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How South Beach Diet Works

Lee Holmes discusses pros and cons of the eight hour diet
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Green Tea: Basics

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First of all, unlike most weight loss solutions, South Beach Diet does not make you feel hungry and irritable all the time. It allows you to eat delicious food 6 times a day, so you can have a meal or a snack every hours. Second, it does not just help you get fit but also helps you stay fit. It does not merely provide meals and snacks you should eat while on the program but also offers expert guidance and handy tools, trackers, guides, and other useful resources.

It does not simply eliminate everything you love from your diet but differentiates between good and bad carbs and good and bad fats. Furthermore, it makes sure that all of its meals and snacks are genuinely good for you.

Its meals are heart-healthy, they have limited sodium content, they are low in added sugars, and they are free from artificial colors and flavors. They are made of wholesome food that has great health benefits. Finally, if you are familiar with the original South Beach Diet, there are a couple of facts you need to know about this version of the diet.

Namely, all the basic principles are the same, with two minor alterations made in accordance with recent medical findings. First of all, this version of the South Beach Diet gives preference to full-fat dairy over low-fat varieties due to the protective effects of full-fat versions, including decreased risk for diabetes and easier weight control.

Second, it eliminates beans and legumes during the first week of the program due to their higher carb content. South Beach Diet has a rich menu including more than 20 breakfasts, around 50 entrées suitable for lunch and dinner, and about a dozen of healthy snacks. Most of the items on the menu are healthier renditions of classics and traditional favorites, like chocolate shakes, muffins, pancakes, omelets, frittatas, sandwiches, comforting soups, chili, fajitas, BBQ chicken, and more.

The menu is designed to accommodate certain types of special dietary needs. Some of the items on the menu are gluten-free, many of them are shellfish-free, and for individuals allergic to wheat, the service can create a wheat-free menu. Diabetic-friendly meals are available upon request. The program is not suitable for vegans and individuals with nut allergies. With no carbs and no calories, it can also be used in conjunction with any other diet on this site. This diet uses Green Tea extract to both increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite!

I have used Green Tea throughout my career to limit my appetite and curb hunger pangs. A mug of green tea before or after each meal could be the best diet tip you've ever tried. Green Tea has been used for more than 4, years in Chinese culture and medicine, to treat everything from headaches to depression.

More recent studies have found it to be helpful in conditions like cancer, arthritis, high cholesterol and heart disease. Green tea can also help to boost your immune system and combat all kinds of viruses. Low GI foods have also been found to help you metabolise fat more efficiently. May cause you to make unhealthy food choices as, for example, fat lowers the GI of food so crisps have lower GI than normal potatoes.

You are far better just sticking to an eating plan that reduces processed food as much as possible — which generally leaves you with mainly low GI foods anyway. Scientific studies show that no specific diet works any better than another in the long-term.

No diet works if we look at it as a quick fix solution to our weight problem. No diet will work if we struggle to make it fit in with our family, work or other commitments. No diet will work if it means denying ourselves food that we love — because when our willpower fails, as it inevitably will, we will just give up the diet! Finally, no diet will work if it demonises a particular food group and expects you to exclude it.

What should you do instead? All diets have some element of sense hidden amongst the nonsense — you just have to find it. Try to keep to it most of the time allowing yourself a few indulgences when you need them without beating yourself up about them. Now call it a healthy eating plan for life rather than a diet and maybe you will keep it up long-term!

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