Ayurveda Research Papers (CCA Student papers)


This is when ether or akasha, the most subtle of the five elements, becomes evident. The anticancer effect of Brahmi extracts may be due to inhibition of DNA replication in cancer cell lines Case of Nephrosis Syndrome year-old man, weighing- 9 55 kg: These factors are supported by the latest advances in medical theory and endorsed by doctors working with the organic germanium compound. They do, however, have homologs of many genes that play key roles in synaptic function in other animals. PIs disable protease, another protein that HIV needs to make copies of itself.

Dr. Lam's Key Questions

Neural therapy defined

The RDA Recommended Dietary Allowance was set up for common natural compounds as a general guide for a healthy population that wishes to avoid recognized vitamin deficiency diseases such as scurvy or rickets. The prevailing view among nutritional experts is that this is hardly sufficient to maintain optimum health, not to mention therapeutic uses. Third, most compounds have little or no recognizable side effects at doses many times higher than RDA dose because the body has the built-in mechanism and is able to metabolize them effectively.

Nutritional experts therefore tend to use higher doses but practitioners of conventional medicine find this hard to understand. Fourth, few studies have been conducted in the toxic consequence of many of the natural compounds due to funding constraints.

As a result, there is lack of standardization. Fifth, the same natural compound such as herbs and glandulars can behave differently in the same person depending on that person's state of dysfunction. They can act as adaptogens and become beneficial when the Adrenal Fatigue condition is mild, but turn stimulatory when the fatigue is severe. Sixth, the optimum therapeutic dosage required for recovery is body-specific.

The right dosage for one person is very different for another person, even if the degree of Adrenal Fatigue is similar. Seventh, there is a drastic difference in the bio-availability of nutrients made available to the cells depending on the delivery system. The absorption rate of liposomalized vitamin C taken orally is far superior as it is delivered through the small intestines. A mg dose of liposomalized oral vitamin C can therefore be many times more effective than when the vitamin is taken in capsule or tablet form, even though both are taken orally.

Eighth, different manufacturers of natural compounds use different grades and purity which are not disclosed to the consumer on the bottle labels. Low quality nutritional supplements are usually less effective than higher quality supplements.

Due to the lack of this knowledge among the general public, inappropriate use of nutritional supplements is rampant in all areas of natural health, including Adrenal Fatigue. Consumers are often confused, not knowing what to take, when to take, how much to take and the right delivery system and form to use.

It is no surprise that therapeutic failure is common. The danger of inappropriate use of nutritional compounds is that not only is the recovery impeded but invariably they lead to the worsening of the condition over time. Harm is done to the body more than the benefit received.

The net result is a worsening state. This is one of the greatest misgivings of most self-guided and non-professionally guided programs, especially if the Adrenal Fatigue is advanced. Let us examine this more closely. Adrenal Fatigue support nutrients commonly include Vitamin C ; Vitamin B12; Vitamin B5 and its derivative pantethine , Vitamin E , adrenal glandulars from various sources, herbs such as licorice, ashwagandha, ginseng, maca Peruvian ginseng ; pro-hormones such as DHEA and pregnenolone ; and steroids.

These nutrients vary greatly in their intrinsic properties as well as having different dose-dependent properties. Selecting the right form of the nutrients at the right time with the right dose and delivery system is the key to providing the body with the necessary nutrients to start the healing process in a systematic and comprehensive fashion. This sound principal is unfortunately not being followed often enough. Long term use of stimulatory nutrients can lead to withdrawal problems and addiction.

Though they might have other concurrent adaptogenic properties, many adrenal supportive nutrients commonly used are intrinsically stimulatory in nature in a setting of advanced adrenal weakness, These include ginseng, licorice, ashwagandha, maca, vitamin B5, and vitamin B12, just to name a few.

In principle, they help the body generate energy and overcome fatigue by stimulating the adrenal glands to work harder.

Hormones related to adrenal function include cortisol and epinephrine. These are important " fight or flight " and "survival" hormones designed to help the body overcome its perceived stress, whether it be physical or emotional. When these nutrients are administered, the body has to absorb and metabolize them to be effective and therapeutic. If the body can accept and process these nutrients, a surge of energy may be experienced.

This is considered a desired response. However, many are misled to believe that this rush of energy is a sign of successful recovery. Some may even attempt to take more, thinking that more is better. However, there is a significant risk that is seldom recognized. As the body gets used to these nutrients, tolerance may develop. A higher dosage is required over time to maintain the same energy level or for the avoidance of fatigue.

This is a classic sign of addiction. In addition to caffeine from coffee and black tea to kick start the system, the body now has an added addiction - stimulatory nutrients. Without these, the body may experience symptoms of withdrawal resulting in a sudden onset of severe fatigue or " adrenal crash ". The crash can last for hours at first and then expand into days and in severe cases, months. With each crash, the overall adrenal function gets worse.

Natural compounds can behave differently at different dosages. Vitamin C, for example, is a common antioxidant and an adrenal enhancer.

At high doses and in certain people, there may be transient clinical deterioration due to possible "re-toxification" effect. Melatonin, for example can be more effective at low doses like 0. Natural compounds such as herbs and glandulars that are traditionally gentle can become stimulatory at times and generate overreactions as well as paradoxical reactions. Some people feel calmer with vitamin C, while others may feel more anxious at various doses. Some of these behaviors can be traced to the particular compound or the environment within which the compound functions.

For example, while most people develop diarrhea with excessive vitamin C, some will develop constipation instead. That a particular nutrient can have different properties depending on different dosages taken must be recognized to effectively formulate a nutritional supplementation program.

The body's metabolic state changes during the recovery process affecting the dosage requirement. The adrenal recovery cycle typically consists of multiple peaks and valleys, resembling a roller coaster ride. While the general recovery trend should be upward resembling a staircase, in the overall scheme of things, it is normal to have minor down cycles in the recovery process.

An experienced clinician will anticipate these dips and take quick action to help avoid downturn as much as possible by adjusting the dosage of nutrients. Avoidance of crashes is a sign of clinical excellence. Inexperienced clinicians and people in self-guided programs often find themselves in a catch-up mode after the crash has occurred and not knowing why.

Applying the same dose of nutrients throughout the recovery process without careful consideration of the cyclical recovery process can lead to devastating results. You can be overdosing and putting excessive loads on the adrenals at a time when they do not need as much, or under-dosing and thus depriving the adrenals of nutrients when they are needed the most.

Sometimes, less nutrients are needed in an up cycle, while more is needed in the down cycle. Other times, it is just the reverse. It is important to match the dosage and the most appropriate form and delivery system to the metabolic curve throughout the entire recovery journey for maximum effectiveness. Most conventional physicians are not well informed on Adrenal Fatigue because it is not a recognized condition in the main stream medical community. The lack of medical education and research in the condition results in tremendous misinformation and confusion among the medical professionals and lay communities alike.

On top of this, modern medicine has a tendency to lean towards laboratory-based rather than body-based to be the best scientific approach to healing. In many clinical settings, modern diagnostic testing is absolutely necessary. It is in fact life saving. However, in the case of Adrenal Fatigue, accurate and dependable testing has yet to achieve the level of correlation with the body's symptoms to be fully recognized by the medical community at large, despite significant development in recent decades.

The more advanced the adrenal weakness, the lower the clinical correlation with laboratory results. A large number of presenting symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue are vague and unusual because the adrenal glands affect almost every major system of the body.

Dysfunctions of the adrenals therefore have wide influences with symptoms that often defy conventional medical logic. Imagine a patient presenting himself with symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, hypoglycemia, heart palpitations, salt cravings, sugar cravings, joint pain, sore muscles, exercise intolerance, low libido, and dizziness concurrently.

To the untrained physician, sorting out this maze of complaints is challenging to say the least. These symptoms, however, can often be explained under the unified umbrella of Adrenal Fatigue. For example, a weak adrenal is often associated with clinical or sub-clinical dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system ANS and its various sub-components.

Symptoms such as postural hypotension, fragile blood pressure , cardiac arrhythmias , POTS and temperature intolerance can be caused by sympathetic nervous system SNS dysfunction which is part of the ANS.

F ainting, low body temperature, hypoglycemia and anxiety can be caused by over stimulation of the adrenomedullary hormonal system AHS and its chemical messenger, adrenaline.

Similarly, hypoglycemia , fluid retention, metabolic imbalance , low blood pressure , muscle ache, joint pain , sugar imbalance , frequent infection , IBS and CFS are regulated to a large degree by cortisol. A weak adrenal with accompanying low cortisol level can present itself with these symptoms. Because dysfunctional adrenals affect virtually every system of the body including the central nervous system, a thorough understanding of the following areas of medicine is needed: Most medical specialists are trained in their respective narrow scientific fields and few are experienced enough in all of the disciplines to fully comprehend the Adrenal Fatigue condition.

Unable to understand or solve the problem at the root level, most well-intentioned physicians tend to prescribe anti-depressants and anti-anxiety agents in their best attempt to help their patients. These medications are usually prescribed after basic stress reduction techniques are recommended and laboratory tests have turned out to be unremarkable. Referrals are made to endocrinologists and other specialists if the symptoms fail to resolve.

Unfortunately, this is often futile. Nutritional supplementation may be recommended, but due to the lack of systematic approach, most nutrients are dispensed in a shot-gun attempt to control the symptoms rather than focused on allowing the body to use the nutrients to help heal the adrenals.

As a result, the symptoms usually get worse with time. After extensive workups that generally turn out to be negative, steroids are often prescribed quickly to control the symptoms. While steroids can be used short term in severe cases under experienced medical hands, addiction often becomes a major issue in the long term, regardless of the clinician's best intention. Chronic use of steroids is often the end result.

This can lead to a catabolic state with systemic organ resistance and breakdown. Our current understanding of adrenal function is still at its infancy at best. It is therefore very difficult for any health professional to have a good grasp of the Adrenal Fatigue condition from a purely pathological and physiological perspective. The number of physicians with true expertise in advanced Adrenal Fatigue is very small.

Those who are good in this gain their expertise not from textbooks, but from years of clinical experience. There is no short cut, because text-book cases are few and far between. Because the full recovery cycle can take years to complete in severe cases, practitioners with little experience will find it hard to handle cases other than the most mild and straight forward ones. Excessive use of prescription drugs often makes the Adrenal Fatigue condition worse.

We live in a world where symptoms are often classified as diseases and the control of symptoms is considered to be the cure in many chronic conditions. In other words, we don't know the root cause of the disease. All physicians can do is treat the symptoms because they cannot treat the root cause if they don't know what the root cause is.

In the case of Adrenal Fatigue, one should respect the body's signs and symptoms as they are valuable sensitive indicators to help guide us in the recovery process.

Just as pain is a warning signal from our body that says something is wrong, suppressing pain is not the same as a cure for the condition that causes the pain. Pain suppression is therefore a masking mechanism at best.

In the case of Adrenal Fatigue, this will not work long term, as the body will continue to be punished by the worsening symptoms.

The logical approach is to give the body the tools to heal itself, while monitoring the symptoms and using them as a barometer of the body's healing efficacy. This approach is all but abandoned by many health care providers. Modern medicine has a tendency to suppress symptoms under the mistaken belief that the absence of symptoms is the same as being cured.

This may work in the short term, but fails over the long term as the body decompensates in one form or another with worsening symptoms requiring an ever increasing dose of medications to control. The following are common prescription drugs used to relieve symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue: Thyroid medications are widely prescribed by physicians to symptomatically control sluggish metabolism associated with hypothyroidism. Their use is justified by conventional medicine based on laboratory tests that show reduced thyroid function evidenced by high levels of TSH and low levels of Free T3 and Free T4.

Dysfunctional adrenal glands are often totally ignored. Those suffering from Adrenal Fatigue and hypothyroidism are treated for hypothyroidism alone. Over time this approach backfires and causes the Adrenal Fatigue condition to worsen for several reasons. First, thyroid replacement medications increase the overall basal metabolic rate.

The body is put into a state of over-drive. No organ system is spared. Pushing the adrenals to work harder when they are already fatigued can unmask adrenal exhaustion or even trigger an adrenal crisis.

At the same time, weak adrenals can lead to a state of blunted response by the body to thyroid hormones. Weak adrenals are often associated with reduced availability of free thyroid hormone to the cells as well. As a result, symptoms of hypothyroidism often fail to improve over time and may in fact get worse with this single organ approach to healing. The patient remains symptomatic even when placed on thyroid replacement therapy.

Physicians focusing on the thyroid without considering the adrenals frequently find themselves administering ever higher doses of thyroid replacement medication or switching from one medication to another without success. It is important to remember that those who are placed on thyroid medication should not abruptly stop the medication without professional help due to possible unpleasant withdrawal effects.

Anti-depressants are often prescribed when physicians are at a loss of what to do. Many patients do not respond well and develop paradoxical reactions. Physician often find themselves changing from one medication to another in their best effort to help.

Over time, addiction issues may also arise. Anti-anxiety agents are prescribed to help calm the patient. This works only temporarily at best, with ever increasing doses needed for long term. Sleeping medication is frequently prescribed to help insomnia.

Inability to fall asleep and frequent awakening are hallmark signs of Adrenal Fatigue and the long term use of the medication can also lead to addiction. Blood pressure medication is often prescribed by physicians. Early on , the patient can be presented with reactive hypertension at first, to be followed by hypotension as Adrenal Fatigue progresses. This is often due to aldosterone and electrolyte imbalance as well as reactive adrenergic responses secondary to dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Physicians may find themselves constantly having to adjust the dosage of medications and changing the medications to normalize the blood pressure, only to find the blood pressure becoming more fragile as the Adrenal Fatigue condition worsens. Hormone replacement , whether it be synthetic or natural, is often prescribed.

These include estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. They are frequently prescribed to manage irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes and increase in energy. Physicians are often misled to prescribe these medications based on laboratory test results.

They may be helpful at first, but the body's response is often blunted after a while. Hormone replacement has its place, but timing is important. The best time to consider such replacement is when the adrenals are well on their way to recovery. Thyroid hormones are also commonly prescribed.

Using hormone replacement to suppress Adrenal Fatigue symptoms seldom generates desirable long term result, though there may be transient and short term periods of improvement. It is no surprise that the majority of patients taking thyroid replacement still are symptomatic.

The symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue and hypothyroidism are very similar. As mentioned earlier, focusing on the thyroid without concurrent attention to the adrenals is a failed recovery strategy if Adrenal Fatigue is in fact the problem. The reason is simple - thyroid medications can mask adrenal weakness by artificially propping up the metabolic rate.

Those who require an ever larger dose of thyroid medication to maintain their energy level over time should be especially on the alert. If hormones are deemed to be necessary, it is better to give the adrenals the gentle nutrients they need to generate their own desired level of hormones rather than using external hormones. This approach is far more effective and will lead to ultimate healing instead of risking dependency on drugs.

In fact, it is interesting to note that it is not unusual for many sufferers to find their need for thyroid medication reduced, as their adrenal function strengthens. Antibiotics are prescribed to help overcome the frequent infection.

However, they can worsen the irritable bowel condition that often accompanies Adrenal Fatigue, leading to gastrointestinal upset and internal dysbiosis. Irritable bowel symptoms are prevalent and systematic infection such as candidiasis can be exacerbated. Steroids are commonly prescribed to suppress symptoms of chronic fatigue, irritable bowel, auto-immune conditions, skin rashes, severe fatigue and frequent allergies.

These symptoms are commonly associated with Adrenal Fatigue. While short term use of steroids has its place in Adrenal Fatigue if carefully monitored, chronic intake of steroids leads to a catabolic state of function where proteins and systemic organs are broken down, further weakening of the body and ever increasing dose of steroids being taken to achieve the same degree of relief of symptoms. Prescription medications often have multiple side-effects. Common side-effects of anti-depressants include dry mouth, urinary retention, blurred vision, constipation, sedation, sleep disruption, weight gain, headache, nausea, abdominal pain, loss of libido, agitation and anxiety.

The more medicine that is given, the more side effects are to be expected. It is not unusual for the average sufferer to be on three to four medications at one time or another.

Just to process the medications alone poses severe stress on the adrenals and the liver. Nonetheless, when viewed from a different angle, the above phenomenon, rather than indicating failure, merely re-emphasized the effectiveness of the germanium solution. The bacteria used in the first experiment died because their molecular structure was destroyed by the dehydrogenating effect, or oxidizing action of germanium. The mold which grew on the test plate containing germanium used in Experiment 2, however, grew principally due to the presence of germanium - a large mold resembling aegagropilas could not have grown without germanium because the microorganisms present would have destroyed it before it was established.

The mold made use of the germanium to fight harmful bacteria as well as to facilitate its own growth. In an experiment with rice plants I discovered another effect of germanium: As a result, the rice plants grown from the unhulled rice which had not been immersed in the germanium solution soon withered and rotted from the cold.

The plants grown from the unhulled rice treated with germanium, however, were unharmed by the cold and steadily continued their healthy growth. Various other experiments led to the observation of other interesting phenomena. When only a small quantity of the germanium solution was used, the growth of various plants was greatly accelerated and their flowering period was advanced.

Germanium was also found to have positive effects on plant cuttings. Improved assimilation was noted when water drawn by the plants was electrolyzed by sunlight with germanium acting as a catalyst.

All these experiments pointed to a very interesting relationship existing between living substances and metals. In nature there is a transmigrational phenomenon whereby metallic elements existing in the soil play an important part in plant growth when absorbed by plants.

Animals absorb these elements after feeding on the plants and return them to the soil through evacuation or upon death. Naturally, the metallic elements involved in this cycle move in organic form from the plant to animal bodies, and I became extremely interested in determining what form of organic compound is present in living organisms.

If this organic compound could be found and synthesized. The physicist Schrodinger said, "Life is a supreme work of art created by the hands of God through quantum mechanics. The physical laws of nature are complicated so that the creation of a new substance is the most difficult of problems. To this end, in a spirit of prayer to God, I have undergone extreme hardship and devoted thirty years of my life.

Synthesis of Organic Germanium Compound. To invent is not the conquest of nature. Man creates nothing, he merely uncovers things which were heretofore unknown. The synthesis of organic germanium has fulfilled a vision I have had since youth of doing something good for mankind. However, it was not an easy task. Research on the organic germanium compound progressed smoothly at first.

Working with germanium in organic form was not entirely new to me for I had previously met with considerable Success by extracting germanium from coal in the early 's. I had also succeeded in obtaining large quantities from liquefied coal gas.

To extract germanium from coal, I developed a process whereby the organic germanium in coal is removed at high temperature in a carbonization furnace. It is then liquefied by adjusting the pH and burned to eliminate miscellaneous organics. Afterwards, it is chlorinated and this chlorinated organic germanium is converted by hydrolysis into germanium oxide, a white powder, further reduced by hydrogen.

Increased purity is achieved by zone melting, and finally a lump of cylindrical shaped silver-gray single crystals is produced. The principal object of my research with germanium until that point had been to convert the organic germanium obtained from coal into an inorganic substance for the electronics industry I was now faced with doing the reverse in converting inorganic germanium into an organic substance if it was to be of use in the field of biochemistry.

I first thought that in order to obtain a germanium compound which is biochemically active, the synthetic germanium must be made with an affinity to living cells. My research staff and I studied the possibility of compounding germanium with either amino acid or nucleic acid.

We attacked these and other possibilities from every angle, but our attempts failed. At the time, publications on germanium in Japanese or any other language were virtually nonexistent and ten years went by almost completely unnoticed while we were groping in the dark. In the meantime, the once flourishing coal industry had reached its zenith and began to decline from around With the decline, the royalties and research grants which I had been receiving from coal mining companies for my discoveries decreased sharply.

My personal finances were also nearly exhausted, and it became increasingly difficult to run a research laboratory I often say, "Poverty and affliction are the mother of invention. Reppe, a German scientist who had been awarded the Nobel prize for his work in the chemistry of acetylene. Whilst trying to combat and resolve these difficulties I realized the danger of losing my creative spirit. I made notes of the thoughts of great men and these supplied the thread that kept me from succumbing completely.

The saying which sticks uppermost in mind, however, is "God may give you a chestnut but won't crack it and take it out of the shell for you. In November, , a member of my research staff who stayed on, walked into the room holding a test tube of white powder. Raising it slowly, and with an expression on his face which radiated the whole room, he uttered the words I had been waiting ten years to hear. Asai, the water-soluble organic germanium compound has at last been synthesized.

They were tears of almost religious exaltation. The event proved to me that all of man's struggles are not in vain. The organic germanium compound synthesized on that day has changed my life, and as I hope you shall see, has done something good for everyone who has come in contact with it. Myself as the Living Body Test. The newly synthesized water-soluble germanium compound has been a blessing in every sense of the word. Germanium has four electrons available for sharing: The oxygen atoms, in turn, a bed combine with germanium atoms in a manner resembling of flowers or a regularly expanding gymnastic formation.

Each time I view this substance which so magnificently illustrates the laws of nature and contains the potential to alter the course of life, Einstein's words "The perception of mystery is the: Till the discovery of the compound, I had managed to keep myself in fairly good spirits by reading, but my physical condition had deteriorated, and I was in a state of virtual disability.

Doctors had diagnosed my illness as a severe case of polvrheumatism complicated by arthritis and had given little hope of. True, the organic germanium compound had just been synthesized, but it was still in the experimental stage. Usually with a new medicine, extensive toxicity tests are made before it is used on people. I decided that my own illness would be its first real test. My decision was not entirely based on blind faith, however.

Prior to the discovery, my years of research with plants and animals had indicated that its overall effect would be beneficial, or harmless at least.

Furthermore, some scientific data from the Soviet Union indicated that germanium was non-toxic. I took some of the white, powdery organic germanium with water. Improvement was slow at first, but I continued to take the solution in large dosages for several days.

Gradually, I began to feel better and in ten days I was up and walking around the house-at times feeling robustly healthy. Since the rheumatic affliction I was suffering from is generally regarded as incurable by modern medicine, I had been visiting an acupuncturist in the neighbourhood in an attempt to relieve my pains. Upon examination after only a few visits, the acupuncturist was astounded to find that my body had already healed to an unbelievable extent. Moreover, on a subsequent visit he requested some of the compound for his other patients, convinced that it would help them.

After taking it for several more weeks until 1 was assured that it was completely non-toxic, and that there was no sign of its accumulation in my body, however, I gave him some. Again, he was astounded as patients who had been suffering from a variety of diseases, heretofore regarded as virtually incurable- Cancer, epilepsy, cirrhosis of the liver and a list of others - all showed marked improvement when administered the compound. Developments were indeed encouraging. Unfortunately, however, the acupuncturist was forced to discontinue treatment with germanium because it was pointed out to him that the use of germanium at this stage constituted an act against laws governing the use of medicine in Japan.

Before describing its effects in the human body I will mention a few examples of my germanium compound used in animals.

It seems to have an almost miraculous efficacy in these cases. A Siamese cat at Our home had been in the fangs of a dog during a wild fight. The wounds were so serious, we began fearing for its life. We started applying dressings to the wounds with a water solution of the organic germanium, at the same time forcing him to drink this solution.

This was done in the presence of the veterinarian we had called. On calling again a few days later, he was almost dumbfounded at the rapid recovery of the cat, saying that he could now believe in miracles. The large Japanese carp specially bred for decorative purposes, being artificially raised, are liable to contract diseases easily. An acquaintance who was keeping such carp reported to me that several had contracted a disease.

Some of their scales were peeling off. Lying on their sides, they were gasping for air apparently on the verge of death. On my advice he put a pinch of the organic germanium compound into the water in which they were swimming, and to his utmost delight the fish soon began swimming vigorously, biting greedily at the feed in which they had showed no interest only a short while previously. The owner of the carp now claims that the organic germanium compound is indispensable for breeding carp.

Germanium showed the same curative effects on cats, dogs and horses where diseases withstood treatment in the conventional manner, so that many veterinarians have strongly requested that the organic germanium compound be made available for general use as soon as possible.

Bird lovers who used germanium on their ailing birds have also expressed their delight at its efficacy. A female Dobermann imported from England was mated seven times within 5 years but did not conceive once. The Owner became worried that the dog would age without giving him a litter. As a last resort he turned to intravenous and subcutaneous injections of organic germanium one month before the dog came into heat.

These injections were continued all through the mating season. This time the dog conceived, delivering a litter of five males and six females, and children doing well to the utmost delight of their Owner. No matter how much is given to animals, there is no lethal level to report. The more they get, the more active they become. In the Drugs, Cosmetics, and Medical instruments Act, the lethal amount is reached if half the animals die.

With germanium there is no lethal amount. Therefore, it is not a medicine. Germanium as an Experimental Medicine. Having virtually recovered from my own disease.

I wasted no time in initiating toxicity tests with animals at an authoritative research institute. The tests they ran included those for acute, subacute, and chronic toxicity, as well as deformity - producing effects. The results of all the tests showed the compound to be completely non-toxic and harmless.

Refer to Appendix , , Toxicity of Organo Germanium. With thorough assurance that the compound was non-toxic, I was able to obtain financial backing and opened a clinic on the outskirts of Tokyo. My doctor friends agreed to rely on germanium as much as possible in their treatment, and together we witnessed the remarkable recovery of patients with diseases that had hardly responded to medical treatment.

Thorough records of the patients' reactions to treatment and course of recovery were maintained to develop an adequate explanation of the mechanism by which the compound heals. People taking my organic germanium continued to do so in increasing numbers when they saw its remarkable results.

I gave it to them at cost, just enough for research expense, and laid down the following two provisions: First of all, my organic germanium should never be considered a medicine. It enriches the body's oxygen supply, and one is cured from disease by his own powers. One must put great trust in germanium, and pay close attention to his diet in order to avoid constitutional acidity. Secondly , I have labored earnestly for more than 20 years, motivated always by a vision that the organic germanium I was producing was a godsend form heaven to alleviate human suffering and to save humanity from disease.

That means that the sick must take only germanium, add prayer to it and use no medicine in addition. If used in conjunction with other medicines its effectiveness is diminished. The great surgeon and scientist, Alexis Carrell, has said: Moreover, he is ignorant of the danger inherent in the violation of such laws.

Watching the effect of the compound on the patients at our clinic, these words came to mind. It seemed as if germanium were a substance springing from a yet unknown dimension with a direct link to the vital forces of life. I am a scientist, however, and well aware of the dangers of non empirical thinking and soon set about to define the mechanism of the compound in scientific terms. By watching all the changes that took place with patients following the administration of the compound, I was able to conclude that its healing powers m ay be attributed to the fact that it brings about a sharp increase in the body's supply of oxygen: A patient will feel a certain warmth surging throughout his body within 10 minutes of so after taking the compound - some people actually feel as if they have been given a mixture that included alcohol.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is quickly cured, and people feel cheerful, sleep soundly and wake in good humor. They also show evidence of increased mental powers, along with numerous other overall positive effects which will be described in more detail in later sections.

Morbid tissues are generally characterized by oxygen deficiency. Accumulation of H- radicals tends to destroy cells and tissues which gradually accumulate to cause disorders which in turn deteriorate in a morbid condition generated for various reasons. The basis of the theory of the mechanism of the compound is that germanium takes the form of a sesquioxide. Oxygen readily combines with hydrogen, so it becomes apparent that hydrogen will strongly bind with the oxygen atoms of the compound, consequently bringing about a dehydrogenating reaction which is the mechanism by which germanium eliminates harmful substances causing disease in the body.

Consider for a moment the basic fact of the life process whereby food is burned by the body to give energy, while carbon dioxide C02 and hydrogen H2 are created. CO2 is discharged from the lungs when we exhale, and H2 combines with oxygen to form water which is discharged in the urine and sweat.

As mentioned previously, hydrogen may be referred to as a positive ion, which is as useless to the body as dust clogging the workings of a machine. To insure that the body functions normally, hydrogen must be removed, but for complete removal a large quantity of oxygen is needed. The germanium compound with its strong dehydrogenating effect takes the place of oxygen in combining with hydrogen to eliminate the latter from the body.

In fact, all traces of germanium are discharged from the body through the digestive tract within 20 to 30 hours. As part of another experiment, tests were conducted on the effect of the germanium compound on the respiratory tissues of a group of mice using the Warburg method.

Results obtained showed a remarkable decrease of oxygen consumption in the diaphragm and liver clear indication that the compound acted as a substitute for oxygen in combining with hydrogen. By the dehydrogenating or oxidizing action of the compound, not only hydrogen ions are removed from the blood, but abnormal proteins and other foreign matter are also removed. The oxidizing effect of the compound thus serves to purify the blood. A Substitute for Oxygen.

The organic germanium compound increases the oxygen supply in a living body. The compound leads to the cure of various diseases and produces health sustaining effects by serving as a substitute for oxygen in combining with hydrogen ions and other waste substances in the body.

In the following experiment, for example, the germanium compound was given orally to a rat in amounts calculated at 30 mg per kilogram of its body weight. When the rat was examined 1 1;2 hrs later, the distribution of germanium in its body was found to be as follows: As is shown in the table. It is also evident, however, that the germanium content in the blood is still relatively high. In the blood, it is believed that germanium combines mostly with red blood cells a theory which can be deduced from the fact that red blood cells, which are negative charge carriers and have properties permitting penetration by negative ions.

Thus, it appears that germanium combines with the red blood cells together with haemoglobin. In the ensuing pages of this book I propose to develop the concept of my organic germanium compound as a health giving substance rather than a medicine and through the weight of personal evidence provide a more complete way of life.

As will be seen later. Nonetheless, for assuring its efficacy and the health of the body, the following two conditions have to be met. One is to keep a well balanced diet in order to maintain the acid alkali equilibrium of the body fluids.

The other is to relieve stress to keep a stable mental state for maintaining the equilibrium of the autonomic nervous system. If any one of these equilibrium is broken, a morbid change is likely to occur somewhere in the body. The oxygen needed for the human body is supplied through respiration, and observing the necessities for the maintenance of human life, the first thought is the need for oxygen supplied to the body through respiration, while the need for nourishment in the form of water and food and sleep follow a close second.

If oxygen supply to the brain is suspended for more than three minutes, the brain fails to recover consciousness. If water intake is suspended for about a week, dehydration causes death. If no sleep is obtained for a week, mental disorder caused by lack of sleep results in complete mental derangement. Only if the three foregoing conditions are met, can a healthy person go without food for one month.

With these conditions in mind, it is up to man to choose the proper type of food. For this reason, it is important to keep a well balanced diet. For maintaining health or curing a disease, it is of utmost importance to adhere to a diet that includes food which will keep the pH of the body fluids slightly alkaline at 7.

To facilitate a judicious selection, the following classification points out types of food that are termed either as acid or alkali forming: Acid foods when absorbed into the body tend to acidify the blood, while alkaline foods reverse this tendency toward acidosis. Lemon juice will turn the blue litmus paper red as a test for it acidity reaction will show, but once it is absorbed into the body, acts to turn the blood alkaline.

Thus, lemon is classified as an alkaline food. Aside from those who are still growing, people should avoid excessive intake of animal protein and fats. They would do better to take soybeans and processed foods thereof, as well as vegetables.

Vegetable fats are also better than animal fats. If people maintain a well balanced diet centered on natural vegetable foods, they will be able to sustain good health since these increase resistance against diseases and reinforce natural curing ability should they fall victim to some ailment.

Any diet partial to acid foods like meat and fatty fish meat, especially to anima] foods, is tantamount to shortening one's life. The food 'fads' of pregnant women are of interest. My daughter began no longer to care for fatty foodstuffs or meats, while definitely preferring vegetables, fruit and picked ume a Japanese fruit similar to apricot and plum.

All these foods are in the alkali group of foods. In traditional Chinese medicine, acid and salt are described as the negative and the positive, respectively. The Chinese principle calls for maintaining equilibrium of the positive and the negative in diet. Chinese medicine classifies umeboshi in the negative, that is, the alkali group of foods. As I mentioned earlier, I was struck by the Chinese wisdom that listed pickled plums as a negative food despite its acidity which tends to mislead people to think of them as an acid forming food.

This change of pattern in diet during pregnancy conforms to the need of the foetus in the womb of the mother. Oxygen is the most important substance for the growth of the foetus.

If the mother has acidosis, there is sure to be oxygen deficiency which will adversely affect the foetus. I find a special providence in the natural] change in the pattern of likes and dislikes in the diet of women in pregnancy. The oriental antenatal training of expectant mothers in this connection should be interpreted in the light of the need for stabilizing their mental state, which keeps a well balanced physical condition. My daughters took organic germanium daily during their pregnancy to maintain abundant oxygen supply to the body.

Consequently, they experienced only very slight morning sickness during the first few months of pregnancy and gave birth to strong, healthy babies in easy deliveries. Thus, I am endowed with six healthy grandchildren.

Many similar cases are found in letters of appreciation I have received. In one case, an expectant mother was diagnosed as having leukaemia and had been advised by her doctor to arrange for an abortion. As she turned to germanium therapy which had an excellent effect on her leukaemia, she was able to give birth to a fine boy. This is only one of many examples of the beneficial effect of germanium therapy in pregnancy. Invariably they have an easy delivery and their babies are healthy and vigorous.

I am sure the tragedy of giving birth to defective infants could be a voided if all pregnant women would take organic germanium. Birth of Healthy Life. Here is a case reported in the newspapers. Parents of a premature baby, who lost its eyesight because of a retinal disorder whilst in an incubator. Prevention of retinal disorders in premature babies appears to be possible by applying the latest technology, but it seems that cases of this nature are not yet recognized as being attributable to hospital error.

Medical journals report an increasing number of premature births. That the health of prospective mothers is markedly deteriorating is undeniable when aggravation of environmental conditions due to food and pollution is taken into account. Imperfect physical conditions of prospective mothers are probably leading to an increased number of premature births.

In support of this statement, I would like to point out that pregnant women taking organic germanium all have smooth deliveries and that not one premature or physically handicapped baby has been born to such a mother.

The reason is very simple. Germanium enriches the body with oxygen, and as the mother's womb remains in a wonderfully healthy condition, the fetus grows unimpeded.

While more about this matter is presented in another chapter, I would like to introduce the summary of a report submitted by Dr. Mieko Okazawa who is a member of the Infant Protection Association. Report submitted October 15, Eight examples of perfectly healthy babies born to women taking organic germanium during pregnancy Note: Ge stands for organic Germanium. She gave birth to a healthy boy. She took cc Ge a month. After her condition stabilized, the daily amount was reduced to 80mg.

As all three of her children contracted German measles early in her fourth pregnancy, the mother began to take Ge. The intake was 80mg a day. In the eighth month of pregnancy she contracted influenza accompanied by coughing fits.

She therefore was advised to increase the intake to mg to mg per day, later returning to 80mg a day till delivery. The woman suffered from toxaemia of pregnancy and albumen in her urine while pregnant with her first child. When the second child was on the way, from the fifth month she began Ge intake until delivery which was smooth and she gave birth to a healthy baby. The woman was allergic to medication. She contracted influenza in the fourth month of pregnancy, accompanied by coughing fits.

She began to take Ge only. As she suffered from coughing fits during the ninth month of pregnancy too, she was administered Ge injections in addition to oral Ge doses till delivery. She gave birth to a healthy baby. As the mother was in her mid thirties by the time she conceived her third child, she began to take mg of Ge per day from the initial period of pregnancy.

While pregnant with her first child, she had fallen into pregnancy phobia. She received a blood transfusion for profuse bleeding and experienced a difficult delivery. The woman took Ge before her pregnancy on account of delicate health and autonomic ataxia. Serious vomiting, anaemia during the latter part of pregnancy and a rise in blood pressure prompted her to have additional Ge injections while also orally taking Ge till delivery which went smoothly.

I cannot help thinking that premature births and births of physically handicapped children result from some violation of the workings of nature. Nature fills the universe with rational equations and steadily flows with time. It should, therefore, be natural that perfectly normal babies be born. Yet, that this is not the case probably stems from the existence of something which is not in accord with the principles of nature.

That a life comes into this world is a profound mystery, originating from the time of conception and developing through the growth of the fetus over a ] period. What is most needed during this period is oxygen obtained through the mother's respiration. If the mother's blood is acid, the oxygen carrying capacity of haemoglobin in the red blood cells markedly declines and this may lead to a failure to supply the interior of the womb with an adequate amount of oxygen.

This creates a dangerous situation. There are two causes of acidic blood. One is mental instability. The importance attached to the prospective mother's mental state since early days in the name of antenatal education is perfectly correct.

The other cause is diet. Preferences for food change when a woman becomes pregnant, and dislike of acid forming foods such as meat and fatty foods often develops. This is an admirable and marvellous example of the working of nature. Nature thus is doing her utmost to prevent a shortage of oxygen in the mother's womb, but if the womb becomes acidic through stress and polluted food- stuffs caused by the unhealthy habits of modern life, the child is liable to abort, be born prematurely or with physical defects.

It is, therefore, by no means an exaggeration to say that the use of germanium is absolutely necessary for a pregnant woman to assure the birth of a healthy child. Reasons for Oxygen Deficit in the Body. Although I shall refer to the reason for ill health together with the conditions for treatment of disease on many occasions. Although it may sound complicated, the scientific answer is rather simple.

As a consequence the blood will acidify and an oxygen deficiency will be created. The problem of oxygen deficiency has also become a controversy in recent years. An acid constitution should be averted by all means. An acid constitution leads to an oxygen deficiency which results in various diseases, including cancer. Unsaturated compounds have a surplus of molecular "hands" which combine with oxygen in the body to produce oxonium compounds, thereby depleting the body's supply of oxygen.

In an experiment we conducted with dogs, one of the animals died from cancer induced by means of the above method. The chemical nature of substance is to move from an unsaturated state. In this context, it is important for those who want to stay healthy to note that natural foods contain the fewest unsaturated compounds, while these compounds are conspicuously abundant in refined foods.

In my mind, carcinogenic or , cancer producing substances and unsaturated compounds with their excess of molecular "hands" to use up the available oxygen in the body are one and the same.

A theory of Professor Hans Selye of the University of Montreal, Canada, is that not only humans but animals develop an unbalanced secretion of hormones, particularly adrenal hormones, if subjected to prolonged stress.

An imbalance hormone secretion will also lead to acidification of the blood and thereby create a condition for oxygen deficiency which ultimately, v results in disease. In an experiment we conducted in our laboratory, v, mice were encased and poked with a stick to irritate and provoke them. Not surprisingly, upon dissection, it was found that all had developed stomach ulcers, some of which had haemorrhaged. An examination of their blood revealed the pH value had dropped by 0.

Again, I wish to re-emphasize the necessity of maintaining a constitution that will not produce an oxygen deficiency. This is a conclusion reached after several years of laboratory work with the organic germanium compound and, to date, all the facts have supported it without exception.

In order adequately to explain the interrelationship of germanium and health, particularly as regards the mind, it is necessary to draw together several fields of knowledge. By examination of some theories from the field of physics we may note that physics is a science dealing basically with the clarification of various phenomena which constitute the basis of matter.

Human beings, by the very nature of the fact that they are composed of matter, are also governed by the theories of the properties of matter as expounded by physics. In terms of physics, as quantum theory has revealed, a human being is an aggregate of ultra minute electrically charged particles.

This does so precisely because the physical composition and behavior of matter is known to accord with the laws of nature, Although you may choose to agree or disagree with the hypothesis, scientific evidence has indicated it is important to man in terms of mental and ph, health, to have some basic direction in life.

Professor Selye maintains that disease develops from mental stress. Stress is "strain," and may be interpreted in terms of minute electrical particles which constitute the body. In effect, the occurrence of a disease means that one portion of the universe's equation has become incompatible with the rest. The simplest way to detect stress strain is to measure the electrical potential of the various parts of the body. Each mass of electrical particles naturally, has its own electrical potential.

Brain troubles are diagnosed by brain waves. The principle involved in this type of examination is to ]locate the affected area of the brain by measuring the electrical potentials at various points.

The same principle applies to the internal organs. There is an appropriate potential for the stomach, liver. Once affected by disease, the potential of an organ, the source of which are the electrons, will either increase or fall. It is important to note that in the living body, the hydrogen ion, which is the source of an electrical potential, serves as this electron As an interesting side note on the relationship of germanium and electrical potentials, we conducted an experiment whereby a solution containing the organic germanium compound was poured into the battery of an automobile which had failed to start due to battery failure.

The immediate result was that the car started without difficulty. Furthermore, batteries have been recharged without difficulty in a few minutes by adding a small quantity of the germanium compound. It is difficult to explain such phenomena scientifically, but it seems obvious that electrical potentials have been increased. The state of a human body, in which no electrical potentials may be detected, is death. In recent years much more time has been devoted to the study of stress in connection with personality and profession.

In this connection some interesting facts have come to light. First of all, the artist, working in an atmosphere of pure art apparently is not subject to undue stress. Their blood does not become acid, whereas the broker class seems always to be under irritation, worrying, and always in an uneasy state which results in blood acidity. I have a friend who is head of the research laboratory in the National Police Agency. Once I inadvertently heard him say something that made me slap my knee and nod in agreement.

The police send notices to every city, town, and village office, but on the average. Along with the doctor's certificate of death, a report of the person's personal history is sent to the local office, and we know he is on the wanted list of criminals. His body state becomes highly acid, an oxygen deficiency brings on an incurable disease, and he dies. According to a physician connected with a prison, newly arrived inmates in general show high blood acidity, but interestingly, in the monthly physical examinations, they find that those who repent and become model prisoners lose that acidity.

When I make a careful observation of such facts, I begin to wonder just what is sickness? In the book Tales From a Western Castle by Yasushi lnoue, there is a very interesting conversation between Genghis Khah and an invited Chinese scholar, regarding long life. Germanium regulates the amount of cholesterol] in the blood, and by animal experimentation, it has been proven that it prevents amyloidosis, the ring leader in causing the phenomenon of aging.

At the 64th Conference of the Japan athological Society held in April No relationship of myloidosis with chronic inflammation was established. Mice of the same strain were used as an experimental group. These animals were fed organic germanium from five weeks of age for a period of 22 months. Amyloidosis, also known as amyloid degeneration. In plain words, it is the principal cause of aging. Since organic germanium completely inhibits the development of amyloidosis, it would be no exaggeration to call organic germanium an "elixir of life.

The root of impotence lies in the absence of philosophical background in modern medicine. For this reason, when cure of cancer or Behcet's disease, for example. Germanium in the Treatment of Disease in General. Methods of Treatment at the Clinic.

What distinguishes the germanium clinic from other clinics and hospitals is its methods of treatment. In addition, consultations are conducted for geriatrics and general health. Such demarcations of clinical treatment are not essential, but are of some convenience and thus are retained even in our clinic.

I am convinced that only the patient has the power to heal himself through his own efforts, while the doctor merely passes on to the patient his acquired knowledge and the technicalities pertaining to the cure.

Therefore, I took pains to stress this point not only to the doctors, but also to the pharmacists and nurses. The doctors in our clinic thus take ample time for consultations, determining the mental attitude of the patients, talking with them about ways and means to overcome their disease, and collaborating with them to find a method of cure.

The use of conventional pharmaceuticals hitherto employed in hospitals has been minimized, while the mainstay of treatment has been the administration of germanium. In my view, based on Oriental medicine, any disease is basically due to the constitutional characteristics of the patient. Of the constitutional characteristics, the blood plays the principal role. The cause of disease probably lies in oxygen deficiency of the body, for the supply of oxygen throughout the body depends on the haemoglobin in the blood; besides, antibodies that grapple with the pathogenic bacteria also exist in the blood.

For this reason, we should aim at the blood as a means to cure or prevent disease. Now, hydrogen of positive ions may be regarded as dust in the blood. This is generated with carbon dioxide after the combustion of food taken into the body system for energy. Carbon dioxide is exhaled. The hydrogen ions combine with oxygen to become water excreted in the form of urine and sweat.

An acid blood means an excess of hydrogen ions in the blood, which deprives the blood of large quantities of oxygen, causing oxygen deficiency in the body system. For this reason, acidosis or acid blood is considered the very cause of various diseases.

The two important causes of acidosis are food and mental stress. No genuine recovery can be obtained unless these important factors are kept in mind in consultation and treatment.

Therefore, the treatments in our clinic have as their integral parts dietary guidance and efforts to remove the stress of the patient. However When our clinic was opened, few patients visited us. However, with the growing achievements through our constant efforts, which have been conveyed to the public by word of mouth. I am proud that there has not been a single complaint regarding treatment by germanium alone by those treated who now total several thousands.

All those who have cured themselves of their disease are grateful for our method of treatment and continue to take germanium for the maintenance of health. Many of the patients visiting the organic germanium clinic have undergone length. Gradually, the effects of the organic germanium, sometimes almost bordering on the miraculous, are becoming widely known and recognized, and the number of doctors favoring an "organic germanium treatment" has increased throughout Japan. Accordingly, the number of patients calling on the Organic Germanium Clinic by recommendation of such doctors constantly increases.

Unfortunately, however, not a few patients have distorted ideas about this compound. Hence, I wish to clarify some points as a doctor at the organic germanium clinic. I in capsules, 2 in granules packed in alluvial, 3 in injection solution for hypodermic, intramuscular and intravenous injection , 4 in suppositories, 5 in cream form, 6 in solution contained in vials as a drip for eye, ear and nose.

These tests on acute and subacute toxicity, deformity and accumulation were carried out by a professor and his research staff at the laboratory of a renowned university and by an authoritative research institute entrusted to undertake this task. A large number of patients entertain erroneous ideas with regard to the side effects of organic germanium.

While it has been prescribed by many doctors to a large number of patients during the last eight years as a test treatment agent, no side effects have been observed either clinically or biochemical. When viewed from the patients' viewpoint, however. Such symptoms are especially liable to appear in patients with liver and kidney disorders, in allergic people, in those who are susceptible to bronchial asthma and hives and in patients suffering from stomach and intestinal disorders, constipation, chronic articular rheumatism and gout.

This is one of the characteristic actions of organic germanium. Toxic elements, products of decomposition, waste matter and, foreign matter generated in the body, which are injurious to health or which obstruct disease curing processes, are discharged with the, urine, faeces and also through the pores of the skin.

In such cases, the volume of urine may increase, the faeces may become softer and even watery and the frequency of discharge may increase to several times the usual amount.

Unlike the effects generally known as diarrhoea, however, no abdominal pains accompany this process. Furthermore, when such matters are discharged through the skin by insensible perspiration, rash accompanied by itching appears. This symptom differs according to constitution, age, diet, duration of the disorder, existing condition of disorder and the dosage of organic germanium.

Such phenomena are observed more frequently in patients with larger amounts of internal toxic elements. However, since these are the effects of organic germanium, the symptoms disappear within three days to two weeks when administration is in progress or when the dosage is controlled under instruction of the, doctor in charge.

Having overcome these effects, the patient will feel fine. For example, when a patient suffering from gout or chronic arthritis takes organic germanium, the pain may intensify when the pain causing substance uric acid in the case of gout is removed from the joint, but when administration is continued, the pain will be reduced within a few days to a few weeks. If treatment is suspended because of the pain the administration up to this point will become meaningless.

People with all sorts of ailments visit the organic Germanium Clinic. Thus, data on countless cases accumulate, a few of which, should be cited: Atopic dermatitis 8-year-old boy, weighing 21 kg: Typical symptoms appeared all over his body a few months after birth.

He was examined by specialists at different hospitals, underwent many sorts of treatment, including adrenocortical steroid treatment, without any effect. As later severe itching occurred, he was continually scratching himself. This had given rise to a complication in the form of acute inflammation and rash, swellings, local feverishness and pain became prominent. Organic germanium was prescribed four times a day after each meal and before going to bed at the rate of 20 mg per 1 kg body weight.

In addition, germanium cream was rubbed on the affected areas once immediately after rising in the morning and once before retiring at night.

After two months of treatment his condition improved around the elbows and knees, and he stopped scratching himself. Administration of germanium is being continued.

Retrobulbar neuritis state of total blindness year-old woman, weighing 50 kg: Her eyesight began to decline about a year ago, and gradually she became almost totally blind so that she could not distinguish between day and night.

She underwent treatment at well known ophthalmic hospitals without any effect. The patient accompanied by her father was told at the Organic Germanium Clinic that it was doubtful whether any effect could be expected, since all the physicians attending her had given up the idea of Cure. On the insistence of father and daughter, who refused to give up, treatment was started orally twice a day, once after breakfast and once after supper, at the rate of 40 mg per I kg body weight.

In addition, she was told to use one drop of the eye lotion eight times and more per day. The result was that the patient became able to distinguish between day and night within one month.

Her visual acuity improved to 0. Needless to say, the patient and her family were delighted, saying the improvement was miraculous.

Sub acute myelo-optico-neuropathy SMON year-old woman, weighing 48 kg: Acute sensory impediment appeared about 15 years ago, and because of a severe motor impediment in both lower legs, she began to experience difficulty in standing upright, walking becoming impossible.

Obstruction of visual acuity gradually increased, her left eye becoming virtually blind. She had to use a wheelchair when she came for examination. The sensory impediment in her lower legs was deep, muscular atrophy and decline of muscular strength became conspicuous and she showed the syndrome of the pyramidal tract. She also experienced urinary incontinence occasionally. On instruction, she twice daily took organic germanium capsules, once after breakfast and once after supper, at the rate of 40 mg per 1 kg body weight.

In addition, she was told to use germanium eye drops five times or more daily. She started to walk again with the aid of crutches in about two months. When she visited the clinic three months later, she was able to walk with only the help of a stick. Case of Nephrosis Syndrome year-old man, weighing- 9 55 kg: Edema appeared in the lower legs about a year ago, and he was treated at a public hospital for several months with adrenocortical steroid preparation, immunization depressors and others.

It ultimately became an anasarca. Lasic and other diuretics were used, but the edema persisted. When he was brought to the Organic Germanium Clinic he was unable to walk. Examination showed his total serum protein content to be 5.

Blood pressure was Organic germanium in capsules was prescribed three times daily to be taken after each meal, in a dosage of 30 mg per 1 kg body weight.

However, as the decline in edema was too slow even after two weeks, the dosage was increased to 40 mg per 1 kg body weight, with the same frequency of administration. As a result, the edema began to disappear first from the chest and then from the abdomen, and three weeks later it was only apparent in the lower part of the legs. His weight decreased to 51 kg, and after another two weeks the edema in both legs disappeared completely, while his weight decreased to 49 kg.

Examination of the patient at this stage showed a total serum protein content of 6. The blood pressure was found to be normal. In addition to administration of germanium, the patient remains under observation as to his daily habits and diet.

Case of Cerebellar Degeneration year-old woman, weighing 48 kg: Difficulty in walking and speech impediment gradually developed about three years ago until she was no longer able to walk.

Furthermore, she lost the ability to write. She had nystagmus, tinnitus and trembling limbs. Over a period of eight months she went from one specialist to another, to be told at last that she suffered from cerebellar degeneration.

However, as the cause for this condition remained unclear she was told that there was no way to help her. When she at last came to our clinic, carried by her father and brother, she was a virtual cripple. Organic germanium was prescribed orally at a dosage of 40 mg per 1 kg body weight, to be taken twice daily before breakfast and before supper. Within one month her speech impediment gradually declined and after five months her writing impediment, nystagmus and trembling of the limbs decreased.

After ten months not only did her speech and writing impediments further decline, but she became capable of rising on her own and was even able to walk a short distance. Tinnitus and trembling had completely disappeared. She continues germanium intake. Case of Hepatoma year-old man, weighing 66 kg: Symptoms such as loss of appetite, loss of weight, general weariness and abdominal inflation began to appear from early June, He went for treatment at a hospital, but examination revealed liver cancer which was certified by liver puncture.

He came to the Organic Germanium Clinic by recommendation of the hospital doctor in charge of his case. The result of the examination was a clear case of cancer of the liver and spleen, which could be felt at a distance of about six fingers from the costal bow. Abdominal dropsy and anaemia were observed, but not jaundice.

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