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For this reason, many doctors and dietitians will recommend curtailing the amount of fat in your foods. A high-calorie shake to replace a snack might include bananas, strawberries, whole milk, milk powder and coconut butter. Magnesium is especially important for the relaxation of muscles. Hypoglycemia is defined as low blood sugar, which refers to the amount of glucose circulating in your bloodstream. I also take a low-dose blood pressure medication. By going all authentic ketogenic that is testable probably also reduces insulin presence in the blood stream.

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It has more medium chain fatty acids that converts directly into ketone bodies by liver. I had very much the same experience when I was in a ketogenic state.

The one exception was sleep. I needed less sleep. Some 2 or 3 hours less. Oh by the way, Mr. You can call me Jimmy. Hi Jimmy, this post is an eye-opener for me! This just might be my problem! Hopefully this will help me get through my plateau too….

I just bought a meter and strips for a kestosis experiment of my own. Peter Attia talks about watching protein in his blog as does Nora Gedgaudes in her great book. I always thought I was moderate protein, until I actually weighed and measured… I was routinely eating nearly grams per day…. Ron Rosedale has also been a big believer in moderate protein and all this time I thought I was. Hope this helps you kickstart your plan. Phinney with ou Diet Doctor http: But the idea is to keep the absolute amount of protein minimized while simultaneously raising fat mostly saturated fat and lowering carbohydrate levels to less than 20g daily for me to see how that impacts ketone levels in the blood.

When you say less than 20g of carbs per day, are you counting net carbs or total carbs? I need my fiber! Is that keeping me out of nutritional ketosis as measured by a blood ketone meter in the morning?

I used to be the same way. The Blood ketone woes could definitely be coming from the fiber. What if insoluble fiber is OK and it is just soluble fiber that spikes our blood sugar? I know inulin, which is a soluble fiber, spikes my blood sugar. But maybe wheat bran does not. I know that Atkins uses net carbs, and they also say to eat plenty of fiber.

When you say it is a scam, what do you mean exactly? That the fiber IS digested the same as non-fiber carbs, and have the same effect on raising blood glucose, etc? Some people are so sensitive to carbohydrates that they need to count ALL of them.

Sooooooooo thrilled to read this and so very happy for you!!!!! Thank you for everything you do and share!!!!!! In younger days, he would shed it quickly during the cycling season, but in the past few years, that was no longer happening. Since March 1, he has lost 40 pounds. Our bike trip was challenging because we stayed in small towns where we were at the mercy of the host community organizations and local cafes who provided our meal options.

We were usually able to find hamburgers, steaks, and eggs, which kept us in a very ketogenic state. I did have an unfortunate encounter with some sort of gastro-intestinal bacterial that afflicted a large group of us, but not everyone. Ken is so impressed with our experience that he has been preaching ketogenic diets every opportunity he gets.

I had a long conversation with a year-old woman who has been a fixture of the area cycling community for 40 years. I could go on and on singing the praises of ketogenic performance. We are convinced that this is the way to live and look forward to another bike trip starting next weekend and another chance to tell people about our success.

The same thing happened to me in rural Illinois. I was staying at a hotel that had a nice restaurant next door, it was obviously popular with the locals. Do you have any tips on cycling performance in ketosis? My downfall is my family likes to keep granola bars, cereal, etc in the house. I sometimes see these things and fall for it. I lost 35lbs two years ago, and gained about 5lbs this year from taking up cycling.

Jimmy- Do you think you are losign weight because your ketones are now in a certain range, or are you losing weight because you had to eat differently to raise the ketone number. In other words, maybe just eating different food caused the weight loss? Does that question make sense? Jimmy, Have you tried measuring both blood ketones and urine ketones to see if you can find any reliable conversion factor for your own body?

Then you could just measure the urine ketones with the cheaper strips most of the time, measuring blood ketones say once a week to make sure the calibration was still correct.

Perhaps I could add urine ketones to my next 30 days of testing just as a comparison. So the ketostix staying yellow does not tell you that you are not keto-adapted. I guess the question then is: Does it necessarily mean that the blood ketones are also high?

For this second day testing period, I will also be testing my urine ketone levels to see if there is a correlation. But if in any one person, the ratio of AcA in urine to BHB in blood were pretty consistent, then one could use a conversion factor.

This is very interesting. Atkins advised in his book. He said that some people will have trouble losing on a simple low carb diet. For these metabolically challenged folks, he recommended a very high fat diet, lowering both protein and carbs in conjunction. The blood ketone testing Is wonderful! It will really allow for our individual metabolic vagaraties. I do think that a damaged metabolism might need a little prescription help in the form of Metformin.

I have also read some interesting work on Berberine, a naturally occurring derivative of goldenseal. Apparently it has similar positive metabolic effects on blood sugar, and less side effects. One of my sponsors sells berberine as Glycosolve: Great discussion — so glad I started following this blog! The higher fat items nut butters, whole fat yogurt, cottage cheese, avocados also have higher carb contents as well and so when I increase those foods I wind up over 25g of carbs daily.

I did just pick up some of the coconut oil at Whole Foods. Moderating protein is about choosing higher fat meats instead of the lean ones.

I bet this was a huge relief to find out what was going on. Congrats on the weight loss and your sorta-newfound eating! I was especially interested in the days your weight loss stalled while you were under some tremendous stress.

I kept wondering what was going on after I dialed in my diet. I think that would definitely account for your blood and weight non-results for those days. Also, did you end up losing some sleep during that time? Your blood sugars were noticeably lower during that time then the rest. I really have no interest in making anyone else stressed out for that kind of experiment… Seems like a unique kind of torture.

Although the ketosis is probably naturally allowing me to eat less whereas any other way to eat would not. This is the key statement. Your calories used will actually be the same. Seems like everything is trimmed too closely for my taste, anyway!

Is there a rule of thumb, or a guide somewhere to help estimate the protein vs. I agree with Jimmy. That is one of the wonders of ketosis — you eat when you are hungry which is very rare and eat just what you need to feel satisfied which on very high fat, very low carb is really not a lot.

I had eggs and bacon yesterday morning around 8. We both came home to significantly reduced body fat and visibly more muscle. I can wear a bikini with pride and just bought some short skirts!

As you say, the average is a better marker. You are such an inspiration and providing information in a way that is easy to understand. I have ordered the Free Nova Max Plus and it will be here in 3 weeks.

I gave up sugar substitutes 4 weeks ago and have been experimenting the last 5 days with a Fat Flush that ends today. I look forward to seeing your results in the next 30 days!!! Well, you cannot separate one from the other: I was lower carb, but added back some sweet potatoes and other whole food carbs.

I also found that adding back a bit of carbs helped with the insomnia that seemed to go along with my lower carb existence. I had exactly the opposite happen to me eating sweet potatoes. Sure, but you would have said the same about low carb in general at some point, but in the end that lead to eventual weight regain. This is such exciting news! I am thrilled for you that this is working so well for you.

Thanks for all you do, Jimmy and best wishes for a speedy recovery for Christine! This is a great test and your results thus far are impressive. Too much protein is definitely a stall for me.

I'm looking forward to the free ketone meter to see where I am at. Thanks for the link. Barbjean94 is correct about Dr. Atkins warned of this difficulty in his book. I also wonder how my not having a gallbladder impacts following such a high-fat plan. Your contribution to the health of anyone who will listen is invaluable. Both of my parents had diabetes so I have been into this lowcarb lifestyle for years.

I am not overweight according to the charts but am over fat. The only way I can go into dietary ketosis is to eat the way you are doing. My problem is that I do it for a while and then fall off the wagon. You are an inspiration. Hope to see you on the next low carb cruise and that both of us are healthier than ever!

And seeing you on the Low-Carb Cruise will be glorious. Obviously, not everyone in Paleo has that attitude, and some low-carbers do to, but sheez, it should be okay that some things work better for one person than for another.

Absolutely, nutritional ketosis seems to be the key part of what works for my body. I still eat the high-quality foods that nourish my body but with a make-up that is very high-fat, moderate protein and very low-carb.

I am dying to know what a typical day looks like for you. I have been doing this for about 12 days, and can only get my ketones to. The continual remarks at and about the AHS symposiums I made the first one and loved it! I think the trick is calorie restriction plus low carb, low protein, high fat. This is the first time I have posted to your site.

I am started the ketogenic diet for about 3. I gained it back. Over the years I have seen my body become more and more carbohydrate resistant.

I have eliminate rice, flours, sweets, corn, fruits. A few months ago, I started gaining weight a gain — the only things left in my diet was beans and nuts. I went to my doctor who praised me for having good control with insulin but had no explanation for why I was gaining weight. That even a very small amount was problematic. I decided that I never included enough fat. For the last two weeks, I have atkins advantage shakes a day, tablespoons of MCT or coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of Emu oil.

I also have a meal of a meat or fish saute in 2 Tablespoon of olive oil. Currently I am no fruits or vegetable. My blood glucose is much lower. Just last night I came upon this page.

I think that I need to stay in nutirional ketosis and I need to accurately measure when I am out. I will be following your experiment closely. Way to go Jimmy, come on over and join us at http: Yes, I know that site well. Measuring blood ketones is. I had a very similar experience as you did. I too was shocked by how high priced they are there goes me monitoring my levels after every meal! I do agree that Abbott has a huge untapped market on their hands.

I can certainly say that I would be purchasing far more if only the price point was a little lower. If that was you during that little bidding war, sorry about driving up the price as high as I did. But thanks a lot for your post on it, as it nets everyone some value just the same. Thanks Enjah, but go back and read my post again. She ordered the Nova Max Plus strips. I look forward to their arrival. By the way I have lost 12 lbs, my glucose is consistently between 80 to and I have cut my insulin from to My A1c was 5.

So the diet is going well. I was feeling a little bit snacky yesterday before dinner. Straight from the container. If you need to rely on a prepackaged shake occasionally as a meal replacement for your child, choose one that offers optimal nutrition with minimal additives. Naturopath Theresa Ramsey suggests choosing one that is non-GMO, hypoallergenic and, if your child's diet requires, free of soy, dairy and gluten. She also advises against using muscle builders and weight-gainer products for kids.

These may contain added supplements that could be harmful to their growing bodies. Avoid shakes that have sugar as the first or second ingredient. A meal replacement shake can be helpful for kids who are underweight due to genetics, slight appetite or illness. These shakes should be full of quality calories that come from whole foods such as full-fat dairy, fresh fruit and nut butter. Avoid boosting the calorie content of shakes by adding a lot of sugar in the form of syrups or honey.

Instead, sweeten the meal replacement shakes naturally with dates or bananas. Breakfast is a natural time to replace a full meal with a shake.

Shakes are quick and usually go down easily, even if your child has no appetite in the morning. A high-calorie shake to replace a snack might include bananas, strawberries, whole milk, milk powder and coconut butter. Peaches, raspberries and mangoes could replace the strawberries if your child prefers.

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