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TrishMush, September 8, Already spilled twice with little protection. Rickay04, January 7, It pulverized everything I tried so far. Nutribullet Balance Smart Blender. If you pass the Max line it will leak out. This is so much better and easier to use and easier to clean.

About This Item

Look carefully at the picture: Already spilled twice with little protection. Slojoroam, July 11, Written by a customer while visiting nutribullet. This thing is a beast! It blends anything I throw at it, including nuts and grains! Also, taking the gasket out for cleaning is extremely hard so I end up doing that maybe once a month. Maybe send me a dozen gaskets so I can throw out the moldy ones every month or so. Aside from this engineering flaw, the product is great!

I have an expensive kitchen aid blender that I got years ago to make smoothies. This is so much better and easier to use and easier to clean.

The Pro comes with extra glasses so multiple people can make their own drink and drink right out of the cup. I just got this and I haven't tried it with ice cubes yet, but I have used frozen blueberries and whole flax seeds and it pulverized these perfectly.

I am really impressed. My husband makes protein drinks not smoothies and has just been using a shaker. This is so easy to use that he just puts the whey and milk in the nutribullet to mix it.

I wasn't about to let him use the blender that I had to take apart and clean every time. This is a great product that lives up to its claims. Except I'm not so sure about the claims of how healthy the drinks are- they are no more healthy than what you put in them.

Blending ability - ease of use - clean up- all 5 stars. Tspa, May 30, Okay for very light, short term use. Had mine for roughly a year and a half. While it was operating, it worked well. I used it sparingly when I wanted shakes or to blend up some vegetables to drink.

Unfortunately, it stopped working all together. I did everything I was supposed to do: Upon calling, I was made to feel like I was dumb and that I was lying about what I was telling the operator. Wasn't a comfortable or helpful situation. I was thinking that I would finally be able to get a replacement for a malfunctioning part delivered or something to that effect, but not at all.

I said no thanks and that I would rather spend my money on a Vitamix that actually backs their products and has excellent customer service. DerekD21, June 16, Love this NutriBullet Pro I purchased this during a sleepless night I saw the informerical and logged on to Walmart.

I couldn't be happier I would definitely recommend this to everyone. So far I've only really used the large colossal cup I find this large cup provides a shake that keeps me full for hours. Tell us if something is incorrect. Arrives by Wednesday, Sep Add a Walmart Protection Plan. NutriBullet Pro 9-Piece. Videos Video is not supported in this browser Play Again. Does not do the main job I wanted it to do. I bought this because on the commercial it shows how easy it i9s to make juice out of everything and cleans up quick.

So My main concern was the kale leaves, I even asked the question if this could juice kale leaves directly to owners. Well they said no problem. Don't send out answers that you just think are true. This does not brake down kale leaves, nor does it do a good job on carrots or spinach. I would think it could do a good job on berries or maybe ice. So I'm sending it back the same day I received it.

I ordered it on line at days but it took much longer only to be as dissatisfied as can be. I even bought the two year warranty hoping to get my juicing done and a quick clean up. My next try will be the ninja mixer, I'm not holding my breath. But I'll pick that up in the store. IronDiesel58, March 11, I've been on a health kick for about 2 months now and I wanted something that would blend my food without having to use a big appliance that would be a pain to wash every time I used it.

I saw this on a commercial and decided I wanted one. I purchased it through WalMart because I didn't want to have to deal with an number if it didn't work out. I made a meal supplement with it last night and a healthy NutriBlast this morning for breakfast. I love how it comes with a booklet on how to safely store your fruits and veggies.

So far it works really well takes much less than 30 seconds to emulcify my food. In 15 seconds it will blend everything I put in there- including almonds and flax seed. Definitely worth the money! Wish I had this when my children were eating baby food.

Perfect for making Hot Sauce. Bought this item for making Wing Sauce. Seeing his working is what motivated me to buy the Regular NutriBullet. Figured if it did not perform, I'd take it back and get the Pro