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Rate of Weight Loss. South Beach diet offers low-carb, high-protein breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Most menu items are certified kosher and some of them are soy-free, dairy-free, whey-free, and lactose-free. If it is not, then just forget what I said.. Plus, they seem to taste a little better compared to Medifast, although this is subject to personal opinion.

What Makes South Beach Diet Different

Medifast vs Weight Watchers: Anyone switched?

Finally, if you are familiar with the original South Beach Diet, there are a couple of facts you need to know about this version of the diet. Namely, all the basic principles are the same, with two minor alterations made in accordance with recent medical findings.

First of all, this version of the South Beach Diet gives preference to full-fat dairy over low-fat varieties due to the protective effects of full-fat versions, including decreased risk for diabetes and easier weight control.

Second, it eliminates beans and legumes during the first week of the program due to their higher carb content. South Beach Diet has a rich menu including more than 20 breakfasts, around 50 entrées suitable for lunch and dinner, and about a dozen of healthy snacks.

Most of the items on the menu are healthier renditions of classics and traditional favorites, like chocolate shakes, muffins, pancakes, omelets, frittatas, sandwiches, comforting soups, chili, fajitas, BBQ chicken, and more. The menu is designed to accommodate certain types of special dietary needs.

Some of the items on the menu are gluten-free, many of them are shellfish-free, and for individuals allergic to wheat, the service can create a wheat-free menu.

Diabetic-friendly meals are available upon request. The program is not suitable for vegans and individuals with nut allergies. The Silver plan is the most affordable plan that allows you to choose from a slightly smaller assortment of meals in comparison to the menu available with the other two plans.

You can choose the meals yourself or let the South Beach Diet experts choose the meals for you. In comparison to the Silver plan, the Gold plan allows you to enjoy greater menu variety and comes with snacks included.

Just like the Silver plan, this plan provides you with enough food to last you 4 weeks. The Platinum plan offers all the benefits included the Gold plan, with one important bonus. It provides you with 21 South Beach Complete shakes that contain 20 grams of protein each, with zero added sugar. We were happy to find out that South Beach Diet meal plans are actually highly affordable. Here are the exact prices.

Medifast meal replacement foods are clinically proven and designed for safe rapid weight loss with all the daily nutrients required to remain healthy and energetic. We'll also point out the usefulness of the Medifast interactive website, which provides tips for holiday success, daily food charts, and information for diabetics. This online support group allows dieters to ask questions of the experts and their peers, and to share success stories. The plan specifically takes you through the maintenance phase to ensure that the body is prepared for increased calories, and to allow for long term success.

If you are looking for a jump start, find frequent smaller meals acceptable, and don't have the patience or time for a slower weight loss regimen, then Medifast is an option to consider.

For those interested in learning how to eat proper nutrition while losing weight, this is not the right plan. We've all seen the commercials of the latest celebrity losing weight via Jenny Craig.

For those earning non-celebrity pay checks we might ask ourselves if the cost is worth the value of the food and counseling provided by this program.

What you can expect is pre-packaged foods that are either shipped to you at home or picked up at a local Jenny Craig shop. Depending on how picky you are will determine if you enjoy this food or not.

Everyone of course is different and some can stomach the packaged foods and stay on plan while others have reported the opposite. The counseling involves either a quick phone call with someone or a stop in the shop for a weigh in and discussion. The counseling is 1 on 1 and lasts about 15 minutes.

Weight loss is anticipated at 1 or 2 pounds per week and several programs exists for those looking to stay on program for as short as 30 days to up to a lifetime. Overall we thought the cost of food was expensive for the tiny portions received. The convenience of the program was excellent but the cost proved too prohibitive for us. For those not familiar, this well known diet is marketed as a low sugar, high fiber plan that teaches a savvy approach to ingesting carbs.

Theoretically, Atkins says our bodies burn carbohydrates first before other products; by reducing our carb intake we switch the body to burning stored fat instead of carbs. However, skeptics say that Atkins doesn't create a better fat burning body but simply allows the dieter to take in fewer calories by eating dense foods that make them feel fuller longer. The diet generally consists of meat, eggs, and some vegetables until the maintenance phase kicks in.

Studies of long term success are marginal and this diet may be too restrictive for success. Debates also rage on whether the plan is ultimately healthy for the dieter. Unlike The South Beach plan, Atkins steers clear of many fruits and nearly all grains. For those meat lovers out there, and those wanting to focus on controlling hunger, you may find success - but the overall nutrition of the diet is in question.

The Zone diet was created in and is now making a come back with a twist - an online diet management tool. Thank goodness, we say, that something was created to help dieters with this complex program. Not only are you restricted to certain foods, but you have to eat them at certain times of the day. How many people can fit that into their busy schedule? None of us here thought we could do so easily. For those of you not familiar with this popular diet, the focus of the plan is to eat the right amount of protein and carbs at the right time of the day, in order to get your body into a state where you burn fat, lose weight, and control hunger - this is called "The Zone".

Specifically, the diet involves a three- step program to assist with getting into that fat burning state. Furthermore, the plan preaches that increased insulin levels is the cause for storing fat. Anticipated weight loss is 1 to 1.

The online tool explains how to eat the right balance of food, burn fat, and maintain energy levels. You'll find recipes, meal plans, and 24 hour support.

Is the plan safe? While some have questioned the overall health benefits of the program, others think it does a good job promoting healthy fats, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. However, the daily food limit is small and might increase chances of cheating and eventual failure. You don't want to end up frustrated by wasting your time and money by choosing the wrong diet. When evaluating popular diet plans , there are some important factors you need to consider:.

We hope these reviews help you decide which popular diet is right for you! Diet likely plays a role in the development - and prevention - of many chronic mental and physical health conditions. What you eat really does begin to create an outline for what your future health mi The 'best diet' to help you lose weight and keep it off revealed by experts.

New research has lifted the lid on the best way to lose weight and keep it off for good. In a study of more than people, scientists found that a steady - rather than dramatic - reduction in calori Following a ketogenic diet involves cutting back on high-carb foods like starches, desserts and processed snacks. This is essential to reaching a metabolic state called ketosis, which causes your body How Much is Best.

Depending on which expert or which study you refer to, opinions differ about the benefits of low-carb versus higher-carb diets, and why moderation is the best course. A low-carb diet can definitely be A small shift in pre-partum acid-base balance can benefit colostrum production. Heart disease is the deadliest disease in America.

It's especially dangerous because of conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which do not show symptoms. What you eat can majorl The Best Diet for the Planet.

Miriam Nelson talking about sustainable dietary habits on Living Lab Radio. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form without the express written consent of TopConsumerReviews. Best Popular Diets Weight Watchers. Popular Diets There are many popular diets for you to choose from when selecting how you want to lose weight. After all, they were created by the same people.

The meals available on Medifast are proven to work so it makes sense that they would offer very similar meals on Optavia. Similar to Medifast, it includes 6 small meals a day for a period of thirty days. These meals are designed with a very specific combination of proteins and carbohydrates. Protein levels are similar to what is available in the standard American diet, but carbohydrates have been decreased significantly.

The meals for each day contain grams or less of carbohydrates. In this mode, the body will safely and gradually burn fat stored in the body while keeping the majority of your muscle mass. You can completely prevent the loss of muscle mass by exercising regularly. This plan provides you with three Optavia meals each day as well as health bars, smoothies, and shakes. It will be up to you to make the other three meals required each day. While these two programs are strikingly similar in a lot of ways, there is one major difference: Optavia aims to educate participants while also providing them with meal plans.

This meal plan is unlike any of the plans offered by Medifast. It only provides half of the meals necessary for each day.

Access to an Optavia Coach is what truly separates Medifast from Optavia. When you begin any of the available Optavia programs you are assigned a coach. This is a person who will do all that they can to help you achieve optimal well being. They teach you all that you need to know to prepare healthy meals, to start an effective workout regimen, and to stay healthy even after leaving the program. With help from your coach, you can lose as much weight as you set as your goal. Your coach will help you set realistic time frames for achieving that goal as well as smaller goals along the way to keep you motivated.

Both programs are excellent and can be used to lose weight. You have access to most of the same meals on either program. But if you want to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to maintain a healthy weight without relying on a meal plan, then an Optavia plan with access to a coach is your best option. Ready to learn more? Optavia — What Makes Them Different? Which is Best for You?

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