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Craig December 11, , 7: He reappears in May when Roxy has to go to hospital after fainting. The concept is completely analogous although you come down on the opposite side of the debate in that arena. But they are called accidents for a reason. Per Policy Bulletin

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Insurance: A Tax on People who are Bad at Math?

Blue Cross of Blue Shield Massachusetts: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi: Per Employee Access Policy Bulletin insurance requires five-year history of morbid obesity, documentation of failed diet attempts and TSH. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska: Per Policy Bulletin 1.

Per Corporate Medical Policy insurance requires physician documentation of weight loss measures over the past 5 years, three-year weight history and psych evaluation.

Limited to one procedure per lifetime. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee: Gastric Sleeve may be covered on case by case determination. StomaphyX is investigational and not covered. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas: Blue Shield of California: Per Policy Bulletin insurance requires 6 month diet supervised by Primary Care Physician or physician other than a bariatric surgeon , medical evaluation by PCP, psych evaluation and two year history.

Per faxed policy insurance requires 3 month multi-disciplinary diet approach, psych evaluation, cardiac evaluation, pulmonary evaluation and post-op program. Per faxed policy insurance requires initial history and physical exam with office notes and any lab work done Highmark Blue Cross: Per Policy Bulletin G insurance requires physician supervised 6 month diet and exercise program and psych evaluation.

Per Policy Bulletin insurance requires five-year history of morbid obesity, 6 month diet and exercise program and psych evaluation. Per Policy Bulletin insurance requires 6 month medically supervised diet, Primary Care Physician clearance and psych evaluation.

Per Policy Bulletin Per Utilization Management at Pacificare, this is a general exclusion on the policy but should be submitted with LOMN, PCP, pulmonary, cardiac and psychiatric clearance along with three year history of diets tried and outcomes.

Per Policy Bulletin CP. Per fax transmission insurance requires three-year history, 6 month diet supervised by physician other than surgeon and psych evaluation. Per Policy Bulletin 58 insurance requires 6 month diet, psych and documentation of willingness to comply. No set policy bulletin. Each case to be evaluated individually. Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield: Not sure if you have insurance coverage for weight loss surgery?

Click here to let us help you get approved. Each insurance company has its own criteria for bariatric surgery, and policies change frequently. We will work with your insurance company on your behalf and submit all required information to expedite their approval process, so you'll know in advance what is covered. First we will prepare a letter to establish the "medical necessity" of weight loss surgery and obtain pre-authorization from your insurance company. We will need some facts and records from you to prepare this letter, such as your height, weight, body mass index and any documentation proving how long you have been overweight.

Insurance companies will not accept "morbid obesity" as enough to establish medical necessity. They require a full description of your obesity-related health conditions, including documentation of the effects they've had on your everyday life, records of treatment, and medication histories. We will need a detailed history of your dieting efforts and results with medically and non-medically supervised programs, including medical records, and payment and attendance records with commercial weight-loss programs.

We will also need a history of your exercise programs, including health club membership receipts. Lastly, we will need a letter from your general physician diagnosing you as morbidly obese and stating that you are a candidate for bariatric surgery.

Derek responds sarcastically and leaves. When Peggy returns Louise to Lisa, they contact Derek again, and when he arrives, Phil steals his bag to get Lisa's address. Kat refuses to tell Derek why she did it but assures him that it will not happen again. Alfie then tells Derek that he felt he had let Kat down but he would help her get better. Derek is satisfied with this and leaves. Buster informs Derek of his criminal record and Derek tells Shirley that single people can adopt children as well, prompting Shirley to nearly split up with Buster.

Billy and Honey insist Jay is innocent but Derek informs them that Jay's contact with their children must be supervised. Derek returns in August after Honey reports Jay to the police for possession of drugs which he had been dealing, to reassess their living arrangements.

Derek tells Honey that he is concerned about her children's welfare due to the presence of the drugs and implies that Jay might be a danger to Janet and William, causing Jay to decide to move out of the flat. After Jay's home assessment discovers he is living with an underage Louise now played by Tilly Keeper at Phil's house, Derek visits Sharon Mitchell Letitia Dean and despite Sharon insisting that she and Phil trust Jay, Derek tells her if Jay does not move out, Louise may have to be taken into care as her needs come first.

He works on the design to renovate the pub itself, after Pat Evans Pam St. Clement found a flea on the bar, though the regulars think the pub looks the same, and Peggy berates him for it. At one stage Marco breaks down crying to Peggy, after his boyfriend left him. Dot Branning June Brown later finds the baby, and knowing Reverend Lavender is on holiday, takes Tomas back to Walford , leaving a note in the church with her address on it. Dot's husband Jim John Bardon goes to a brass house, finding a flyer for it with Tomas, to track Anya down, but is told she no longer works there by a hostess he speaks to and that she works shagging ev fans after a loss.

After shouting at Dot for interfering, Dot offers her a place to stay, and she accepts. Jim, however, does not agree with this, and reports Anya to the immigration authorities. Immigration officers arrive and Jim tells Dot what he has done. Dot takes Anya and Tomas out of the house and hides them in the back of her car.

Dot returns to the house and tells immigration that there is nobody there and it must have been a hoax. Dot and Jim then take Anya and Tomas to a church, believing it to be a sanctuary where they will be safe. The immigration officers follow them to the church, where Dot says Anya and Tomas will be safe in a room at the back of the church and could live there. Rice tells Dot she is wrong about this. Anya eventually decides to give herself up, but tells Jim to take care of Tomas as she now trusts them.

She later writes to Dot in June , telling her to care for her son — not knowing that Tomas is now up for adoption, when Dot realises that she cannot bring up baby Tomas. Dot leaves her address on a notice board in the church, and Anya arrives in Walford to collect Tomas on 10 April.

She is later arrested by immigration officials Warren Rice Ewan Bailey and Paul Jenkins Simon Quarterman for being an illegal immigrant, but she doesn't tell them she has a baby, leaving him with Dot and her husband Jim John Bardon.

Jim later tells his family that Tomas is the product of an affair between Dot's son Nick Cotton John Altman and a prison nurse with no maternal instincts. She first appears in April , when Garry attends her wedding. Hazel then decides she doesn't want to marry her fiancé, Gerald, because he has too much nasal hair, describing it as "like tusks". She and Garry rush back to Gerald's house to collect her belongings, but Gerald arrives at the house before they leave, and hits Garry, thinking he is Hazel's toyboy.

However this leads to Garry punching Minty and Hazel leaves Walford. In August , it is revealed that Hazel and Minty have started a relationship behind Garry's back. Garry finds out they are seeing each other and is outraged. Back in Walford, Minty finds the engagement ring that Garry had used to propose to Dawn she said no and bends down to pick it up off the floor. He is on one knee, holding the ring, when Hazel comes in the room, and she assumes that Minty is planning to propose to her and immediately says "Yes, I do".

Hazel then starts planning the wedding, and she gets a job as a receptionist at Booty. Hazel then asks an elated Heather to be her bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding to Minty, to which she accepts. After fainting at work, Hazel starts to believe she is pregnant. Minty buys lots of things for the baby but Hazel tearfully reveals on in February that it is the menopause , and she can never have a baby.

Hazel then leaves the square, believing that she would be restricting Minty's future desires to have a family if she stayed with him. However Hazel returns on 22 April and proposes to Minty on his wedding morning to Heather. Hazel tells him that they'd get married and set for a life on the cruise ships but he says no and goes after Heather. Hazel then watches as the wedding goes ahead without her, and then says goodbye to Garry and leaves. This is her last appearance, but it is mentioned in February that Hazel is on a cruise ship heading for Monaco.

She is a dress fitter and first appears fitting Stella Crawford 's Sophie Thompson wedding dress in April , and criticises her taste, making her angry. She returns on 5 March to fit Peggy's wedding dress and she takes an instant dislike to Peggy's niece and future stepdaughter Roxy Rita Simons. The wedding dress she creates for Peggy is slightly provocative and Peggy's fiancé Archie Larry Lamb sees the plans and purposely walks in, seeing Peggy in the dress, making her want to change it in fear of bad luck.

She then notices Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks following Archie and grows suspicious, thinking they are having an affair. She asks Archie, who then tells her that now they are paying for another dress, he wants to make some changes making the new dress less revealing. Olive feels insulted when Roxy insults the dresses.

When Ronnie finds a dress she likes, Olive returns with them to The Queen Victoria pub to make adjustments. However, whilst Olive is making the adjustments, Ronnie tears the dress off and runs out of the Vic when the conversation turns to her father. She visits May with her two children on 1 May , when she finds the nursery in May's flat meant for Dawn Swann 's Kara Tointon baby, presuming May is pregnant. Manju Patel is played by Leena Dhingra.

Originally a guest character, Mrs Patel's primary purpose was as a plot device in the exit of nurse Naomi Julien , after the actress Petra Letang left the show. May writes out a double prescription for her, and takes one of the bottles of dihydrocodeine pills for her own personal use.

She gives him one month's notice to vacate the flat along with his wife Honey Emma Barton and baby Janet because she wants a professional couple with no children to live there. Eventually, Mrs Patel decides to evict the couple from the flat. However, Billy changes the locks so Mrs Patel cannot enter.

When Billy is out buying nappies, Mrs Patel gets help from her nephews to get into the flat and remove Honey, the children and all their belongings. She offers Billy money as a good will gesture but Billy refuses to accept it. They buy the material from Mrs Patel after seeing it although Mrs Patel isn't seen.

Warren Stamp , played by Will Mellor , is a salesman who asks Preeti Choraria Babita Pohoomull out on a date after trying to sell her supplies at Booty. He assaults Preeti on the date leaving distinct bruises on her arm. A day later he goes on a date with Carly Wicks Kellie Shirley where he puts drugs in her drink in an attempt to rape her. Summer is born in June after Dawn goes into premature labour on the tube.

Dawn gets to hospital and safely delivers Summer with her friend Carly Wicks Kellie Shirley by her side. Dawn initially finds it hard to bond with Summer as she still wants to go out partying. However, during a trip to Brighton in August with Summer and Garry Hobbs Ricky Groves , Dawn takes responsibility for Summer and vows to become a proper mother to her.

Dawn also enters her for the "Beautiful Baby" competition at The Queen Victoria pub on her first birthday in June Dawn puts fake tan on Summer for the competition, which she later has an allergic reaction to, but she is named runner-up at the competition any way. May was married to Summer's birth father Rob Minter but they were taking a break and he had a brief relationship with Dawn and she got pregnant.

May, who is unable to have children, never quite got over it especially as during her pregnancy, Dawn agreed that May could adopt Summer. However, Dawn changed her mind and refused to let May take Summer. Upon seeing Summer in fake tan, May brands Dawn a terrible mother to Summer before attacking her and her brother Mickey Miller Joe Swash and then trying to leave with Summer, whom she calls Sophie.

However, Mickey snatches Summer back and locks May out of the bedroom, leaving May trying to break down the door, screaming for Summer. Devastated, May goes down to the kitchen and blows the house up by lighting a cigarette in the kitchen while the gas cooker was on. Mickey then tries to throw Summer out the window but he drops her when he passes out and Jase catches her. Summer was declared healthy once checked by doctors.

In July , it is revealed that Jase has adopted Summer, Dawn did not put Rob's name on Summer's birth certificate as she registered the birth alone and was not married to Rob. More tragedy strikes for Dawn and Jase when Jase is murdered in August by members of a gang he used to be in.

Being in Walford after Jase's death proves too much for Dawn and in September , she and Summer join her family in the Cotswolds. Dawn returns to Walford in October for Jase's funeral, but is adamant that she is returning to the Cotswolds but is eventually persuaded by Garry to stay in Walford and two weeks later, she and Summer move in with Garry, Minty Peterson Cliff Parisi and Callum Monks Elliott Jordan.

However, Garry finds out but decides to give Dawn another chance, and they leave Walford together with Summer, sailing on a boat, in August Sergeant Kenny Morris , played by Ryan Philpott, is a police officer who is originally introduced as a police constable, but later becomes a sergeant. He is first seen as an associate of Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt , who Ian gives free food to in his café, in return for an occasional police presence.

He is later called to Shirley Carter 's Linda Henry flat when a party is getting out of hand. He breaks up a fight and is almost hit by Shirley, however, he ends up staying the night and having sex with her.

When Darren Miller Charlie G. Hawkins tells Kevin that the car is stolen and that Morris is a police officer, they steal the car from Morris and set it on fire. He appears again when Max Branning Jake Wood calls the police following a faked burglary at his home. On 15 January he appears when the police receive complaints of a protest outside Gilly's Massage Parlour.

Morris later visits Glenda to take a statement from her. Phil demands a crime reference number from Morris who mocks Phil along with his colleague. Morris is on the phone and tells her to wait but she ignores him and goes into the station. Morris is forced to apologise to Marsden for not stopping her and she tells him to escort Ritchie back to the front desk. He is also present when Phil arrives at the police station and Morris asks him to wait.

Morris later informs Marsden that Phil has returned to the station and wants to see her. In November , Morris visits Denise Fox Diane Parish and tells her that a person the police have in custody has given her address as theirs. She confirms to Morris all of the people who live in her house.

Denise then tries to find out from Morris who the arrested person is, and although he is unable to tell her, she realises it is her former stepson Jordan Johnson Joivan Wade.

Heather Trott , played by Cheryl Fergison , is first introduced as a guest character, but later becomes a regular. Heather's character is known for her headbands , love of cheese and karaoke , and being a fan of singer George Michael. In , Heather is involved in a whodunnit -style storyline when she becomes pregnant by an unknown man. Several characters are possibilities, and the father, teenager Darren Miller Charlie G. Hawkins is revealed after the baby, George Trott , is born.

He later appears when Shirley is in Brighton with her best friend Heather Trott Cheryl Fergison and they run into him. He offers them a lift back to Walford because their car has been clamped. Zainab and Masood stay strong through various family difficulties, and Zainab gives birth to another son, Kamil in , but their joy is short-lived as Syed soon admits that he is gay.

He abuses her and is killed, leaving her a widow. A university graduate, she has not yet decided what career path she wants to follow and works in her parents' posy office in the meantime.

She has aspirations to travel and makes secret plans to leave Walford, but she is forced to rethink when she discovers her parents are having financial difficulties. Shabnam struggles with the clash between her family's traditional Muslim culture and modern British life, and after her mother catches her poledancing in a club, Shabnam starts to feel confused about where she belongs.

In , Shabnam returned to Walford , this time played by Rakhee Thakrar. Mickey asks her not to tell Gus about the phones, which she does not. When Bert Atkinson Dave Hill later plasters posters of Wellard around Walford , she deals with a complaint about them, telling Gus to take them down or he will be fined. She is also present at the police station and takes Ronnie Mitchell 's Samantha Womack clothes from her for forensic analysis after she is arrested for the murder. He arrives in Walford to reunite with his estranged son.

It is revealed that Jase used to be in a gang of football hooligans led by Terry Bates Nicholas Ball , and his involvement led to him spending time in prison. However Jase finds his gang-related past hard to break free from. Described as the "fire", as opposed to Ronnie's "ice", [15]. Described as the "ice", as opposed to Roxy's "fire", [15] Ronnie takes over Scarlet nightclub and forms a relationship with her business partner, Jack Branning , Scott Maslen.

However Ronnie finds it difficult to move on from the years of manipulation and abuse she suffered from her father, Archie Mitchell Larry Lamb. It is soon revealed that Craig has a gun in the glove compartment of his car. Lauren Branning Madeline Duggan invites him and Lucy to her house and they play truth or dare. Craig later dares Lucy to shoplift from the Minute Mart. Patrick is attacked soon after. Ian and Max find Lucy and Craig in bed at Craig's flat.

Craig is warned by Max whilst Lucy is told to button her top and get out. The next day after taking Lucy home, Ian reports the incident to the police and Craig is cautioned, much to Ian's annoyance. Lucy and Craig later meet in secret. It is later revealed that it was Craig who attacked Patrick. Sean Slater Robert Kazinsky , who had also disagreed with Patrick, is charged with the crime.

On the same day, it is revealed that Craig and Lucy have got back together. When Lucy plays truant , she goes to see Craig and gets into his car, almost discovering his gun, but he stops her by saying there is a wasp in her hair and quickly changes the subject.

On 6 September, Craig and Lucy run away to a hotel. When Craig comes out of the shower topless, he makes it clear that he wants to have sex but she throws her drink on him and locks herself in the bathroom. She phones Ian on her mobile but her family have gone looking for her so they never get the call.

She leaves a message but it is cut short when her battery runs out. She persuades Craig to leave the hotel by saying they will steal money from Ian.

Lucy runs to her father, pretending to cry, and tells the police that Craig attacked Patrick. Craig is arrested for attempted murder and is not seen again, resulting in Sean's freedom. However, Craig hides his gun in Lucy's bag.

Steven Aaron Sidwell , Lucy's half-brother, later attempts to use the gun to shoot himself but instead wounds Jane. As of April , she has had four separate stints in the series, in two episodes , four episodes , , and onwards. Rainie has been called "troublesome" [16] and "troubled". One month later, she leads a team of officers to arrest Deano and Chelsea Fox Tiana Benjamin for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

He leaves Patrick his card, and Patrick later telephones him and tells him Sean is the culprit. One month later, the police officers arrest Chelsea and Deano after it has been discovered they are perverting the course of justice. He returns on 18 March when Lucy runs away and leaves again on 23 March. He becomes involved in the chase with Bradley and he watches him fall to his death.

Treacher, who plays the character, is the son of former EastEnders actor Bill Treacher , who played original character Arthur Fowler from to Clement borrowed from Kevin Wicks Phil Daniels. As Shirley and Heather drives away to Brighton, Pat comes out from the service station and calls out that it is her car, but she slips and breaks her shoe. Len mends her broken shoe, and then offers her a lift to Worthing , where she had been heading for.

After Pat accepts, he drives her to a run-down mental facility where Pat's long-lost sister Joan had been sent sixty years previously. After being refused entry, he helps Pat to break in, where they discover that Joan hadn't died aged 22 as Pat had been told, but had been sent to a different hospital in the s.

However, while running from the police, Len drops the paper which reveals which hospital she had been sent to, but he searches the internet and finds the location. He takes Pat there, where they discover that Joan had only died a few years ago, and that she had married in He takes Pat back to Walford, where he says goodbye to her, giving her his card, looks around, and then drives away. Len isn't heard of again until Christmas Eve , when Pat receives a rocking horse and card from him. Damian , played by James Hillier , is Roxy Mitchell 's Rita Simons fiancé whom she starts avoiding calls from during her stay in Walford.

Roxy tells her sister Ronnie Samantha Womack she is going to leave Damian and never go back to Ibiza, but Ronnie warns her to wait until she gets the money out of his business. They then both get into an argument over the situation during which Damian arrives totally unexpectedly at The Queen Victoria pub.

Roxy even kisses Ian to prove she loves him with all her heart in front of Damian. Damian then leaves to go back to Ibiza. Two months later, Damian returns to Walford to be with Roxy, who pretends that she had a miscarriage.

On 29 October, Damian attacks Ian in the café when he discovers that he and Roxy were never even in love, and then gets himself arrested by Jack Branning Scott Maslen when he "hits" Ronnie this is set up by Ronnie, when she makes it look like he was sexually assaulting her. Damian then realises that Roxy doesn't really love him, but is using him to get the money he owes her. This is the last time he is seen.

Queenie is a controlling woman, who regularly taunts, insults and demeans her daughter, always calling her by the name "Pig". When Shirley Carter Linda Henry asks Heather to move out of her mother's flat and into hers, Queenie manipulates Heather into staying by pretending to have an accident.

Heather is so concerned for her mother's safety that she decides not to move out, but she later hears Queenie laughing about her deception to a friend on the phone. Heather is so angry that she decides to move in with Shirley after all, only to find that Shirley has been evicted as she'd failed to pay the rent.

Not wanting to remain living with her spiteful mother, Heather decides to pay the rent with money she has in her savings account. When she sneaks back to Queenie's to find her savings book however, she discovers that her mother has stolen most of her money. When she discovers that Heather is pretending to be Hazel Hobbs Kika Mirylees so they can win a wedding competition is a magazine, Queenie blackmails Minty and Heather, saying she will not leave unless they give her their winnings from the competition.

Heather reveals to Minty that Queenie had told her that her father walked out on them because he hated living with Heather. Minty then encourages Heather to stand up to Queenie, which she does, prompting Queenie to leave. Queenie later tries to stop Minty and Heather's wedding, revealing Heather's true identity to Marni Lisa Ellis from the magazine. Heather marries Minty anyway and later berates Queenie for trying to ruin her happiness, and Queenie leaves.

When Heather gives birth to a baby boy named George in , she phones Queenie to let her know that she is a grandmother, but is unsurprisingly let down by her mother's response. In , Heather tries to visit Queenie but a neighbour tells her that Queenie has moved to Eastbourne a few years before.

When Heather is murdered in , Queenie does not attend her funeral. When Babe's niece, Shirley, best friend of Heather, and her family go to Ramsgate, Babe decides to come clean about the incident with Queenie, but when Queenie's name is brought up, Shirley works out from looking at photos with dates on the back, that Babe and Queenie took babies from teenage girls and gave them away.

Tamwar works hard on his studies to please his parents, but he fails to achieve the grades he needs for his place at university. Later in , Tamwar meets Afia again and they begin dating, leading to a marriage. However, the various dramas between the two families, including Yusef physically abusing Zainab, ultimately lead to Afia divorcing Tamwar.

He represents them in court after they are charged with falsifying evidence in a police enquiry. Despite Mr Hughes' plea for lenience, Deano and Chelsea are sentenced to 6 months in prison. After she forgets his birthday, Vinnie finally confronts her, resulting in Shirley revealing her true feelings for Phil. They split, but Vinnie is soon joined by his son, Callum Elliott Jordan.

When an old friend offers him the chance to travel across the world in a vintage car, Vinnie accepts the offer, but is unsure whether he should take his ex-girlfriend, Shirley. Masood appears as the local postman, and moves to Albert Square with his family. He catches up with Jase Dyer Stephen Lord , a former member of the gang, in Walford and attempts to recruit him back into the gang. When this fails to win Jase back, the gang raid The Queen Victoria pub looking for him.

Jase had arrived in London from Manchester aged 15, and Terry took him under his wing. After Dee told the police about Jase's unruly behaviour, Jase went to prison and came out a changed man, caring for his son Jay.

(Federal Acquisition Regulation Site)