25 uds with every transfer.

Giacomo Giammatteo August 13, at 6: Tom Dieusaert August 14, at 3: Judith Ansara September 14, at 6: Giordano June 10, at Giacomo Giammatteo June 22, at 2: Chella May 30, at All the best, Reply.

Crystal Hope Reed April 30, at 5: Giacomo Giammatteo May 31, at 6: Kevin L March 28, at 7: Orna Ross March 30, at Smith May 1, at 2: David Jewett July 1, at 3: Brian Harrison June 20, at 4: Giacomo Giammatteo March 13, at 2: Mike Lance February 24, at 5: Giacomo Giammatteo February 24, at 5: Joseph November 21, at 6: Duke Diercks November 30, at 5: I just published a blog post about my experience — if it helps!

I certainly appreciate this website. My developer is trying to convince me to move to. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated! Cilff October 5, at 3: Sylva Portoian September 30, at Kind Regards, Sylva Portoian , M.

Giacomo Giammatteo September 30, at 9: Kelly Merritt December 3, at 7: Wanda Luthman July 28, at 3: Ashley Davis August 1, at JG September 28, at 6: Drew Bennett November 30, at 6: Looks like I will need to purchase about 5 or 6. Giacomo Giammatteo September 30, at 8: Jim September 28, at 5: Which is easier to use, IS or LS?

Or are they the same because they are the same company. Como ganhar dinheiro no youtube July 2, at 3: Having read this I believed it was extremely informative. Karin June 27, at 2: David Cleinman June 3, at 2: John Altson May 28, at 8: Mac Makeup May 23, at Keke July 31, at And on eBay I have not received my royalties I sold millions Reply.

Cliff August 7, at 3: Are you telling the truth Keke that Createspace ripped you off Big Time?!!! Adam Thomas Applebaum April 27, at 9: Odd Job April 26, at 7: September 5, at 4: Giacomo Giammatteo September 30, at RuthBT October 12, at 7: Janita Lawrence April 24, at Jenny April 15, at Peter Laffrey September 14, at 4: Phantammeron April 7, at 4: Maybe someone has a different opinion they could share? Christina Gray March 25, at Edward Smith April 1, at 4: Barbara Shepherd July 14, at September 5, at 5: Thomas Sims March 12, at Mike May 24, at 5: PN February 23, at Hi Giacomo, Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and experience.

Basil August 12, at Is gonna be back continuously in order to inspect new posts Reply. Fox Emerson February 12, at 3: A job well done. Stephen Davenport February 9, at 7: Mike January 17, at 7: Nicki Greenwood December 31, at 3: Stephen Davenport December 10, at 7: Thanks again for you post Reply.

Orna Ross December 11, at 7: Nathalie Almonacid April 4, at 1: My best wishes to all! Nancy Knudsen December 7, at 6: I have looked through the comments and could not find this question… Reply. For the same book, Nancy. Patti December 2, at 8: Joe Cobb Crawford November 28, at 2: Aaron November 10, at 2: Twine November 4, at Any help would be sincerely appreciated Reply.

IS does indeed print their own and can distribute your print and ebook everywhere else they are an expensive option for ebook distribution The Ingram catalogue is used by bookstores and other retail outlets beyond Amazon Reply. Debbie Young December 26, at 8: October 27, at 5: Patricia Childers October 13, at Debbie Young October 14, at 5: Gajes October 12, at Rebecca October 6, at 2: Jonathan French September 30, at 5: Thanks for any advice! James September 7, at Such an Amazing work and Cleverly written!

My Choice is CS itself. Keep up the good work. Pat March 23, at Wendy Raebeck September 7, at Debbie Young September 7, at Hi Wendy Thank you so much for that thoughtful and informative update. Best wishes Debbie Reply.

Wendy Raebeck September 11, at 9: Author January 20, at 9: Chad September 6, at 1: RT August 27, at 7: If anyone has advice for this, much appreciated!

Orna Ross September 5, at Sunny August 19, at 4: Fred August 17, at 2: Stephen Skelton August 11, at Gary July 27, at I assume the publishing date remains the same?? Jeff Sandrini July 21, at 7: July 21, at 5: King July 19, at 3: Can you clarify for a newbie? Orna Ross July 19, at 3: King July 19, at 7: Tell Jim I hope he feels better. Orna Ross July 19, at King July 20, at 1: Orna Ross July 20, at 3: King July 20, at 4: Author January 20, at 2: Juan Calvillo July 7, at 4: Soutar August 26, at 3: Eyal Matsliah July 5, at 6: Debbie Young July 5, at Colin June 28, at Nici June 9, at 7: Manish Grover June 8, at Just to clarify, I use IngramSpark, not Lightning source.

I self published my book. Issues with Lightning Source: James June 3, at 8: Victor Mannion June 2, at Thank you for the information but I am still not clear on two points: RaggedMommy May 19, at 2: Or am I screwing up somewhere? Author January 20, at 1: Sounds like a good plan to me! CH April 24, at CH April 14, at 1: April 8, at Debbie Young April 8, at Morris April 7, at 9: Please share your recommendations.

Perhaps use another self publishing option? James May 16, at 2: Bryan R March 23, at Flossie Stewart March 21, at 6: Laura Davis February 20, at 8: Dr Janelle Trees February 7, at 8: Giacomo Giammatteo February 7, at 4: Thanks for stopping by. Ian Cumpstey January 31, at 7: Giacomo Giammatteo February 2, at Patti Kerr January 30, at 7: Let me know if you need anything else. Patti Kerr February 5, at 1: Mark Gavagan January 28, at Cathie Whitmore January 27, at 9: Raffi B January 21, at 2: Debbie Young January 21, at 9: John McKinnon January 20, at 6: Hi Giacomo, Thanks for the comment.

Price makes the IS Premium out of the question. Very few people had cine projectors to enjoy real blue movies when they really were actually blue tinted. What you did have was Cinema Clubs, strictly adults only with membership and Mac required. They were furtive places often in a seedy part of town and this is the kind of thing they showed. May have been sidesplittingly funny in Danish but I doubt anyone was reading the sub-titles.

Infamous, but I just found it boring, settling into a pretty one dimensional routine. Still, a Hammer movie and a milestone one way or another. A close look at the cut out head of Kate Williams shows that it is in fact the same one used for Holiday on The Buses , that's recycling for you Wouldn't watch it with a gun to my head now but was there every Sunday evening back in the day.

Ralph Bakshi was not back for Fritz's second offence, which was more an anthology, a cat of nine tales. The period costumes help but not enough, starting to lose it's charm with the same old jokes.

I like this poster though. A French sex comedy, so I'm told. I'm sure everyone went to see it for the laughs, nothing like sub-titled titters.

It's battered, it's an obscure film but With all the name changing of dubbed foreign movies and pairing up earlier releases into exploitive double bills it can be tricky to identify the original films. We are only here for the over the top sensationalism of the art, which the films wouldn't live up down to anyway. More smut than comedy but nothing wrong with that. Though not a fan of Alan Lake who was?

Robin Askwith's arse saved the British Film industry This raised the tone of sex comedies by delivering on both the sex and the comedy. Same formula, better cast and writing. This movie was a huge success, another my Dad took me to see and the atmosphere was amazing in the cinema, people literally rolling in the aisles.

Well, not literally but that group enjoyment you just don't get any more. Everyone came out with a grin on their faces talking about it, dominating TV and Radio for weeks with interviews.

This is a Hammer movie, as their Horror output went out of favor they tried to keep going by doing movies of popular TV shows of the day. Putting this in the Comedy genre seems the right place for it, it is the tail end of the Hammer history. I love that they had to invent a whole new vocabulary of made up swear words to get round the language censor. Scroat I think even made it into real life occasionally.

Classic series and nice rendition of Barker. I got the version below first, then broke my own rules and upgraded to get this one without the sticker over the robots. I have great memories of seeing this as a teenager at local age flexible cinema with mate, I think we may have even skipped school for it. Cheap, exploitive and with stop motion effects that would have Harryhausen twitching in his grave.

Even the smut was relatively weak. Still, a lot of fun. I've got it on video somewhere Red sticker used to update the original poster is a bit annoying, right on top of the nasty robots and their, um, appendages. In the weird way this works sometimes, original poster cost me a lot less than this reissue but then its condition isn't as good. This poster is pretty much ruined, lots of water staining. I am not sure why I bought it apart from it being cheap, probably should have waited for a better condition version.

Sometimes I get carried away Weirdly enough, I remember this film being released and not getting to see it for one reason or another.

Since then I have never seen it on TV, Video or anywhere else. It must be out there somewhere I wonder if I will ever see the movie? One of those showing my age rather than nostalgia, I remember this coming out as a new film and everyone trashing it because it wasn't Michael Caine.

That wasn't the problem, the weak storyline was. Lots of TV faces in it or those who would be soon. The good thing about Foreign cartoons is that when you dub them into English, like they did with The Magic Roundabout and Asterix, you can't really tell.

For this French sex cartoon they used US comedy personalities in the English version, as well as the original Tarzan's son. Another in my series of "maybe I will collect Carry On posters Unfortunately the visual of Windsor Davies hitting on young girls is cringing Last of the even nearly decent Carry Ons, it's rapidly downhill after this.

With this new installment and another 19 novels to draw from, looking like becoming the most legitimate heir to the Carry On series, less sex in this one but the comedy is pretty good and the characters well rendered, especially the Lea family.

Definitely hints of Benny Hill in the background but I haven't seen it so can't say what its like, I can guess though Not your average Stanley Long sex comedy, it has layers On the one hand, a dodgy dolly bird sex comedy, on another level a subtle satire mocking itself and it's genre. Worth a look because Katy Manning is in it as are a surprising collection of well known British character actors.

Not quite a mid summers night dream, but a touch of Friday night's hangover with delusions of epiphany. Another notorious character of her time who's films I have never seen. I am no expert but 70's porn stars seem to be very much girl-next-door types rather than the toned, sculpted and enhanced versions today. Awful film that didn't even do well when it first came out, so why they thought doing it all again for Emmannuelle would work is incomprehensible.

Sid James died just before this was made which should have augured a good time to stop. Another big screen outing for a TV series, a chance to go on location with some well known 70's character actors and assorted dolly birds of the day.

Aren't we all wondering what the hell happened to us? I haven't seen very many of these 70's sex comedies other than the Confessions series, but back in the day I doubt very much I would have gone anywhere near this one based on his ugly mug. The right hand side of this double bill, another foreign parts re-dub, makes complete sense, it has a typical soft porn playmate. I don't understand why they decided to go with Barry Andrews dominating the main feature, it wouldn't have been the artists choice, especially Chantrell who delighted in doing cheesecake.

There actually was quite a lot of sex in this film, quite untypical of the usual poster bait and switch, with plenty of girls featured topless and more. It even had a brief appearance of Mary Millington, so why they thought the dirty old man demographic would flock to see a tosser in a tanktop is beyond me. Adventures were an inconsistent series, trying to build up a confessions type following I guess.

Not very good even with the usual TV faces sprinkled through it. Probably doesn't fit in with the others since it's a documentary following Billy Connolly's stand up tour. I am a huge Connelly fan so it has to be somewhere, may as well be here. Not sure why the name change, the US title makes more sense and I would have thought was more likely to entice the average Mac Man in.

A lot of the time they just changed the name of stuff like this and re-released it so they could get more mileage. Private cinema punters wouldn't realize they were watching a renamed oldie until it was too late, and they are not a demographic that likes to make a fuss and attract attention by complaining.

A Musical would you believe? My copy arrived with some unfortunate staining right on the the, um, artwork. This was the last poster I needed to complete the quartet for a very long time, but I just wasn't willing to pay the ridiculous prices they always seemed to be offered at. Once again my stubborn resistance to the laws of supply and demand eventually worked, but I had to wait for a world wide recession to make prices go down The Confessions films peaked with Pop Performer , this one at least has the Oxo lady being clumsily fumbled but that's about all you can say for it.

To be fair, I only saw this for the first time a few years ago on DVD, I missed all the films after Pop on their release. These days, none of them can be watched without being in full cringe for the entire running time. Last and hardest to watch of the series.

I am not sure why this one didn't work, maybe their moment had just passed. The slapstick certainly makes me cringe, Askwith hams it up way too much but they were all like that to some extent so it can't just be that. There is a lot of 70's stuff that is unwatchable now, TV sitcoms, music videos and comedians, I don't know that you can say that about the 60's or 50's.

This one is here for the nostalgia rather than the art. All over the place as a sketch comedy film but it had it's moments and was a favorite for the lunchtime at college.

More costumes than you usually see in softcore and I am sure the VHS versions are all worn out in certain places. Haven't seen it but the art gives a pretty good indication of what to expect in case you were unfamiliar with Ms Richmond's work.

Although I saw 2 of the 4 Confessions films when they came out, most of the 70's sex comedies completely passed me by. I have seen a few of them in retrospect, on late night TV, where they haven't dated well. This one has escaped me so far but if Adam West is in it I may have to risk a peep, what was he thinking? The poster does a good caricature of the main cast, all present and politically incorrect.

Never seen the movie and I missed the whole Mary Millington excitement in the 70's but certainly the art does it's job. Another confessions wannabe, haven't seen this one either but I am told that it is one of the better Adventures.

Haven't seen it, allegedly a sequel to Virgin Soldiers also by Leslie Thomas The final nail in the coffin Kenneth Williams in the wicker chair parodying the original art. Along the same lines as the confessions series, and based on books from the same writer, Christopher Wood. Had all the signs of gearing up for a series, but it just wasn't that good.

Alien to my comprehensive school to polytechnic personal history but still a laugh. Art was produced in layers according to the this site which has seen the original artwork, with the broken picture frame as an acetate on top For some reason the 70's was the decade of stuffing a film with really great actors and comedians and yet the film turns out unfunny and incoherent.

Even Dana Gillespie's cleavage getting another outing doesn't make it worth watching even if it does feature on the poster.

It's a wonder sometimes that some posters go for high prices when they wouldn't seem to be worth it. Alan Lake was a tragic feature of 70's tabloid gossip, mainly because of his personal issues and rocky relationship with Diana Dors, but not really a well remembered star of the day. In fact, he was not well regarded even then precisely because he was perceived as a blight on a great British institution, Diana Dors. I can see that Mary Millington also has her followers, but despite cynically placing her high in the credits and foreground, she's not really in it much.

Of course it is a Chantrell, and a very nice one, but there are lots of nice Chantrells that don't sell for anything like this. Finally, how well remembered a film is this? It didn't even do well on release, as soon as word got out it was all Lake and no Mary it died at the box office. So why the high price tags? And why was I stupid enough to buy it anyway I am probably mis-categorizing this in the Comedy section, I think it's more a drama, but it is in better company with the other smut here and most of these aren't funny either.

The last of Mary Millington's starring roles before she ended it all, although death wouldn't stop the exploitation by recycling for years to come, such as Mary Millington's World Striptease Extravaganza etc. I can't find the real name for the Bangkok foreign accompaniment, it may be Sex Dens of Bangkok again or something entirely different. I have found links for a Chinese Film called Massage Girls in B'kok from Minicat Productions, because enquiring minds want to know this stuff Virtually unwatchable in spite of the Page 3 girls stuffed into it.

Bought it for the small Serle art Theme tune was the sound of Alistair Sim rolling in his grave Yet another example of the way smut films were re-packaged and renamed multiple times to piggy back on other popular films or themes.

It is a remake of the same directors film of the same name, which itself was sold to British Mac-men as Guess Who's Coming For Breakfast in the 70's. Whatever, definitely no Mary Millington in it, although she was really barely in the original, despite top billing.

After I got it decided I need to be more discriminating or I am going to run out of storage space. Your basic US Sex Comedy.

Contrast with the Brit version of dirty old men chasing young crumpet to US teenage boys seduced by older women. Not really a fan of teen slasher movies but I suppose I was in the minority during the 80's.

Certainly not the world's first comedy horror as the tag line proclaims, Universal made a living out of sending Bud and Lou in to discredit their classics.

Call me a weirdo Bad Karma or something I suppose this poster continued what it was supposed to do 30 years later, it lured me into tracking down the DVD and watching it. It was fun to see a lot of now famous British faces so young but other than that it has not dated very well. Israel's entry into the teen sex comedy genre was the Lemon Popsicle series. Can't say I've seen it but Chantrell's art is likely to express its main theme I'm sure. I bought it because it's an unfolded example and the roller skating model used for the art is interesting trivia to be found in Sim's book.

Compare this image with Last American Virgin above, one bothers me, the other doesn't, weird Really only here because I went to the cinema depressed and prepared to watch whatever happened to be on Cheered me up and I have loved it ever since. Interesting that Monique Gabrielle's legs feature detached from her body, this happened to her in Airplane where her boobs flew solo for the jiggle seat scene.

Maybe it's too expensive to hire all of her Title promises more than it delivers on the gore but it is a lot of fun. I had higher expectations when I went to see it but it is one of those films that grows on you apparently. I have seen it since and enjoyed it a lot more than the first viewing. Probably Kenny nostalgia is a factor, taking it for granted he would be around forever and sadly not so, always good to see Vincent Price too.

Following in the steps of Gregory's Girl, the new wave of more grown up Brit comedies. It's not all about dirty old men any more, which has got to be good. Jamie Reid is of course best known for his Sex Pistols work as well as intimately connected with Margi Clarke.

This sequel also has Boris Vallejo's distinctive fantasy art to promote it. Most of the humor comes from Euro clichés, but the over politeness of Eric Idle is fairly funny as a Brit stereotype. Well, when you have a room full of my daughters friends enjoying this film just as much as we did back in the day, something must be right about it.

Well, you can't get much more 80's than this. A guilty pleasure and still the only starring role worth seeing Madonna in.

Ms Arquette is far more interesting though. Before becoming a movie I saw this first as an episodic TV serial with Glynis Barber looking better in the live action version of the eponymous comic strip. I didn't think the TV show was that well received either so I am surprised to see it made it to moviehood. Hard to believe anyone would sit through this just for the contrived glimpses of Jane in her vintage 40's underwear, other than me of course.

I rented this back in the old VCR days and had no idea it was a musical, but that wasn't the only reason didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Despite some good people in it, an early Jim Carrey and I am always happy to watch Geena Davis, it just doesn't flow very well as a story. Thanks to the title, I was also expecting more boobs. You can't have a a tribute to cleavage site like this without a couple of entries from 80's phenomenon, Elvira.

This is some kind of fold out press book that came with the poster above. Looks like the teaser art. Another one here just because I think it is an underrated non-Python project. There are some brilliant bits, the invisibility cloak, the berserker and a Viking who's really only OK with the pillaging part of the job description.