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You pierce a block of ice. Pierce the cow's chest. Let us stuff some papers in the bag. Stuff some papers in the bag. Huwag kang manaksak ng kalaro mo. You should not stab your playmates. Sumaksi ka ba sa pagkamatay ni Eva? Did you witness the death of Eva? Salakayin natin ang kuta ng mga rebelde. Let us assault the fort of the rebels. You stack the plates in the cupboard. You tell us your story. Tell us what happened to you yesterday.

You include some children in our game. Include the children in the game. You pour some soy sauce in the bottle.

Pour the soy sauce in the bottle. Huwag ka nang magsalita laban sa kanya. You should not say anything else against him. Did you meet with them at the airport? Meet your father at the door. Magsalubong tayo sa may harap ng sinehan mamayang gabi.

Let us meet each other infront of of the moviehouse later tonight. Sumama ang pakiramdam ni Ana kaninang umaga. Ana became ill this morning. Sumama tayo papuntang palengke kina Sheila at Rhoda. Let us join Sheila and Rhoda on the way to the market. You bring along some of your friends for dinner tonight. Bring along Sheila on your way to Berkeley. You should not slap people. Slap the student sleeping in the class. Sumampalataya ka ba sa kanyang sinabi?

Did you believe in what he said? You hang the clothes in the bathroom. Hang the clothes in the bathroom. Expresses unreal futurity in the past or doubtful futurity in the present. You should practise well for your singing. Get used to the hardships in life. You lean the mirror against the wall. Lean the mirror against the wall. You scoop some rice. Sumandok ka ng tubig mula sa tapayan. You scoop some water from the clay jar.

Sumangga siya sa suntok ng kalaban. He shielded himself against the punches of the enemy. You should shield youself from the punch of the enemy. Shield yourself from the punch of the enemy.

Sanggahin mo ang suntok ng kalaban. Shield yourself from the punches of the enemy. You mortgage your watch so you can have some money. Mortgage your watch so you can have some money. You put some bedsheets as underlayer on your bed. Use the bedsheet as underlayer on your bed. You shut the door. Let us now return the rented videos. Return the videos we rented. You memorize ten poems. Memorize the Philippine National Anthem.

Sumawsaw siya ng shushi sa toyo. He dipped the sushi in the soy sauce. Huwag kang magsayang ng pera ng magulang mo. You should not waste the money of your parents. You dance at the bar tonight. Hindi madaling magselos si Hillary. Hillary is not the type who easily gets jealous.

Huwag ka nang magsentimyento sa iyong asawa. You should not feel disappointed with your spouse. Sumenyas ka sa amin kung pumayag ang pulis. You give us a signal if the policeman agreed. Let us build a bonfire here.

Set fire on the wood. Let's cook some pork broth. Make some pork broth. Bawal magsigarilyo sa loob ng gusali. Smoking inside the building is not allowed. You shout out loud. Shout the name of Maria. The horse kicked its hind legs because of fear. Kick your left foot backwards. Magsikap tayong lahat upang ang buhay natin ay umunlad.

We should all work diligently so we could have a better life. Sumiksik na lang si Pedro sa punong bus upang huwag siyang mahuli sa pagpasok sa opisina. Pedro crammed himself in the full bus in order not to be late in going to his office.

You cram in some papers inside the bag. Cram your body inside the little cabinet. You should serve your motherland. Serve what you cooked. Monica is fond of peeping through Kenneth's room. Kenneth wants to peep inside Bill's room. Magsimba tayo ng maaga sa Linggo. Let us go to church early on Sunday. Simutin mo ang pagkain sa iyong plato. Finish the food on your plate. You should now start a new life. You light up a candle. Light up the candle. You should blow your nose so you could breathe better.

Blow your clogged nose. Did you collect payments for all your loans? You insert some money in Pedro's pocket. Insert the money in Pedro's pocket. Huwag kang magsinungaling sa iyong asawa. You should not lie to your spouse. You should not kick on those beside you. Sumipi ka ng nakasulat sa pisara.

You copy what is on the blackboard. You brush your teeth before going to bed. You sip some coke. Ikaw ba ang sumira sa aking damit? Are you the one who ripped my clothes? I am not fond of breaking other people's things. I don't want to destroy our good friendship. Magtrabaho ka ng maayos kung ayaw mong masisante.

You should do your job well if you don't want to be fired. He wants to fire lazy employees. Don't fire those diligent employees. Magsisi ka na sa iyong mga pagkakamali. You should now repent of all your mistakes.

Huwag kang manisi ng iba, sisihin mo na lang ang iyong sarili. You should not blame others, just blame yourself. We swam under the sea. Let's go under the sea. Let us auction our things. Auction the old furniture. You should choose well your friends so you won't get into trouble. In three games against the Redskins, he has averaged yards per game and he has five touchdowns. Mark Ingram, Saints —He will be coming off of a four-game suspension for Redskins vs. Saints in Week 5.

Will he be rested or rusty? Last year against Washington in the Superdome, Ingram rushed for yards and a touchdown on just 11 carries. Leonard Fournette, Jaguars —The rookie did surpass the thousand-yard mark, posting 1, I look for him to have a big breakout this year.

Lewis will play a lot of third downs and will spell Henry sometimes early in games. That will leave the , pound Henry fresh to grind up the clock if the Titans have a late lead. Jay Ajayi, Eagles —Nobody has quite figured out why the Dolphins dealt him to the Eagles in midseason, but Philly was more than happy to add him to the offense. Ajayi became a workhorse in the postseason with 42 rushing attempts and six receptions in three games. I do need to mention Giants rookie Saquan Barkley here.

He will be dangerous, no doubt. D avid Johnson of the Cardinals also will be tough to handle. After he missed all of last year with a hand injury it's difficult to rank him, too.

If he is in his form in Week 1 the Redskins will face a tough task. Best of the rest: Stay up to date on the Redskins. Rich Tandler covers the team days a year. Sure sounds like a league in trouble to me. Former Redskins offensive tackle Geroge Starke, one of the original Hogs, was born on this date in The Redskins last played a game days ago. They will open the NFL season at the Cardinals in 53 days.

Harris will miss his second straight regular-season game with a concussion. He was able to practice on a limited basis last week and he was questionable on the final injury report so there was hope that he could go. However, he is out. There is some good news at wide receiver.

Paul Richardson, who was listed as questionable with a shoulder injury, will play. He injured the shoulder against the Cardinals last Sunday.