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Within 3 days i got the vaccine 1st shot for prevention. You want to wait at least 5 months between shot 2 and shot 3 for twinrix so get it in October. Spasms of the jaw can make it impossible for you to open your mouth. You may want to print this out and bring it to your doctor. It is very interesting. You will learn more details about this in the Oxygen and Cancer section and the pH and Cancer section.

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Latest Health Headlines Sep Family of Smart's kidnapper won't take her in: Niece Days before het release from prison, fears about whether a woman who helped in the kidnapping of then-teenager Elizabeth Smart remains a threat and Florence's floodwaters may carry hidden dangers Floodwaters carry hidden risks that cause electrocution, injury and infection.

Kids, teen, college student mental health problems on the rise A new WHO report adds to a wave of studies about teen mental health problems. Las Vegas shooting survivors, health care providers reunite Survivors of the mass shooting in Las Vegas have reunited with the doctors and nurses who cared for them at an area hospital after the massacre. We accomplish this mission by producing life-saving protein therapies for patients and by providing hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare professionals with the products they need to deliver expert medical care.

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This is a global campaign whose goal is to increase the number of new registered blood donors. The results of phase I clinical trial of the Araclon Biotech Alzheimer's vaccine support its continuation The conclusions of the trial were presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Toronto. The compound ABvac40, designed to combat Alzheimer's disease at its initial stage, has demonstrated a good safety and tolerability profile.

I have done my research, have you? Please check out the following post that does reply to some of your questions here:. They almost all have a conflict of interest. Either they are funded by the CDC themselves or the participants in the studies have ties to the vaccine manufacturers or ARE vaccine manufacturers themselves.

It amazes me how some people only question natural time proven remedies with complete skepticism but believe the CDC, FDA and government that has had a hand in greed, major coverups that need to have a vaccine injury fund because of all the people that have died or been injured by vaccines.

Come on sheeple educate yourselves. Oh boy, I can assume that Woo Woo is either in the medical field or associated with the pharmaceutical industry. My husband just spent about six months trying to heal a wound from a hip replacement surgery with trips to the wound center for approx. At that point the doctor agreed to let us try Manuka Honey as I had suggested, incredible healing was noticable the very next day when the redness had disappeared.

It was totally healed in less than two months. There is no way you can convince me to have the flu shot and vaccines when Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to protect us. Since when do we know more than Mother Nature. And my husband and I also take the eldeberry surup. I have totally lost faith in the medical and pharmaceutical industry with their lies and scare tactics. Do you research like I have.

Many of the medical trials are only done for a few days, what good is that, certainly not long enough to find how bad they really are. I suggest everyone be their own advocate and do your own research and you will find your answers. Nicole has covered her tracks and has been perfectly clear as to the intent of her website.

No action should be taken solely on the contents of this website. Please consult your physician or a qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health and well being or on any opinions expressed within this website.

Furthermore, I can vouch for the effectiveness of elderberry as I have been using it for years and while everybody around me gets sick and all people who have been vaccinated have gotten sick I do not. I made sure after that year to go and harvest elderberry every year and make syrup and jam and I have not been sick since. Just saw this article on FB and posted it in my homesteading group. Thank you so much for this information. It seems logical that any reasoning being would choose to use natural ingredients for healing whenever possible.

Other than aspirin 4 or 5 times, I have not used OTC drugs or prescribed drugs in 40 years. I just pay close attention to my health and avoid toxic stuff where possible. The only year I came down with the flu is the year I received the flu shot!

After my first born got the flu shot his health deteriorated. Everyone I know last year that had the flu, had the flu shot! Anti freeze in a vaccine! I do agree with getting vaccinated as a child because those are proven over 90 percent effective but the flu shot changes every year and they cannot determine how effective it will be until the year actually passes. So as for me and my family, we will stick to vitamins and any natural remedy possible! Read more about the pandemic and what they did to stop it!

How about a couple hundred thousand years of Homo sapiens sapiens history? What do you think our ancient ancestors used to boost their immune system thereby ensuring the existence of our species?

Or do you think the US FDA and government subsidized pharmaceutical companies have been around forever? Elderberry plants and fruit contain a cyanide-producing chemical. Ingestion of large quantities may cause serious toxicity. People with allergies to grass pollen should also avoid elderberry extracts because of the potential for an allergic reaction.

Uncooked elderberries should not be consumed as well as the leaves and flowers. Elderberries are considered safe for pregnant women, but they should always check with their doctor before starting or stopping any health regimen.

That is interesting I used to eat a ton of them right off of the bush when they were ripe in july and early august and they never hurt me or any of my friends. I would not touch any color other than black. A common misconception is that the European Elder is the edible variety of Black Elderberry and that the American Elder is not edible, or does not contain the same constituents for which the European Black Elderberry is known.

Eating a sufficient quantity of these cyanide-inducing glycosides can cause a toxic buildup of cyanide in the body and make you quite ill.

Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even coma. Most people recover quickly, although hospitalization may be required. Cooking the berries destroys the glycosides present in the seeds, making the berries with their seeds completely safe to eat. As such, the fruit of the Black Elderberry should always be cooked before consumption.

May I just ask one more question? If someone has battled candida, in your opinion, do you think it would be safe to use this syrup? Would you take it if you had had trouble with candida overgrowth in the past? I sincerely would like your opinion, though. Hi Nicole, I love to have found your post. I totally agree with you regarding vaccines. It surprising how quickly the cold goes away. I also give it to my toddler. Keep up the good work. Yes you are not a doctor, and apparently not in any way a researcher.

You are comparing apples and oranges. You still got the flu. The Influenza vaccine prevents acquiring the flu. Yes, it reduces flu symptoms. They are pushing it, so they need to back it up.

Now what they did years ago. Personally, I am much more interested in myself or my daughter getting the flu and having a quick recovery using natural alternatives rather than injecting unnecessary chemicals into either of us. If you read ALL of the results, there are results recorded that correlate with boosting immune function in general, not just shortening the duration of the flu. I know, reading is hard sometimes.

This year the flu vaccine has been ineffective from what they say on the news. I always try to do the holistic healing ways and I believe that I will give this a try in my household. I use elderberry syrup Sambucol all winter long and it works wonderfully!! When others around me get sick, I very rarely do.

The Importance of Weighing the Risk to Benefit Ratio