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Shake It Up: Milk Shake and Float Recipes
Make a batch of these crepes and enjoy them anytime -- they keep in the freezer for up to three months! Fruity-Limeade Slushy Hot days call for cool, icy treats. How would you rate this recipe? Please note that product information, packaging, and availability may have changed since our story first appeared. So bodybuilders and weightlifters typically choose protein shakes for muscle gain. Best Fruit Snack Packs Winner:


Healthy Summer Recipes

A garden overflowing with rhubarb produces a lot of tarts and pies. This poached rhubarb float is a cool reprieve. Make homemade buttermilk sorbet for an extra-special treat. In Rhode Island, thick milk shakes are called cabinets. Try this one with vanilla and fresh berries. Not your ordinary float, whipped sour cherries and vanilla ice cream are topped with slushy frozen root beer. Chicory coffee and sweetened condensed milk make Vietnamese iced coffee distinctively delicious.

Half-and-half adds another dimension of indulgence to this shake. This Jamaican favorite blends bananas and ice cream with vanilla extract and a little extra sugar to satisfy your summer sweet tooth.

Sip on fall flavors year round with this pumpkin treat. Add a little kick to your milk shake with a pinch of cinnamon. This updated version of the classic Philadelphia float is flavored with mandarin oranges and a dash of vanilla for a simple, fuss-free dessert. Milk Shake and Float Recipes. Use malted milk powder, such as Ovaltine, to create this classic soda-shop favorite.

This homemade version of a coffeehouse treat is a great pick-me-up for the late-afternoon yawns. Swipe here for next slide. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, and frozen cherries mix to create a bewitching milk shake. Cool off with this date shake, a Southern California classic. Get a healthy start with lean protein from milk and yogurt, plus fiber from oats and banana.

In a blender, combine oats, yogurt, banana, fat-free milk, honey, and cinnamon; puree until smooth. How would you rate this recipe? I added way more goodies Dried maca root powder. I liked add a touch of coconut cream and a cinnamon graham cracker. Was out of yogurt so added a couple of tablespoons of Cool Whip. Very tasty breakfast in a glass! You'd never know it was a healthy drink. Delicious, and two big health bonuses!

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