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Black Tom explosion
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Melting pot

If the opener wins the pot, enough of the opener's hand must be shown to prove that the opener really has jacks or better. This applies even if all the other players fold on the opener's bet.

If the opener cannot show a qualifying hand, the opener's hand is dead. The opener cannot win the pot. If there was a showdown, the best of the other hands wins the pot. If everyone else has folded the pool remains for the next deal. Some play progressive jackpots: The rules are the same as Five Card Draw - Jacks or Better except that a player needs a hand at least as good as three of a kind to win the pot. If the pot is won without a showdown, the winner must expose enough cards to prove that the hand is at least as good as three of a kind.

This of course further reduces the scope for bluffing. If no one has a hand as good as three of a kind after the draw, the pot remains, but the players who folded before the draw are out of the game. The players who did not fold ante again and there is a new deal involving just these players. To increase the proportion of good hands, some players add a joker, to make a deck of 53 cards. The joker is not a true wild card but a bug: So for example joker is not a full house but two pairs with an ace kicker.

When used in a flush the joker represents the highest card not already present, so for example A- K- J- 4- 2 beats A- 9- 8-joker because the bug represents the K not a second ace. The bug can be added to any of the above versions: In this variation of Jacks or Better , the four deuces twos are wild cards.

A deuce can be used as any card the holder needs to complete a hand. The highest hand type is Five of a Kind, which is better than a Straight Flush.

Except when making Five of a Kind, a wild card cannot be used to represent a card that is already present in a player's hand. The only case where this matters is when making a Flush, in which case if you have for example a natural ace, you cannot use a wild card as a second ace. This variant is found mostly in home poker games and is usually played with the rule that players must declare their own hands the cards do not "speak for themselves" - see poker betting and showdown for details.

It is equally possible to play with any other set of cards wild as agreed by the players, or as specified by the dealer in a dealer's choice game. For example you one can play with fives wild, or with one-eyed jacks wild. This five-card draw variation is similar to deuces wild except that the wild card is determined during the deal rather than specified in advance.

This is done by dealing a card dealt face up to the table, usually after the fourth card has been dealt to each player.

The other three cards of the same rank as the face up card are wild. This is a five-card draw in which deuces are wild and players are not allowed to draw more than two cards. There is an extra rule that the player who opens makes the first bet must either win the pot or match it. In other words, if the pot is won by a player other than the opener, the opener must pay to create a new pot equal to the pot was just won. The deal then passes to the left with no new antes and the game is played for this new pot.

This continues until a hand is played in which the opener wins the pot. If this variant is played in a dealer's choice game, it continues until the opener wins the pot, after which the deal passes to the player to the left of the player who called Diablo, who can then select another game. To avoid the pot becoming too large, some groups may prefer to put a fixed limit on the size of the new pot that the opener must create after failing to win.

This variation of Jacks or Better works well for smaller groups, say 3 to 5 players, in which case there will be many deals on which no one can open. The game begins like Five Card Draw. Five cards are dealt to each player and there is a betting round, in which Jacks or Better are required to open. If someone opens the betting the game proceeds exactly like normal Five Card Draw, and in a showdown the highest hand wins the pot. If no one opens in the first betting round the cards are not thrown in.

Instead the players keep their cards and the game changes to Ace-to-five Lowball , and there is a new betting round begun by the player to dealer's left. Provided that the betting is opened in this new betting round, the players then have the chance to draw with the aim of making a low hand.

After the draw there is another betting round, begun by the first active player to dealer's left. If more than one player stays in there is a showdown in which the lowest poker hand wins.

Aces are low and straights and flushes do not count, so the best hand is A a "bicycle". A-A is a pair, so it is worse than any hand without a pair, but better than any other pair since aces are low. It may happen that no one opens in the first betting round, and then after the game changes to Lowball everyone checks again.

In this case the cards are thrown in and the turn to deal passes to the left. To avoid the possibility that a hand is thrown in, some clubs have a rule that when the game changes to Lowball the player to dealer's left must place a "blind" bet, and the betting round begins with the next player to the left. The player who placed the blind may raise after everyone else has acted even if no one did more than call. The betting round after the draw is begun by the first active player to dealer's left as usual.

Some play that check-raising is not allowed in the Lowball part of this game, and also apply the betting sevens rule as for California Lowball. Jacks Back is often played with a joker, which acts as a bug for high hands. When the game is played for low, the joker is known as a fitter , and it represents the lowest card not already present in the player's hand. Other forms of Lowball Draw Poker are described on the Lowball page. This process is repeated: Each drawing round is followed by a betting round.

The card deck consists of cards from Ace high to Seven low in each suit. The main differences from normal Five Card Draw are as follows:. The four-player versions of Italian Poker and Turkish Poker are forms of card poker with some special rules. The following variant is found in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and perhaps other places.

A player who asks to exchange four cards discards four and is first dealt three cards face down to look at. Then the dealer deals one card face up and one face down, and the player must choose which of these to take as the fourth card.

If the face up card is chosen the face down card is discarded unseen. This variant is not widespread but it is played to a minor extent in the Netherlands. It is seen as a novelty game with a greater element of risk than 5 card draw, in that players have a better chance to make a high ranking combination.

Because of the larger number of cards dealt, this game does not work well with more than four players. The stained glass windows in St. Patrick's Church were destroyed. People as far away as Maryland were awakened by what they thought was an earthquake.

Immigrants being processed at Ellis Island had to be evacuated to lower Manhattan. Although one contemporary newspaper report estimated that up to seven [14] people died in the attack; 4 did definitely die, [15] [1] including a Jersey City policeman, [16] [17] a Lehigh Valley Railroad chief of police, [18] [19] a ten-week-old infant, [17] and the barge captain.

Smaller explosions continued to occur for hours after the initial blast. In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, two watchmen who had lit smudge pots to keep away mosquitoes were questioned by police but it soon determined that the smudge pots had not caused the fire and that the blast had likely been an accident. Many years later, the explosion was traced to Michael Kristoff, [21] a Slovak immigrant.

According to Kristoff, two of the guards at Black Tom were German agents. It is likely that the bombing involved some of the techniques developed by German agents working for German ambassador Count Johann Heinrich von Bernstorff and German Naval Intelligence officer Franz von Rintelen , using the cigar bombs developed by Doctor Walter Scheele. Additional investigations by the Directorate of Naval Intelligence also found links to some members of the Irish " Clan na Gael " group, the Indian " Ghadar Party " and Communist elements.

The Russian government sued the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company operating the Black Tom Terminal on grounds that lax security there was no entrance gate; territory was unlighted [30] permitted the loss of their ammunition and argued that due to the failure to deliver them the manufacturer was obliged by the contract to replace them.

The Statue of Liberty's torch has been closed to the public since the explosion due to structural damages. The former Black Tom Island is at the end of Morris Pesin Drive in the southeastern corner of the park, where a plaque marks the spot of the explosion. A circle of American flags complements the plaque, which stands east of the visitors' center.

On July 30, the Black Tom munitions depot exploded rocking New York Harbor and sending residents tumbling from their beds. The noise of the explosion was heard as far away as Maryland and Connecticut. On Ellis Island, terrified immigrants were evacuated by ferry to the Battery. Shrapnel pierced the Statue of Liberty the arm of the Statue was closed to visitors after this.

It is not known how many died. Was it an accident or planned? According to historians, the Germans sabotaged the Lehigh Valley munitions depot in order to stop deliveries being made to the British who had blockaded the Germans in Europe.

You are walking on a site which saw one of the worse [ sic ] acts of terrorism in American history. A stained glass window at Our Lady of Czestochowa Catholic church memorialized the victims of the attack. View of the Statue of Liberty from the site of the explosion: The bottom stained-glass windows have text in Polish to commemorate the explosion in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, It happened in New Jersey.

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